December 2021 New Moon Eclipse The Really Good and Thorough Low down

The principal energies of the violent December New Moon Eclipse of December 4th (Dec 3rd in California) are as follows:

You are being forced to bring into being your needed Uranus Revolution potential, now.

You need to be so careful of your Mercury Communication issues now.

But actually, thirdly, I’d tend to also include Mars for special mention in this Eclipse. This is because Mars transits through Scorpio across the degree points of this Eclipse til the end of the year: The Warrior stalks the Scorpio Battlefield – and we will have to deal with him. And we are prompted to heal our embedded Fears and Tensions and all the psychological complexes that are wrapt around these from earlier times in our life (and past lives and ancestry).

And fourthly I must include the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. If you have Moon’s Nodes in Vedic Scorpio, you MUST embrace your proper Incarnational Life Purpose at this time or live a life of unfulfilled tension and unreal sense of self and failed incarnational life purpose. Get a Reading from me.

And regarding the Nodes of the Moon, please note that by a sensible definition of its divisive energies, the divisive Kal Sarpa Yoga exists until 25th April 2022: a preposterous divisive energy dominating humanity.

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But of course, please note that other planets could be forced into key highlight by this Eclipse. This will occur when this Eclipse falls on other planets of yours in your birth chart.

I would mention that this applies to Mars and Chiron in my particular chart (see below). Do check out if this eclipse especially activates another planet of yours. Get a Reading from me.

And note there are five other really important features to the understanding of this particular Eclipse energy, of course, like:

The fact that Sun and Moon are in the sign of Scorpio.

Sun and Moon are conjunct two malevolent Fixed Stars.

Jupiter is unfortunately very weak.

The Western Astrology chart includes a special Talent Triangle with Mars trine super-strong Neptune energy is super-powerful due to being stationary, only having turned Direct on 1st December. Note that Neptune is trine Mars where both Neptune and Mars have the Venus/Pluto conjunction of this moment at the apex of a Talent Triangle chart aspect shape: very powerful potential if any of these fall on your natal planets, and this chart shape is dealt with further, below.

Lastly, there’s a Mars Battlefield sequel to this Eclipse. Note so very importantly, that Mars, which is at 29 deg Vedic Libra at the time of this eclipse, reaches Ketu of this eclipse (exact) on 14th December (where a Mars/Ketu conjunction is very cutting and violent) and reaches the sensitive stagnant energy zone of this Eclipse Moon degree of 18 deg Scorpio, on 31st December. And because Mars is transiting Scorpio, this will be a time to identify and heal our deep embedded fears and tensions and rise above them as the Healed Warrior.

Before we go into the detail, let’s stand back and remind ourselves of the important key vital issues of any Eclipse. How will an eclipse affect me?

And it is necessary to make actually ten preparatory remarks for how to understand an Eclipse generally and this major one in particular. We need to do this because the strong energies of this eclipse will be affecting so many signs in the birth chart of so many people, and it is such a help and value to have good preparatory guidance.

So, the first point to make, of course, is that an Eclipse has the biggest effect if Eclipse luminaries, Nodes or Ascendant are conjunct one of the planets in your birth chart, or conjunct your Ascendant – or if they are in a major aspect to one of your other planets.

And an Eclipse will have a big effect on each of us, depending on House it falls in in your chart, where the Houses in our birth chart = the life area affected.

So, you can go to our December 2021 Starwheel Astrology website page to see the fascinating charts for this Eclipse.

And also, you can go to our ‘Houses in your Birth Chart Page’ to check out what Houses/Life Area this Eclipse affects for the different Rising Signs, and for your birth chart.

And do please make sure to remember that it is often in the ‘run-up’ period of an eclipse that we feel the tension. without really being able to sort the issues out and fully understand them.

This means that good standard astrological analysis can be so helpful in understanding how an Eclipse will affect you personally – and also the key issue of understanding HOW TO MANAGE the energies of this Eclipse for the highest good in your life. Have a Reading from me.

Remember, also, most importantly, that a New Moon is a time for a new start. Try not to overlook of forget that Eclipse is a time to make space for meditation and for the forming of needed new intention. This applies to the run-up period, the day of the Eclipse, and the days following. Do the needed work. Achieve the highest harvest from it.

Remember, also, that we are, generally speaking, living in a period of exceptionally difficult energies this year, and in the run-up period to the Pluto Return of the USA (first exact hit May 2023), so we really do need to find how difficult times such as these are potentially actually a portal for our healing and empowerment, if only we can work out how.

And, lastly, please do hear this: I find it can be so valuable to do vision work before hand, before an eclipse for example, and then it can be so further empowering and healing to do embodiment work to build upon and delve deeper into your vision work. I have benefitted so much from this approach. Again, have a Reading from me and I can tell you all about how to do this.

I think it could be helpful for me to mention that when I generated the chart for this Eclipse for here in Sligo in the West of Ireland, I was struck to note that the Ascendant (for here in Sligo) and Mars of this Eclipse are both exactly conjunct my natal Mars, and Ketu (South Node) of this Eclipse is exactly conjunct my natal Chiron (where I have Chiron conjunct Mars natally). I mention this because it stresses the importance of checking out where an Eclipse falls in relation to your own natal planets. So, in this case, this Eclipse means that I am having a once-in-a-life-time special chance to feel the wounds of my natal Chiron conjunct Mars, and also to find the portal to healing of my Mars that this eclipse brings. Chiron is our Existential Wound for each of us. So, when an Eclipse or important transiting aspect occurs to our natal Chiron, such woundedness can be felt, but such astounding healing can be identified and brought in.

Chiron is transiting at 15 Vedic/Sidereal Pisces now (that’s 9 Western/Tropical Aries now) and I am seeing such wonders for people with their natal Chiron in Vedic Virgo opposite now. It’s breathtaking.

So, let’s now turn to the detail of this 4th December 2021 eclipse.

Eclipse Date and time: This eclipse is on December 4th in London at 7.43 am), in New York at 2.43 am and on December 3rd at 11.43 pm in Los Angeles.

Eclipse Zodiac degree: Sun and Moon are at 18 Scorpio in the Vedic Sidereal Zodiac. (This is 12 Sagittarius in the Western Tropical Zodiac.)

It is Uranus and Mercury that are the two planets biggest affected by this Eclipse:

Uranus of this New Moon eclipse of December 3rd/4th, is first of all, a call for us each to identify and to bring into being our best sense of our Self: to bring in our needed best Life Path forward, now. This can feel like a step in Revolution.

Mercury of this eclipse is really badly messed up by this eclipse, so we will have to be so very careful of our communication issues and communication patterns, and the communications we let ourselves get exposed to, at this time.

So, let’s look first of all at the two key themes: Uranus and Mercury, then we must delve deeper into the Eclipse astrology:

Uranus calls for your Revolution Now:
The first key thing to note is that this eclipse at 18 Scorpio is in a very tight inconjunct (150 deg) aspect to Uranus at 17 deg Vedic Aries.
Uranus is the energy of Revolution.

It was discovered at the time of the storming of the Bastille.

To have Uranus inconjunct an Eclipse creates great tension, in the run-up to the eclipse with the call to solve the tension during the eclipse.
The highest purpose of this eclipse inconjunct to Uranus is to call us or force us to stop clinging to a worn-out sense of our Self,
To stop us clinging to a worn-out belief system,

To stop us clinging to a worn our life path forward.

And what forces us to make the change (or sadly to fail to do so) is: the great tension.

I personally feel it is really necessary to do vision work now to determine what is the Self that we need to support, now, emerging from our dreams?
Who is the You that needs to emerge now?
Do work to bring in this new Self into being by building upon the Self we have been living with so far in our life.
I feel really pleased by the insights coming to me at this time, and I would be glad to give you an Astrology Reading to help and support you.
And I do feel that needed awareness can be very usefully created by vision work, but I am also finding that that vision work ideally needs to be perfected and brought physically into being through embodiment work.

I can support you with expert, depth astrological analysis drawing on both Western and also the vastness of Vedic Astrology, and tell you all about how to do the vision work and how to then bring in the needed embodiment of the needed New You.

Mercury Communication in a Mess:
The second key theme of this December 4th Eclipse is to do with Mercury. Mercury is horrifically caught up in harmful energies – as it has been for some time recently.

Beware over-discussion.

Worsening of the social media miasma will really set in.

Be so careful to watch your communication and the mental concepts you are embracing.

Reality is getting lost.

People are treating each other on the basis of labels and theories.

Societies are getting polarized by ideological stances.
The energies of this eclipse are very divisive and sensationalist. This is because all planets are to one side of the Nodal Axis except for Mars. But Mars is just 7 degrees from the Nodal Axis, and so thus really part of it, i.e. Mars is part of the Kal Sarpa Yoga, making the preposterous divisiveness of having all planets to one side of the Nodal axis even more aggressive or even violent.
And Mars is of course conjunct Ketu. And the Mars-Ketu (South Node) conjunction is violent and cutting energy – such a difficult energy to experience.
Kal Sarpa Yoga continues in the heavens from December 5th to 18th – and in reality the Kal Sarpa energy persists beyond December 18th to 25th April, because only the Moon is the other side of the Nodal Axis, thus creating the added tension of an unsupported or Kemadruma Moon – and this is in addition to the divisive tension of the Kal Sarpa Yoga.
Though please do note that the point is, that experiencing violent energies can be a gateway to our healing and empowerment – if we can be blessed by finding within them the spiritual/healing doorway opening.

Now let’s look deeper at the other facets of the Astrology of this Eclipse:

Uranus is also square Saturn

An absolutely key fact to notice is that Uranus is not only 150 deg or inconjunct to this Eclipse, Uranus is also square Saturn.

This is a vastly influential aspect.

Uranus is at 17 Aries; Saturn is at 15 Capricorn.

And note that this is a closing square aspect which becomes exact on 24th December – exact for the third time.

This Uranus square Saturn is a case of the growing energy tension of Uranus Revolution smashing itself at Saturn’s restrictive blocks and structures. This occurs both in our personal life, in our sense of who we are, and also in the societies we live in.

Moon is in Scorpio:

Moon is in debilitation in Scorpio. It’s a fixed and hurt energy, critical and even inwardly emotionally raging, but working on the hurt involved can offer potential for deep occult insights.

Sun is in Scorpio:

Sun in Scorpio is controlling and militant, phobic, jealous and possessive, hard to break from attach­ments, full of crises or illness, takes from others without returning, vengeful, accidents.

Sun and Moon are conjunct malevolent energy Fixed Stars:

Fixed star Alwaid is within an orb of only 8 minutes of a degree to this Eclipse New Moon. Fixed star Antares is within 2 deg 19 of the New Moon. Both of these stars have a belligerent aggressive Martian energy, albeit Antares is also grandly commanding and expansive – and so bring increase in violence and destruction.

Jupiter is weak:
it is important to realize, as ever in this time period where Jupiter transits from Saturn-ruled Capricorn and now in Saturn-ruled Aquarius, that Jupiter’s energy is debilitated, and thus Jupiter is weak in his needed gifts of blessing, enlargement, optimism, sense of purpose and guru energy. Have a look at the dignity table and the rashi Avasthas table on my December 2021 Starwheel astrology web page, and you will see what I mean. And so, we must take notice if our expansive optimistic connection to blessing is weakened, and take special effort to seek to enhance this in our consciousness now.

This Eclipse activates a very special Talent Triangle:
It will be very helpful to also bear in mind that this Eclipse’s Western Astrology chart includes a special Talent Triangle with Mars trine Neptune as the base of this triangle and with Venus conjunct Pluto as the apex this chart aspect shape.

You can see this Talent Triangle chart aspect shape in the Western Eclipse chart in my December 2021 Starwheel astrology web page:

Mars is trine Neptune

Each of Mars and Neptune is sextile the apex conjunction of this talent triangle which is Venus conjunct Pluto.

Mars is at 29 Libra in Vishakha Nakshatra.
Mars is trine Neptune at 26 Aquarius in PurvaBhadra Nakshatra.
Venus is at 28 Sagittarius is conjunct Pluto at 0 deg 57 Capricorn, and these two are in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra.

What are we to make of this?

Well, Neptune energy is super-powerful due to being stationary, only having turned Direct on 1st December. Neptune get a bad rap in formulaic astrology which lacks depth authenticity, but do note that actually the positive side of Neptune is its capacity for giving us needed valuable visions and an increase in our capacity for Dream Work.

So, Mars trine Neptune at the time of this eclipse is a good energy for intuition, vision work and dream work.

And with Venus conjunct Pluto, there might be a special quality delivered to us if we do the intuitive work at this time, namely the energy of Venus and Pluto combined with is things like: madly in love, coming more into your power in love relationship, coming into self-esteem and healing in love matters, extraordinary artistic/creative breakthrough, wealth/abundance coming your way.

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