Donald Trump Astrology: from Michael Conneely. Post No. 3 – The Divisive Serpent gets Bigger

Rahu, North Node of the Moon
Rahu, North Node of the Moon

The Divisive Serpent gets Bigger! This is Michael Conneely’s 3rd Blog Post about Donald Trump and the US Presidential Election:

Blog Post 1 started this series off in a reasonably light-hearted way, noting that in terms of western psychodynamic astrology, Donald Trump actually has a ‘Megaphone’ chart Aspect Shape in his western astrology birth chart. This will obviously come as a surprise to everyone!

Blog Post 2, however, got more worrying because it was noted that Donald Trump has a very divisive chart shape in his Vedic Astrology birth chart: He has ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’. All his planets are enclosed by the Serpent: all are enclosed between the Nodes of the Moon.

But in this new post: my 3rd Blog Post in my Donald Trump series, we now note that this ‘Kal Sarpa Yoga’ divisive serpent energy is not only in the chart of Donald Trump as US presidential candidate. Amazingly, by coincidence, it is also at the same time mirrored in the heavens as well! What on earth will this mean???

From 28th September 2016, all the planets in the heavens are one side of the Rahu – Ketu axis (this is the North node-South Node axis). Kal Sarpa Yoga starts!

From this date, the divisive energy therefore exists not only in Donald Trump’s birth chart; it exists in the heavens as well at the same time! As above, so below! What a coincidence! Again: what on earth will it mean??

And, remember,  this is after 2016 being a bad year, really, for the planetary energies affecting all of us in the world. This bad year has been due to two long-running other malefic transits:
a) Firstly this is due to the malefics Saturn and Mars both transiting in Vedic Scorpio up to 18th September 2016.
b) Secondly, this is also due to Rahu (North Node) and Jupiter both transiting in Vedic Leo up to 11th August 2016. This is a malefic energy where Jupiter amplifies the driven, distorted energy of Rahu, and Rahu, sadly, sullies the purity of the guru energy of Jupiter. It is known as ‘Guru Chandala Yoga’. It can manifest quite darkly, even as fundamentalist war.

And now we find that from 28th September 2016, the world will be experiencing the malefic, powerful and divisive Kal Sarpa Yoga energy in the heavens in addition, as well.

How long will it last? Well, this malefic energy technically starts to reduce on 26th December 2016. However, not fully: the energies continue to be not good, in that all the planets are still within the same sign as the Nodes, Rahu and Ketu – until the morning of 20th January 2017.

Not a good energy!

And US Presidential Election date is: 8.11.2016.

And US Presidential Inauguration date is 20.1.2017.

How will this energy affect the US voters?

As I said in my 2nd post of this ‘Donald Trump series’: ‘Above all, the effect of Kal Sarpa yoga can be to make the person divisive.  It can be associated with physical deformity or moral weakness, misfortunes, deceit and treason. The positive qualities of this Yoga are that, the native can acquire a capacity to do arduous work, with exceptional success.  Moreover one can fulfill his desires of his life, either in the materialistic concept or in the spiritual scope. But it is noted for its capacity for divisive ranting.

‘The important thing is that divisiveness in politics never leads to good results. It leads to scapegoating of minorities and ethnic outsiders. The role of the political leader must ideally be to seek to unite the people in the nation. And to seek to maintain good relations with nations abroad (though not of course with surrender of national autonomy or defence).
‘If the US is to elect with this Yoga in his Vedic birth chart, it would be something like electing Mussolini. And with possible similar consequences.’

So, what will we all experience when there is Kal Sarpa Yoga in the heavens as well as in the birth chart of one of the US Presidential Candidates???

Well, it is particularly not good to have Kal Sarpa Yoga in the heavens. This is because the Moon which very greatly affects the Minds and the emotions of all of us, for 15 days of each month is enclosed by the serpent energy of the Kal Sarpa Yoga in the heavens; and for the other 15 days of each month, the Moon is out there on its own, cut off from the support of all the other planets.

So, what is the effect on us all, of Moon being out there on its own and unsupported outside the Kal Sarpa Yoga? Well, it’s ‘unsupported’; it’s ‘unstable’. And so, except for the perceptive who seek to stabilise their minds, it gives us humans fluctuating Mind and turbulent even hostile/aggressive/driven or dark or distorted emotions.

Note that this malefic effect on our minds and emotions certainly runs from 28th September 2016 until 26.12.16 as a technical minimum, but its effect will in fact continue to influence the world until 20.1.2017, when, at last, not all the planets are in or within the same sign as the Nodes of the Moon.

So here are the key questions:

Does this malefic energy in the heavens mean that Donald Trump’s divisive politics will be amplified?

Does this malefic energy in the heavens mean that US and world politics will become quite dark and turbulent?

Watch out for my planned future Blog posts in this Donald Trump series. Will he win?

Obviously there will be a big need for everyone to seek to stabilise their minds and emotions at this quite dangerous time. And I pray that we will not be drawn into divisive politics.

Michael Conneely
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