Donald Trump on the Road to Power now

It has to be said that the astrology of Donald Trump shows him as heading to great success in the coming four years.

This is due, at the time of writing, to the Mars-Rahu transit in Taurus, that will become exact now on 28th March 2021, being in his 10th House of career, which is occupied by Sun, Rahu and Uranus!

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Here is Donald Trump’s birth chart, and below that the chart for 28th March 2021, when the Mars-Uranus transit in Taurus is exact:

You can see that Mars Rahu will give him a powerful boost to his 10th Hosue of career.

But a wave of success for Donald Trump is not only due to the effect in his chart of the Mars-Rahu Transit exact of 28th March.

It is also due to Jupiter now, being trine his natal Jupiter which is at 24 Virgo. In fact, Jupiter reaches the exact trine to Donald Trump’s natal Jupiter on 9.3.2021, when Jupiter is at 24 deg Capricorn.

So, my prediction about Donald Trump is as follows:
At this time when Joe Biden’s presence fades, and Kamala Harris rises powerfully, Trump will embody a ‘Presidency in exile’, and also that he will also become a powerful candidate for the November 2024 election, and could well be elected.

Another factor to also note is that Rahu in the heavens now is conjucnt’s Trump’s vastly (and indeed darkly) expansionist natal three-planet Rahu, Sun and Uranus conjunction in his Taurus 10th House.

It’s not just Rahu that is transiting there at this time. As I said above, the violent Mars-Rahu conjucntion is there transting on top of his Sun/Rahu/Uranus. What a combination!

So it is very significant and important to note that there is now a Grand Trine of luck and success aligned with his most expansionary and aggressive and powerful planets. Here’s the detail:
Transiting Jupiter is in Capricorn (fighting it out with Pluto and Saturn, there).
This transiting Jupiter is trine transiting Mars-Rahu (which is on top of Trump’s Sun/Rahu/Uranus in his 10th House of career.
And the third point in this Grand Trine is Trump’s own natal Jupiter in Virgo.
This means that great exansion, luck, power and cuccess is coming to Donald Trump from now.
And the presence of the natal Sun/Rahu/Uranus three-planet conjunction in Taurus in his 10th House of career being activated in this way, betokens that he will use this power current with darkness and in a hypnotic way.

And of course, we also have to note that this Sun/Rahu is opposition Trump’s natal Moon Ketu conjucntion at 28 Scorpio. That is activated, too, by the current Mars-Rahu conjunction.

Remember, it was the great eclipse of 14.12.20 that was on top of Trump’s natal Moon/Ketu, and as I have so often found with Moon/Ketu people, an eclipse often makes them have a hissy-fit. But this eclipse was no ordinary eclipse, it was one of the 2020 eclipses that were in the exact same degree as the Twin Towers eclipses of 2001. Before that eclipse, I predicted that Trump would lose the balance of his mind at that time – and I was accurate. And my prediction also included that he would become like a ‘dark fairy’ manipulativley doing anything to promote unrest and instabity – and he did.

But what the present transiting Mars/Rahu which is conjunct his natal Sun/Rahu/Uranus also betokens, is that he is now energiesed for even more powerful Rahu darkness and smoke and mirrors, from now on.

It will strongly position him to rule from the side, by whipping up the gullible, the suggestible, the unstable and the fundamentalist.

Please see my other post published this month where I suggest that this rise in the darkness will not only create more violence and divisiveness, but it will also have the opposite affect of polarising: it will impell many others to connect to the Light. But this polaisation does mean that the USA will increasingly be an insanely divided country for the next four years.

And I have to go on to say two more things about Donald Trump, to do with Jupiter and Eclipses…..

Here’s the first of these two important things – Jupiter:
The Jupiter transit at the time of the election run-up is very good for Donald Trump.
Jupiter enters Donald Trump’s 10th Hosue of Career, Taurus, on 15.2.2024, crossing his Yogi Point of luck, and then crossing his natal Sun/Rahu/Uranus and trining his natal Jupiter

And here’s the second of these two important things – Eclipses:
The eclipses that occur at the start of the 2014 election run up in fact betoken great expansion and power for Trump, this quite likely suggests that he will be elected President then.

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