Deeply healing November Full Moon with complex and fraught energies web

There’s a complex and fraught energies web in the Full Moon on 27th November 2023. But it has wonderful Healing potential.

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Moon is at 10 Vedic Taurus. Moon is super-strong in Taurus, and it’s in imperious pleasure-led Rohini Nakshatra, which is ruled by the Moon.

Sun is at 10 Vedic Scorpio. It’s conjunct Scorpio’s ruler Mars. And it’s in Saturn ruled contemplative Anuradha Nakshatra.

And the key dimension is that this Full Moon is the centre of the most powerful web of aspects that we absolutely need to understand.

Here coming up now is the initial description. See below for fuller detail of the energies you’ll experience. But first of all, lets give the brief over-view summary: the three key energies:

You can see the Western and Vedic charts for this Full Moon, plus the Ephemeris for November in the November 2023 Monthly Astrology page of my Starwheel Astrology website (under the ‘More’ drop-down):


The first aspect I’d highlight is:
The energy of the Signs the Moon and Sun occupy:

OK, what will these energies add up to for us to feel and experience and manage in our lives and in our spiritual pathway?

Well, if you go to the Signs interpretation page on my Starwheel Astrology website, you will see that Moon in Taurus is in the Fixed Earth sign with the Key to transform the desire and attachment to comfort and pleasure into a desire for higher wisdom and devotion. This is a Moon that is Jagrat or rated super-strong

And Sun in Scorpio the sign of Fixed Water is deep intense death and rebirth energies but if they learn to control their obsessions, profound spiritual insights rarely attained by others are possible.


Sun in Scorpio can be so angry – and do be aware that Sun is conjunct Mars in the chart of this Full Moon!!!!!

The second aspect I’d like to highlight is:

‘Rahu North Node conjunct Chiron’ opposition ‘Ketu South Node conjunct Venus’:

There’s a most vastly powerful Nodal opposition, full of fate and destiny and past lives, in the energies of this Full Moon:

Rahu conjunct Chiron in Pisces is opposition Ketu conjunct Venus in Virgo.

AND please note that, at the same time as this opposition, Uranus sends shivering lightning bolts of revolution to the Ketu-Venus conjunction – This is because Uranus in Aries is inconjunct (150 degrees) to the Ketu-Venus conjunction in Virgo.

Uranus at 26 Aries inconjunct Venus at 27 Virgo and Ketu South Node at 28 Virgo!

As a huge extra ‘complication’, Rahu North Node is at 28 Pisces in the Pisces Gandanta zone conjunct Chiron at 22 Pisces.

The three Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality and unsupportedness where water sign transition to fire sign.

Weirdly, Mercury is in a Gandanta zone at the same time in this Full Moon: Mercury at 0 deg Vedic Scorpio – see below!!! Double Gandanta!!!

And Rahu/Chiron are actually opposition Ketu South Node conjunct Venus, where Venus is trashed and ruined in Venus’ Debilitation sign of critical Virgo where love can be ruined. See below for more detail.

And as a very special twist to the tale, Pluto is in the closing weeks of being square the Nodal Axis: Pluto at 4 Capricorn square Rahu at 28 Pisces and Ketu at 28 Virgo – the huge call to each of us to sort out our karmic and ancestral issues and come more and more into our needed and proper fuller power.

The third aspect that needs to be highlighted is:
Saturn in Aquarius opposition Lilith in Leo.

Saturn is opposition Lilith Black Moon and these two opposition aspects of ‘Moon opposition Sun’ and ‘Saturn opposition Lilith’ are actually square each other.

The two oppositions of Sun/Mars opposition the Moon and Saturn opposition Lilith thus create: a most powerful Grand Cross chart aspect shape in the chart of this Full Moon.

I now want to go into the Fuller Detail of these points.

I want to go into a bit more of the crucially-needed-to-be-understood fuller detail of these key energies of the November 27th Full Moon.

I look in detail, first, at ‘Rahu North Node conjunct Chiron in Pisces’ opposition ‘Ketu South Node conjunct Venus in Virgo’:


Ketu South Node conjunct Venus in Virgo:

Ketu South Node just entered Virgo on October 30th after eighteen months in Libra. This brings to all in the world an imperative for each of us to increase our connection to our issues of HEALING – often alternative healing modalities. Ketu will continue its retrograde in Virgo for another eighteen months, until 17.5.25, when Ketu enters Leo.

Venus has just transited forward through Virgo and is thus conjunct Ketu at the time of this Full Moon. Virgo is the debilitation sign for Virgo. Venus is weak and criticized in Virgo.

The Mercury-ruled Virgo energy is too critical for Venus love to flower.

And when Ketu transits over Venus, Ketu dissolves love relationship. Any love relationship that is not strong cannot survive.

BUT if we readily dissolve love at the time of the Ketu to Venus transit, we’ll just have to do our love-learning and love-karmas healing in the next life!

It’s a train crash. Venus’ exact degree of deepest debilitation is 28 deg Virgo. That’s where Venus Meets Ketu now in this Full Moon!

Venus has had such a rough ride recently. Venus crossed the Cancer-Leo Gandanta zone around 6.7.23, then retrograded through it, then transited forward through it again.

But Venus enters Libra, the sign that Venus rules on 29.11.23.

Thank goodness!

Wow. Venus in Libra: relationship. Love. Art. Comfort. Passion. Humanitarian. Creativity. Harmony.

So this Full Moon with Ketu-Venus conjunction is super-important final crunch time of this phase. Learn your Lessons in Love.


Rahu North Node conjunct Chiron in Pisces opposition Ketu/Venus in Virgo:

At its highest, Rahu’s karmically-driven ambition is taking us into the realms of developing our intuition. With Ketu opposite in Virgo, that’s becoming in some way the Intuitive Healer.

But Chiron is conjunct Rahu – what does this create?

Chiron is all about our existential wound. And caught up in the Nodal Axis this includes our fate and destiny issues, our Ketu-expressed past-life issues, and our ancestral issues.

So, with Chiron Rahu opposition Venus we need to be diligent to heal any wounds to our connection to our intuitiveness.

Lt’s look at wounds from Pisces sign energy:

We need to learn to feel safe as we stand in the Pisces vastness.

We need to cope with not feeling supported.

We need to heal not feeling deserving of strength.

We need to heal a script of ‘I never get what I need’.

We need to heal a childhood script that we aren’t going to be supported.

We need to heal any victim mentality we have.

Chiron in Pisces makes you super-sensitive. You might wallow in your feelings.

OR by blocking reaction, you might make yourself super-cynical.

Negatively of course Pisces downside includes drink, drugs and delusions.

Let’s look at the Chiron-Venus opposition’s energies:

Old wounds and resentments may come in.

We need to open to the positives of a healed Chiron.

We need to bring loving to relationship.

Ketu-Venus energy is usually a measure of meltdown to love. Any love relationship that is not strong can not survive.

If we give in and not do needed work on our relationship, the point is that we’ll have to go through it all again in next lifetime(s).

Chiron in Pisces is fraught with deception.

But it’s about being reborn.

It’s about understanding your proper, right and needed self-expression and any guilt you have about this.

But at the same time working for loving merger in relationship.

And developing good perceptions into issues of sacrifice.

Look out for brittle defensiveness.

It can amount to phases of passionate longing for the unattainable guy (or gal).

Pisces is surrender and dissolution v. Virgo’s brittle critical boundaries.

Chiron in Pisces can include wounds that are left unseen that drive us.

Pisces Chiron can include merger-codependency versus jointly agreed self-assertion/merger living styles.

But at its summit, Chiron in Pisces is COMPASSION!

Chiron opposition this Virgo conjunction of Ketu conjunct Venus is the energy of wound to showing love – and the healing of that.

Venus in Virgo is the need to heal the wound of being over-critical.

Because Ketu is centrally involved in the energy matrix, we MUST be on the look out for PAST LIFE SCRITPS affecting us and our relationship,

And we must look out for ANCESTRAL SCRIPTS affecting us and our relationship.

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I now look in detail at the second aspect within this Full Moon that needs to be deeply understood, which is: Saturn opposition Lilith:

Saturn is at 6 Aquarius. He just turned Direct on November 4th. Lilith is at 11 Leo

Before that, Saturn was impelling us to complete our unfinished business and duties.

Now he is demanding that we ethically and in a disciplined way move forward with the karmically right task focus along the karmically needed right road.

If we obey Saturn’s demands, we will experience Golden reaping.

Saturn is Jagrat = super strong in Aquarius, the sign he rules (along with Capricorn).

So note that this Saturn at 6 Aquarius opposition Lilith at 10 Leo is square the Full Moon, which is Sun at 10 Scorpio opposition at Moon at 10 Taurus.

And Saturn opposition Lilith is square = 90 degrees the opposition aspect which is the Full Moon.

Lilith in Leo is all about our imperious energies – including those energies that are stuffed down into our unconscious and into our shadow side because they weren’t allowed.

Lilith will erupt as rage if not allowed to express its qualities.

And remember Saturn is opposite Lilith which pressures and frustrates Lilith, though can at the highest level give Lilith disciplined revelation and expression. And of course this Saturn opposition Lilith is square this Full Moon!

Saturn is noted for Repression!

Saturn’s karmic imperatives include that you limit yourself where that is karmically correct.

Saturn can deny you your creativity until and if you can heal that aspect (e.g. Saturn conjunct Venus etc.).

Saturn can demand that you change the way you express your nature.

So, how will Lilith accept this opposition from Saturn??
How will Lilith accept the angry energy of the Sun-Mars conjunction that squares Lilith??

How will Lilith respond to the imperious pleasure demanding Moon in Taurus/Rohini??

Saturn demands discipline, hard work, that we adopt the karmically-needed task forward, responsibility.

If we feel we are failing at our Saturn-demanded karmic and life-purpose tasks, we will feel depression and failure. Or we will turn into simmering frustration and rage. We will want to break from the Saturn represented tradition.

Last point: Mercury!!!

Mercury is at 0 degree Vedic Sagittarius in this Full Moon.

So Mercury is in the Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta Zone.

Gandanta zones are zones of immateriality and unsupportedness of worldly things.

But they can have the possibility that if we develop our spiritual perceptions, we can open our perceptions to what is beyond the immaterial and unsupportedness of the three Gandanta zones – the God-realm that is beyond. What Buddhism calls Nirvana.

In fact Mercury is also heading towards Galactic Centre which is the emission point of such high energies: approx. 3 deg 20 to 4 degrees Sagittarius.

Mercury goes into such volatility and instability when he is Gandanta. There can also be storms.  Forget conceptual soberness and organized logistics! Upheaval happens!

But do please be open to the break-through perceptions that come from Mercury in Gandanta Zone.

And Mercury is in Mula Nakshatra which is ruled by Ketu – with all Ketu’s cutting immateriality energies.

Mula is ruled by Niritti the Goddess of Death and Destruction. What needs Death and destruction in YOUR ways of thinking and communicating? Your Mercury issues?

As a special add-on, note that Mercury moves into aspect from Jupiter in Aires when he is in Sagittarius. And Jupiter rules Sagittarius! And with Ketu ruling Mula Nakshatra there’s a deeply spiritual potential of the Jupiter-Ketu energy infusing Mercury at this time.  

Jupiter is exact trine Mercury on December 8th.

Don’t forget Mercury goes through Galactic centre. And this happened three times because:
Mercury turns Retrograde at 14 deg Sagittarius on 11.12.23.

Mercury returns to Scorpio on 28.12.23 (going through the Gandanta zone for the second time).

Mercury has a 10-day stay in Scorpio but returns to Sagittaius on 7.1.24 – YES: Going through the Gandanta zone for the third time.

Mercury enters Capricorn 1.2.24.

And do note that Mercury rules the Nakshatra: Jyestha, that runs from 16 deg 40 to 30 degrees Scorpio. So note that the lower manifestation of this will be Scorpio’s Sting in the Tail energy.

But the higher potential of our Scorpio experiences are of course death and rebirth. They are our developing Serpent Wisdom: Naga Energy!

Meditation for Understanding and Vision work:

As always, I would say it can be so helpful to see my video and read my blog post around the day of a New Moon or a Full Moon.

And it is so needed to study the Lunation’s energy format meditatively.

And then allow space to do vision work and make wonderful god intentions for your progress going forward.

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