Do you have a weak Sun? – If so there’s a real risk you could undermine your relationship or lose your child and feel for ever unnoticed and unvalued.

Do you have a weak Sun? – If so there’s a real risk you could undermine your relationship or lose your child and feel for ever unnoticed and unvalued.

If you have a weak Sun, you need to strengthen yourself through insight into the reality of the situation – and by healing, and above all by using a meditation approach to help you bring enlightened consciousness to your situation. I offer readings combining western and Vedic astrology at My Vedic Astrology Courses are at and my western astrology course is at

If you have a weak Sun, it could feel like the world’s happening to you and you could feel a ‘victim of circumstances’. You won’t see the choices that are available to you: simple choices like: ‘do I say yes or do I say no?’ You could tend to blame other people for your life because you might not be in touch with your power. You might not realise you’ve got it. Or, you might be afraid of your power. You could perceive other people as more threatening than they actually are. By the way, the methods the strength of your Sun are calculated are mentioned below.

Why does it matter if your Sun is weak? Well, your Sun is your Divine Centre, your conscious Mind.

In Vedic Astrology, the Sun is represented as the charioteer holding the reins of the other horses = the other planets. Think about it. With a weak charioteer, the chariot is in all sorts of difficulties. A strong horse will pull the chariot all over the place. The charioteer isn’t in charge. A direction can’t be taken. The chariot could be overturned or dragged along the wrong road.



If you have a weak Sun, you have a real challenge to meet in life. You might always feel unvalued – not noticed enough from birth. You won’t get respect.



Sun is one of the two indicators for Father in a Vedic horoscope. Weak Sun means that your father gave you such a weak role model you don’t know how to love or parent your child. Also, if you are a man, you’ll have difficulty knowing how to be a man, and how to be positivley assertive, or how to embrace your male sexuality. Vedic astrology has a reliable way of scoring the strength of each of your planets, see below.

Let’s look at some examples of the havoc caused by weak Sun:

Parent and Child

If you, as a weak Sun parent, have a strong or aggressive child, you may spend years lovingly colluding with and giving in to your child’s bad behaviour, only for your child to walk out on you.


For example: you have Sun scored at -6 in Libra, whereas your child has endlessly smoulderingly aggressive Mars conjunct Rahu (Mars conjunct North Node, where the Vedic remedy is for the child to do sport: karate kicks – not kick you!!). And, maybe, also, your ‘rule the roost child’ also has a very strong ‘royal’ Sun in the lunar sign of Magha (part of western Virgo).


Loving Relationships

And your weak Sun can play real havoc in your loving relationships. Let’s take three examples of this:

Weak Sun, strong Mars: Say you have a very strong Mars but a very weak Sun. Well: your aggressive Mars could take over and destroy harmony in the home and wound your partner. You could dominate. In Vedic astrology, this is called Kuja Dosa or ‘assertive force imbalance’. It leads to repeated relationship breakdown until the problem is understood and there is astrological advice on which partner it might be appropriate to choose.

You could swing confusingly between being the ‘agree to anything doormat’ and the avenging angel of death. Whenever a Mars transit comes along you could go confusingly into ‘rev’.

For example: your Sun is scored at -6 and your Mars is scored at +9!

Weak Sun, strong Moon: Let’s look at another relationship example: In Vedic astrology it is the Moons of the two partners that are compared to evaluate the relationship. Say one partner has a weak Sun but a very strong Moon, then his or her demands for emotional tribute or ‘in your face emotional assertion’ could run unchecked.

For example: your partner’s Sun is in gentle Revati at the end of Pisces, but his Moon is in the male tiger sign of Vishakha (partly western Scorpio).

Weak Sun, weak Moon: Say one partner has a weak Moon, like Pisces, as well as a weak Sun, like Libra: then he or she will endlessly give into the other partner and say ‘whatever you like dear’ all the time. A situation of disrespect can set in, where one person makes all the decisions and emotionally abuses the love the weaker partner offers. You could create a no-win situation by not asserting your needs and then fall into a martyr ‘thing’ or explode with final frustration.

For example of such a ‘weak partner’: Sun in Libra, Moon in Pisces.

Life Course

Weak Sun, strong Saturn: you could endlessly create situations that imprison you, and leave your other qualities lost and un-expressed.


What do you need to do?

If you have a weak Sun, you do need to develop insight about what’s going on or your life will stay in a repetitive mess. You can heal. You can come to strength.

Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely are holding two ‘love and relationship’ workshops which uniquely combine insight and demonstration of fast depth-healing techniques; benefit from the support of the group. These are:

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These workshops are unique in combining astrological insight plus demonstration of healing methods. You do not need to know any astrology to take part.

Michael also offers very skilled birth chart reports, predictions and relationships reports, which combine the sure and declarative ancient Vedic astrology of love and relationship with psychodynamic modern western astrology. Or you may need an ‘Understand Your Child Report’.

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A few Further Foot Notes about ‘Weak Sun’:

1. Love Astrology: in Vedic Astrology, it is on a comparison of the Lunar Signs (called Nakshatras) in which the Moons of a couple fall, that the ancient and sure Vedic Astrology of Love is based. If the Sun is weak, the Moon will not be directed. Divine over-view and consciousness will not be used.

2. Karmic Challenges: Many people believe that these examples of weak (but otherwise wonderful) people giving birth to aggressively strong children are ‘karmic’. There is a challenge to rise to for both the parent and the child. The same is felt to be true of relationships. Often we have to work out our karmic scripts in relationship. 

3. Don’t feel affinity with your Sun Sign? You might always feel some aspects of your Sun Sign don’t apply, if you have a weak Sun.

4. Need to rise above turmoil and downfall? Weak Sun in the 8th House: the 8th House is, if you are at the level of manifesting it negatively, negatively about Sun must be spiritual. Well obviously if your Sun is rated very weak and in the malefic 8th House in Vedic Astrology. See the graph, below.

Example: Sun in Capricorn in the 8th House is rated -4. Mars, your strongest planet is rated with the max poss. 9 points. Negatively, the 8th House is MRITYU, the
House of Death
N.B. we can work with the 8th house energy in two ways: + astrology, healing, yoga, psychology etc, or obstacles, scandal etc.

The affairs of the 8th House include: chronic ailments, hidden things, scandalous behavior, embarrassment, shyness, accusations, desire for knowledge of the unknown or mystical matters, extravagance, unearned wealth (lot­teries, legacies, etc.), worry, sexual energy, vertigo or fall from high places, cheating, homicide, useless ventures, money loss, danger from poisons, house purchased from sale of ancestral home, manner of death, being overlooked, obstacles, unsuccessful attempts, dreams, Kundalini (a kind of energy), wealth of the partner, reproduction and elimination, Psychic Experiences. The point is a spiritual solution must be developed to use these energies positively.
Vedic astrology would say that the solution to this weak 8th House Sun must be spiritual.

5. How does an astrologer measure the strength of planets?

The accurate measure of a planet’s strength is made using the sidereal zodiac of Vedic astrology (not the tropical zodiac of western astrology). The strength can be reliably calculated only using Vedic astrology. Here is a graph to illustrate the weak 8th House Sun example mentioned above. Note the strong Mars. The weak Sun will need insight and healing if it is to understand and direct the Mars energies.

6. Blogs on Strength of Planets: I will be shortly be doing a couple of other blogs shortly that will go more into the technicalities.

One will cover the two different zodiacs: Vedic and Western, and the fact that they measure different things.

The other will cover systems for measuring the strength of planets used in western astrology.