Develop Your Needed Inspiration and Vision Now

Each of us, and each of our societies, are now called to check out our structures and strategies, and to bring in Revolution where that is needed.

How might we develop this awareness?

How might we implement it?

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I say that Revolution energy will be big, now and all year, and longer, because Uranus is square Saturn all month. The energy of Revolution is big at this time. And this is both at the Societal level and at the personal/individual level.

Pluto is pitting his energies against Saturn too – both Pluto and Saturn are in Vedic Capricorn.

Rahu’s ambition knows no limits.

I say Tension because Uranus transiting square Saturn brings tension to call us to fight our blocks and negative structures, but Rahu North node is casting an aspect to Saturn too, one that adds great fear to the tension he creates.

Uranus square Saturn’s effects will include major destruction and long-lasting consequences.

Develop Your Inspiration/Vision, now:

 I say develop your Inspiration and Vision, at this time of imperative to get your life authentic to your inspiration and life purpose, at this time of the need to smash your negative structures. This is because there are energies we can (wisely) tap into now that are right for vision creation.

Neptune is opposition Venus then opposition Sun, then opposition Mars.

Neptune is actually in a very mystical metaphysical Nakshatra, Purvabhadra Nakshatra, and is shortly to enter Vedic Pisces in April next year.

Crucially, Pluto is sextile Neptune all month, the aspect which does include the dimension of divine connection and inspiration energy.

So, if you are drawn to vision work this is a good time, but of course the downside of Neptune is that we have to distinguish what is illusion.

That is the spiritual challenge of Neptune.

When Neptune was major highlighted in my chart, I was doing a university-based five-year field study of spiritual forms new to the modern West. The method was social anthropology: ethnography and ‘Landscape production of Self’. The focus area was Glastonbury. And the focus spiritual areas were: Hinduism, Tibetan Buddhism, Theravada Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community (Bender Sites).

At that time, I also developed completely unexpectedly clairvision and clairaudience. I became very attuned to rock energies. I ran Glastonbury Ritual Tours as well.

This time, now, Neptune is big activated again in my chart as well, and so I am opened to developing vision work and shamanic healing work, and writing a novel about the Gods and the Goddesses of the Ancient Irish.

A few key dates:

Neptune is opposition Venus, exact, on 9th August.

Neptune is opposition Mercury conjunct Mars on around 21st August, and at the same time, Jupiter is opposition Sun.

Neptune is opposition Mars on around 31st August

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