Donald Trump Astrology: from Michael Conneely. Post No. 1 – The Megaphone

Michael burnsall crop bestI have decided to put out a number of posts about the astrology of Donald Trump: what his western and Vedic astrology reveals about his nature – and what his astrology reveals about his chances of winning the US Presidential Election

In this first post, I look at what is revealed by the ‘chart aspect shapes’ in Donald Trump’s western astrology birth chart.

Here is Donald Trump’s western astrology birth chart created by the Astrocalc computer program. This is a very good program which I use in all my worldwide readings and courses:
Donald Trump Astrocalc natal wheel

Now, secondly, here is Donald Trump’s western astrology birth chart created by the psychodynamic astrology program Megastar.
I use psychodynamic astrology in all my worldwide readings and course: no astrology reading is complete without it.
I also use Vedic Astrology, which is awesomely accurate and sure in its declaration in the hands of a trained astrologer, but I do feel it is actually incomplete unless the psychodynamic astrology of the client is also added in and fully taken into account. Modern westerners are, after all, intensely psychological beings:
Donald Trump Huber natal

This program draws the chart with strict orbs and beautiful colour coding, but it can not include the crucial Chiron analysis. I use this program for many purposes, natally and predictively, but the purpose of this first blog post about Donald Trump is to reveal what his chart aspect shapes tell us about the way his psychology is set up to work.

And it may not come as a complete surprise to you to hear that he has a chart shape in his birth chart called a Megaphone!!! Here, thirdly, is his Megaphone chart aspect shape:
Donald Trump Megaphone

What does a megaphone do? We speak quietly into the narrow end and our voice suddenly fills the room. We speak loudly into the narrow end and the result is …. Donald Trump.

The extremely pointed shape, resembling a paper dart or a wedge, stands out. It makes the figure is very dynamic and lightning fast, whilst seeming often to remain fairly calm and together.

It can be a very manipulative figure: At one end of the Megaphone chart aspect shape there is a planet that can direct its abilities towards an objective in a three-coloured, i.e. intelligent, way, for example to manipulate others or to get them to do what he thinks is correct and important. I do so despair of trying to keep good communication with manipulative people. See my blog post about power stealers:

But, of course, not everyone who has a Megaphone chart aspect shape in their birth chart uses their powers for ill!

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