Do you have a Weak Sun How do you heal it?

This is a special feature add-on to my November 2019 Astrology and healing Newsletter and its video. I’m featuring the most important issue in astrology of the person who has a weak Sun, and I’m showing a couple of ways that may heal this weakening influence.

I’m featuring Weak Sun and its Healing now, because Sun is in Libra for the first part of November 2019: Sun transits his debilitation sign, from 14 deg Libra, until Sun enters Vedic Scorpio on November 16th (until December 16th).

Debilitated Sun: If you have Sun in Vedic libra in your birth chart, this means that your Sun is Debilitated. It leads to lack of confidence and lack of continuous strength and application. It leads to sacrifice of needed authority so as to be ‘nice’. Co-dependency. Low self-esteem. Depression.

Sun conjunct Ketu (South Node of the Moon): And if your Sun is conjunct Ketu; the needed Kingly energy of your Sun is made even more faint-hearted. Do nots of course that this statement is not to be read fatalistically.

Ways of Healing your Weak Sun: With Debilitated Sun, you need to make conscious efforts to work harder to bring yourself into the fullness of your inner light and express that light, not getting despondent, nor just trying to placate others all the time. There are healings you can do. For example, ways mentioned in the video are: sound healing: humming focused in different parts of the body. Dance.

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