Donald Trump and USA in Shared Destiny Now

I offer this post so that the role of the Presidency of Donald Trump can be understood especially in the light of the fact that the USA experiences its Pluto Return now.
Indeed, there is a confluence of terrible energies joining at this time, and the point is that so many of these energies are to be found in the birth chart/destiny for Donald Trump.
See the video:

This makes it clear that Donald Trump is the man for the moment, with the role to create dark energies, but with the divine spinoff that this will drive so many other people to seek the light, now.

Whether or not Donald Trump wins the ballot count on 3rd November, his energies and the USA energies are massively and fatedly entwined, and the way he has and will behave will create a dark situation, but one whose darkness will actually cause many to seek the Light and raise their consciousness now and in the difficulties up-coming over the next three years.

You can see Donald Trump’s Birth Chart on the September page of my Starwheel Astrology Website:

First of all, it is crucial for me to point out that Donald Trump is experiencing his Rahu Return now. This is the time when each of us particularly encounter his or her incarnational life purpose and destiny, and Donald Trump’s Rahu is in violent conjunction with his Sun and his Uranus.

Donald Trump’s Rahu Return is exact 17.11.2020
So, his destiny is to precipitate divisiveness (he has Kal Sarpa Yoga) conflict and darkness in the country he rules _BUY the Divine off-spin of this is that because of the darkness he fosters, SO MANY WILL EMBRACE THE LIGHT.
Many will embrace the light at the same time as Donald Trump drives many more to darkness, conflict and restriction.

Here’s a list of some of the major terrible energies. These are explained below and cross-compared to the birth chart of Donald Trump:
The Pluto Return for the USA
The vastly powerful and super-rare Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction
Uranus in Aries
Neptune square the Nodes
The Rise in Power of Saturn
Jupiter’s debilitation leading to Recession
Mars in a Violent Mess June 2020 to February 2021
Violent Eclipses flank the US Election of 3.11.2020

I examine each of these energies in more detail below.

So, in summary, I am predicting a world where fear and darkness will be on the rise for at least three years, and where there will be social division and fighting and recession.
And the vast irony is, that it is the darkness of Donald Trump that provides not only a rise in the darkness, but, because of that, spurs the Rise of the Light.
So do plan for this three-year period now. And see that a key fate is unravelling now for the USA to face its demons and hopefully to create a more egalitarian and spiritual society.
And as the Dark rises, as it has been doing, this will actually promote so many people to open more and more to the Light, now.
I predicted last June that the Eclipse of 14th December 2020 will raise a very big challenge to the stability of Donald Trump’s mind, and for the well-being of the US nation.
See the charts for this eclipse, plus Donald Trump and also the USA on my Starwheel Astrology December 2020 monthly info page:

This is what I wrote then:
I predict that when the 14th December eclipse strikes, it will massively affect the way Donald Trump will manage his Mind and his Consciousness, and the way he will lead the US nation.
In the circumstances that will arise around that date, he will revert to being a Trickster who will play havoc with individuals and human community for his entertainment.
He will become an unreliable person who suffers from mental instability and who will feel he has little to lose in his actions to stay on top.
The reason for this is that energies of this 14th December Eclipse are right on his unstable Moon – Ketu conjunction in his birth chart, and this will deepen his period of unbalance in mental health, which has already been assaulted by the factors that, indeed, already dominate 2020 astrology.
This needs to be known, as this factor will have very major challenges for the United States.
It will have very major challenges for the management of the consciousness of US citizens.
It will have very major challenges for the management of violent energies already manifesting socially.
And it will raise major challenges for the management of the ‘social reset’ going on at this time, as a consequence of the coronavirus’ triggering effects on the US society (and other societies worldwide).
Divisive matters will be brought to a head by Donald Trump’s mentally unstable behaviour around the time of this eclipse.

Now let’s look at the exceptional difficult energies that are all combining now. And for more of the details of these planets movements, please see my videos and blogs for:
My November Astrology Crucial Overview
My November Astrology Detailed Time Table

So here is the summary that points out how the strange energies of this time melds in so mirror-like a way and exactly with the energies in Donald Trump’s birth chart, so as to create a clear Destiny, a Destiny that will give many people an imperative incentive to open more and more to the light, because of the darkness that is arising around us:

The Pluto Return for the USA
Pluto in particular absolutely insists that the Shadow is faced, and that we each face our personal darkness and Unconscious now, and that from doing that we arise and embrace our proper power and light ,that our Incarnation this time calls us to manifest this time, so that we are free to more fully embody the Light. This Journey to the Shadow and arising to Power (positively or negatively) applies both on the personal and on the social/political planes. Donald Trump has Saturn and Pluto in 12th House of his birth chart. The Saturn Pluto combination in the 12th indicates implacable power with deep hidden motivations.
Pluto transits opposition Donald Trump’s natal Saturn in 12th House, now: exact on 20.12.20!!!

The vastly powerful and super-rare Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction
The vastly powerful and super-rare Saturn, Jupiter, Pluto conjunction in the heavens morphs and evolves through to the end of the year and in to 2021, but basically, it’s energy is to bring conflict between:
Repression and Freedom
Plutocracy or spiritual breakthrough and raising of consciousness now.
Structure and Originality
Blocks or your Breakthrough
How will this USA Pluto Return manifest?
Striving for power as with the American Elite who threw of the British Empire in 1776
Darkness, shadow, 8th House
The Phoenix ultimately unless the US plutocracy suppresses the populace.
Death and rebirth
Remember it’s in Saturn-ruled Capricorn: imposed!

Jupiter conjucnts Pluto in the Heavens 12th November 2020

Jupiter conjucnts Saturn in the Heavens 16th December 2020.

Donald Trump has Saturn and Pluto in 12th House of his birth chart. The Saturn Pluto combination in the 12th indicates implacable power with deep hidden motivations.
Pluto transits opposition Donald Trump’s natal Saturn in 12th House, now: exact on 20.12.20!!!

Uranus in Aries
Note the super slow velocity of Uranus around 12 deg Vedic Aries, from now until his turning Direct in January, and then for a couple of months after that. Uranus will be carving the energies of revolution so deeply now. What is the needed Revolution you need to bring into your life now. Do not evade this question, for the alternative is living a half-life at best.

Uranus transiting Vedic Aries is a vast energy. Remember, it was the last ingress of Uranus into Aries that was the energy for Hitler’s burning of the Reichstadt and bringing in World War 2.

There is a revolutionary Full Moon conjunct Uranus on 31.10.2020, just three days before the Presidential Election.

Donald Trump has Sun conjunct Rahu and Uranus in his 10th House!

Neptune square the Nodes
Neptune is square the Nodal Axis, and so he is delivering an evolutionary imperative, now: We will all have to deal with phantasms of Untruth and deception and confabulation that will arise at both the personal and at the political and social levels. Countries will be enmired in lies and illusions, but with the divine purpose that we learn to discriminate and develop truth in our vision. The wonderful side of Neptune is vision work, intuition and sensitivity.
There’s a Neptune Opposition for USA at time of Pluto square:
Transiting Neptune is opposition USA natal Neptune in October 2023 at 1 deg Pisces.
There is a Neptune theme at work as well:
By Inauguration day 20.1.2021, Neptune is in the midpoint between the Nodes to within less than 1 deg. = deceits and illusions
In the election 8.11.2016, Trump was elected with Neptune conjunct Ketu and Moon!!!
And he was elected completely unpredictably.
Transiting Neptune is opposition USA natal Neptune in October 2023 at 1 deg Pisces.
So, this is a Neptune Opposition in the mix as the Pluto square is around exact.

The Rise in Power of Saturn
Saturn is super-strong in the sign he rules: Vedic Capricorn. The negative level of receiving strong Saturn is rigid conventional thinking and action at the personal and also the political level, blocks and cruelty, oppression of the more beautiful and spiritual facets of our lives. Saturn so strong (and Jupiter so weak) promotes fundamentalism and closed border politics, and this ties in with Donald Trump’s policies.
See the detail of Saturn’s movements in my November Astrology overview and time table video and blog posts.
Saturn in the Heavens is almost exact opposition Trump’s natal Saturn in November 202 and close opposition onwards

Jupiter’s debilitation leading to Recession
Jupiter enters the Vedic sign of Capricorn on 20th November, where he is debilitated. Please be clear that and the last time Jupiter was here was 2008, when Jupiter’s collapse of strength and dignity created the Recession that occurred then. Here in Ireland this was the end of The Celtic Tiger, and loads of empty half-finished houses stand around where we live from the bursting of that Bubble.
Please be clear that Recession is coming the way of several countries, and many individuals, from the end of November. Prepare now for possible recession. Maybe cut your expenditure. Diversify your income sources.
Please note that the recession will not end when Jupiter leaves Vedic Capricorn to enter Vedic Aquarius on 21st November 2021. This is because Jupiter ill still be in a Saturn ruled sign, end even more influential that that, Saturn will be without Jupiter’s support in Vedic Capricorn, so Saturn will rule supreme!
Jupiter joins Saturn exact on 12th November at 28 sag. What explosive transformation can this bring??? We each need to make sure it’s a very positive explosion in our lives. It is potentially spiritual breakthrough.
But in the USA at the social/political level it will be very much other than that! Please see my November detailed Time Table video and blog!
Donald Trump is in Jupiter-Saturn Dasa now!!!
(The Dashas are the wonderful Predictive Periods unique to Vedic Astrology. They are more powerful than Transits, but are more ‘background/backdrop’ in their nature

 Mars in a Violent Mess June 2020 to February 2021
In November, Mars’ debilitation ensures that there will be quite a measure of violence and frustration, both in our personal consciousnesses and also at the level of our societies. This brings so much irritation, at this time that the Dark and the Shadow are rising in the form of Pluto. Many will get sucked into the super-strong and strengthening Negative, now. But this is actually a call to embrace the Light, which many are doing now. This multi-faceted difficult Mars transit lasts from 20th June 2020 to February 2021.
This Mars transit involves Retrograde from Aries to Pisces the sign of Mars’ debilitation, and involves three Gandanta Zone crossings.
See the detail of Mar’s movements in my November Astrology overview and time table video and blog posts.
Donald Trump has Mars conjunct his Ascendant.

Violent Eclipses flank the US Election of 3.11.2020
The eclipse of 30.11.2020 is conjunct Donald Trump’s Moon Ketu conjunction in 4th House Scorpio. Ketu is 2 degrees from is his Moon. Rahu is three degrees from his Sun.
The eclipse of 14.12.2020 is conjunct Donald Trump’s Moon Ketu conjunction.

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