Defeat the Tension and Succeed with the Full Moon of January17th

There is a stressed January 2022 Full Moon with an important energy for our life path.

This Full Moon is on January 17th at 23.48 hrs here in Ireland, and Moon is at 3 Vedic Cancer with Sun at 3 Vedic Capricorn.

(That’s Moon at 27 Western Cancer, Sun at 27 Western Capricorn).

It is very much a Full Moon of hyper-tense energies where our needed Uranus Revolution calls out for us to identify our right path forward, and Saturn’s blocks and structures fight that, making us fearful, but with the call to create the proper structures for our needed Revolution.

But more than that, our Pluto Shadow and buried Power demand obeisance and expression.

And Mercury Retrograde square Uranus puts our minds and communications in a mess, but with potentials to find openings and inspirations.

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Needed Revolution fights your Blocks: With Moon in Pushyami Nakshatra which is ruled by Saturn, and Sun in Capricorn, which is ruled by Saturn, a very strong Saturn energy pervades this Full Moon, which can even manifest as depression and blocks, as well as structures and disciplines.

BUT Uranus is transiting square to Saturn at this time. Uranus breakthrough plus Saturn Structure – How can you successfully combine the two?

Probably we will experience fraught tension to force us to bring in our needed Revolution, where we will try to cling to our Saturn blocks and structures though we will be drawn to realize that some of these HAVE TO GO! Need to be SMASHED. This is so that you can crawl out of your hiding place OR even walk triumphant and brave out of your hiding place!

But we will find that the force of Revolution actually runs much deeper than that! This is because the Sun of this Full Moon is actually conjunct Pluto – Lord of Hades. Our Shadow arises rebellious against limiting blocks and structures and scripts. We will be compelled to check out that our strategies forward actually align to our true inner power. We will each have to stand before Pluto and justify now HOW we are embodying and using our true inner power. We may need to bring our shadow material to the Light. We may need to learn how to stand more in our rightful Power.

And the other current we will be plugged into is that Retrograde Mercury is square Uranus at the time of this Full Moon. Our minds and communications may even be in a mess. We could be all over the place. Mercury is caught in the Tug of War between Uranus and Saturn. Plan your route forward correctly. Look out for inspirations manifesting at this time: needed inspirations, insight and guidances. And remember that Mercury square Uranus is unpredictable, distracted, stressed and anxious. Your mind and communications may feel like they are in a Mess!

But note also at this time that Mercury is actually conjunct Saturn on 14th January, the day he turns Retrograde, AND that Mercury will be conjunct Saturn again after he ceases Retrograde motion and goes forward, conjuncting with Saturn at 24 Capricorn: Depressing and negative yet with a Uranus-influenced mind applied to it can actually lead to long-term structured patterns and routeways forward.

A different energy altogether which is part fo this Full Moon is that Mars is square Neptune, and the positive use of this energy is vision work forward (see my suggestion below). Indeed, bear in mind that we are moving to a more visionary time when both Neptune and Jupiter enter Vedic Pisces in April!

The other important energy to note is that we are in Kal Sarpa Yoga from 5.12.21 to 25.2.22. Kal Sarpa Yoga is when all the planets are to one side of the Nodal axis thus creating a preposterous and divisive energy, in fact made worse for the half of each month when the Moon transits to the other side of the Nodal axis and is all alone and unsupported: a Kemadruma Moon.

This mention of the Nodes of the Moon reminds us that the Nodes of the Moon change sign in April. Ketu South Node moves into Vedic Libra. Rahu North Node moves into Vedic Aries. When the Nodes of the Moon change sign, fated things can happen, and there is a whole new REVOULTION energy of people with Ascendant, Moon or Sun or their natal Nodes of the Moon in Aries or Libra.

And while we are mentioning Librans, be aware that both Saturn and Jupiter are actually casting each of them an aspect to Libra, so this will be an expansionary and practical success time for those with major planets in Libra.

And the other sign I would pick out at the time of this Full Moon is Vedic Cancer. If you have Ascendant or Moon in Vedic Cancer, this is a very important time for you. Note that Saturn is transiting opposition your Ascendant (or Moon) which can be a depressing defeated-feeling time, but this energy has great potential for your bringing healing and successful focus on your Relationship. But you will have success now too. This is because Cancer Ascendants/Moon people have Adi Yoga, where planets transit in the 6th, 7th and 8th Houses from Cancer. On this occasion, it’s Venus in Sagittarius 6th House, Sun/Mercury in Capricorn 7th House and Jupiter in Aquarius 8th House. And the success can be in life areas of love and religion, relationship and also inheritance and occult realizations.


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I do feel that it is very useful and empowering to do some vision work or meditation at the time of New Moons and Full Moons. So here is a suggestion for a valuable piece of vision work you can do at around the time of this Full Moon, and following it – indeed for some time. And I’d like to point out that this piece of vision work actually can be followed by a piece of embodiment work. And it is actually so much more valuable and strengthening often if we do work that ensures our visions will be embodied and realized and manifested.

So, the first step is to create a protected space and centre yourself.

Then, the second step is to focus on the Self that is your current sense of who you are as at the present time. Voice what facets of your Self you are proud of. Voice, too, that which you feel you could do with outing from your Self, that which you want to walk free of. You can actually voice out loud what comes to you about these positive and negative characteristics and patterns of your Self.

The third step is then to identify the You of your Dreams: your healed Self, the Self you incarnated to become. Again, it is good to actually voice out loud what comes to you about these positive characteristics and patterns of the ideal Self of your dreams.

Get in your mind a clear picture of these two versions of your Self.

And there is a very useful follow-on step to this vision work. You can actually place two stones on the floor. One of these stones is your present self, including its blemishes. The second stone if the self of your dreams and ideals. Having done that, you can walk a figure of eight around the two stones: the present self in one loop; the self of your dreams I the second loop. Keep good awareness of what your mind and body are doing as you complete this walk for say 20 minutes. Out of the present self, walk int being the Self of your Dreams.

You can repeat this once a week (or more often) for a period of time, until you are satisfied that some Healing has been achieved. It feels good!

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