Do You Really Want to Change? August 2021 Guidance from Elizabeth Hendricks

Elizabeth Hendricks offers worldwide Psychic Healings, Life Path Healing, Past life healing, Soul readings, Chakra healing and Psychic Realignment. Elizabeth also teaches her worldwide on-line Kabala Course: The Tree of Life Course with Dr. Elizabeth Hendricks. Here is Elizabeth’s August Guidance:

It’s no secret we are living in quote ending times. The old ways of thinking are breaking down in an ever- increasing tidal wave of change. The more change, the more stress. The more stress, the greater our tendency becomes to lock down. When we locked down in afear we make ourselves more rigid and less able to adapt to changes coming in the next few years. The Kabbalah teaches us that evolution moves in only one direction, and that is forward and upwards. This is how we moved from crawling out of the swamps and becoming bipedal hunter gatherers. This is how we moved from primitive mankind to today’s technologically advanced creatures. What survival teaches us is that those who adapt to the new circumstances live. Those animals that do not adapt to new circumstances suffer the most . Humans are no different in this regard.

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When we are afraid it is  easy to fall into black and white thinking and to demonize those who don’t think the same as us, because that way we can avoid changing ourselves. The Kabbalah teaches us that change is a natural and inevitable consequence of being in the universe. It also teaches us the only way to ascend into higher levels of consciousness is by changing our old beliefs and letting go of thinking of ourselves as separate from others and the universe. This is why it is so helpful to meditate upon the tree of life, because it shows you in symbolic form exactly the road forward that you need to take.

A great metaphor is bamboo, which lies down during a hurricane only to pop up when the wind ceases.  Bamboo is flexible, so it survives.  Resist the temptation to demonize those who don’t agree with you. Learning flexibility in the midst of crisis is a potent tool for happy survival in changing times.

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