December 2021 Key Depth Astrology Summary

So, what are the most major events in the Astrology of December 2021?

The list is long.

The energies formidable.

The list of signs most affected is long.
In the Sidereal zodiac:
Scorpio and Taurus (Nodal Transit, December Eclipse)
Libra and Aries (get ready for the Nodal axis to shift to YOU)
Capricorn and Cancer (Saturn and Pluto)
Aquarius (Jupiter and Pluto)
Sagittarius and Gemini (December Full Moon).

Scorpio is especially and vastly activated by:  Ketu/South Node transit, New Moon Eclipse, Mars transit, Sun transit.
What House/Life Area is Scorpio in your birth chart?
What planets are in Scorpio in your birth chart?

Scorpio is an intense hurt, penetrating, fierce, darkness energy of Death and Rebirth.
So this is not a time for sensationalist astrological and political ranting (catchy and super-engaging though that can seem), but a time to remember that a New Life can arise from Death and Hurt.
And remember, much in your life probably ought to die now, so as to REVEAL the fullness of your Self, your Incarnational Life Path, your Destiny this time.
There’s a huge challenge to handle this Scorpio activation of Tension and Death, of deep crucial Mystery, of the horrifically and unimaginable Unexpected, so be very careful this month and keep safe and secure and simplify your life.
But you can use this deep dark hurt Scorpio time and its unfathomable challenge as a Portal to perceive within you:
Who you really are.
Who you are meant to be.
Delve into your vision from the energies arising this month to answer the key questions, such as:
Who am I?
What is the most Direct Connection that I can create now to:
To my Higher Self
To the Wisdom and Revelation always there in the Darkness
To the Revelation of my Dreams
To my Soul
To the Divine.

The Winter Solstice occurs on 21st December in the Northern Hemisphere: the most anciently celebrated recognition of the Death of the Old Sun and the birth of the New Child of Promise. Many ancient monuments from the Neolithic, Bronze Age and Iron Age round here where I live in the West of Ireland are aligned to the Winter Solstice sunrise. They are usually Tombs as well, most of them used for over a two thousand years period by a family/tribe. What an important message there is to each of us in this worship of the Divine Principle of  Death and Rebirth.
The Ancient Irish God of Love was born of a Mating that occurred on the day of Winter Solstice. How appropriate for this time when Pluto and Venus are conjunct!
Here’s an image of one of the five thousand year old local ancient tombs/astrological temples.

Let’s now look at the long list of December 2021 huge astrological energy activations that we will each have to experience:

Uranus-Saturn square aspect

I would suggest that the exact finalization of the revolution-creating Uranus- Saturn square aspect will be the vastest energy, overall.
Uranus in Vedic Aries, squares Saturn in Vedic Capricorn.
You are being forced to bring into being your needed Uranus Revolution potential, now.
It’s not just individuals who will be affected. Societies will be forced to deal with an energy for needed revolutionary change, and they will do this either negatively or positively.
Indeed, there’s not just the Uranus-Saturn square, the Eclipse of 4th December at 18 Scorpio is inconjunct Uranus at 17 Aries.
Uranus calls for your Revolution Now:
at the date of the 4th December Eclipse, Uranus is at 17 Aries; Saturn is at 15 Capricorn.
And note that this is a closing square aspect which becomes exact on 24th December – exact for the third time at 16 Aries/Capricorn.
This Uranus square Saturn is a case of the growing energy tension of Uranus Revolution smashing itself at Saturn’s restrictive blocks and structures.
This occurs both in our personal life, in our sense of who we are, and also in the societies we live in.
The highest purpose of this is to call us or force us to stop clinging to a worn-out sense of our Self.
To stop us clinging to a worn-out belief system,
To stop us clinging to a worn our life path forward.
And what forces us to make the change (or sadly to fail to do so) is: the great tension.

I personally feel it is really necessary to do vision work now to determine what is the Self that we need to support, now, emerging from our dreams?
Who is the You that needs to emerge now?
Do work to bring in this new Self into being by building upon the Self we have been living with so far in our life.
I feel really pleased by the insights coming to me at this time, and I would be glad to give you an Astrology Reading to help and support you.
And I do feel that needed awareness can be very usefully created by vision work, but I am also finding that that vision work ideally needs to be perfected and brought physically into being through embodiment work.
I can support you with expert, depth astrological analysis drawing on both Western and also the vastness of Vedic Astrology, and tell you all about how to do the vision work and how to then bring in the needed embodiment of the needed New You.

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Kal Sarpa Yoga

Then, there’s the start of a long-running divisiveness and preposterousness of the Kal Sarpa Yoga (all planets to one side of the Nodal Axis – and note there’s no reduction to the tension just because the Moon is in the other half of the heavens half the month).
This lasts from when Mars enters Vedic Scorpio on 5.12.21 until 25th April 2022.
We will each be called to avoid the preposterous publicity-seeking ranting and divisiveness and become the strong caring warrior amid it all.
With Ketu transiting Scorpio in December, many of us will be forced to explore our deeper psychological issues and hurts, but with the call being to bring us to Moksha and Healing.
With Rahu Transiting Taurus in December, there will be turbulent economic issues.
It’s crucial to check out what planets you have in Scorpio and Taurus, and develop deep understanding of their activation by this transit.

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Neptune turns Direct

I do myself feel that Neptune turning Direct at 26 deg Vedic Aquarius from 1st December is very important for those who can link into the vision work potential that this offers including insights, healing and empowerment – and vision work is so good if it is extended into embodiment work.
Neptune get a bad rap in formulaic astrology which lacks depth authenticity, but do note that actually the positive side of Neptune is its capacity for giving us needed valuable visions.

The positive gift of Neptune is mediumship, clairvision, land energy sensitiveness, the broadening of our vision, allowing deeper mythic and archetypal elements to expand our sense of self and reality, dreamwork: finding the vast value that our dreams actually can hold, vastly broadening our narratives that were inculcated into us. Embodiment work and an increase in our capacity for Dream Work.

Jupiter transits forward to conjoin Neptune exact on 12th April 2022 at 29 deg Aquarius.

Jupiter enters Pisces on 13th April 2022.

Neptune enters Pisces on 18th April 2022.

What an energy for spiritual expansion the Jupiter/Neptune ingress into Pisces will be, when experienced at its highest.

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Transit of Mars through Scorpio

The MAJOR Transit of Mars through Scorpio will be a violent energy. This is from the time of the tension build-up to the December 4th Eclipse. It is from the moment of the Eclipse itself when Mars is at 29 deg Vedic Libra, and then through all December as Mars makes a cutting violent transits across Ketu (South Node).

Mars reaches Ketu of this eclipse (exact) on 14th December and then reaches the sensitive stagnant energy zone of this Eclipse Moon degree of 18 deg Scorpio on 31st December.

This violent energy and fear can be a portal for moksha and healing.

Because Mars is transiting Scorpio, this will be a time to identify and heal our deep embedded fears and tensions and rise above them as the Healed Warrior.
Build up your strength
Embody your courage.

The healing and power potential in this transit is great, but you will have to develop your insight and do the needed work, and I feel this can usefully include embodiment work.

We so very much do need to be aware how Scorpio is a controlling intense and fixed sign, determinedly blind to its faults and weaknesses; frustrated and obsessive, yet with potential for insight leading to Death and Rebirth transformations. Depth psychology and mysticism are the highest expressions of Scorpio.

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Rahu/Ketu the Nodes of the Moon

I must include Rahu/Ketu the Nodes of the Moon in your birth chart. If you have Moon’s Nodes in Vedic Scorpio/Vedic Taurus, you MUST embrace your proper Incarnational Life Purpose at this time or live a life of unfulfilled tension and unreal sense of self and failed incarnational life purpose.
Those with other planets in Vedic Scorpio/Vedic Taurus will have a time of huge evolutionary tension. Get a Reading from me.

We are all building up to the key change of sign of the Nodes of the Moon: Rahu transiting into Vedic Aries, Ketu transiting into Libra, from 12th April 2022. Those with Nodes (and other planets) in Vedic Aries/Vedic Libra must now prepare for such a major shift: Their once every 18-year Nodal Return.

Get a Reading from me.

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Jupiter is weak
it is important to realize, as ever in this time period where Jupiter transits from Saturn-ruled Capricorn and now in Saturn-ruled Aquarius, that Jupiter’s energy is debilitated, and thus Jupiter is weak in his needed gifts of blessing, enlargement, optimism, sense of purpose and guru energy. Have a look at the dignity table and the rashi Avasthas table on my December 2021 Starwheel astrology web page, and you will see what I mean. And so, we must take notice if our expansive optimistic connection to blessing is weakened, and take special effort to seek to enhance this in our consciousness now.

Jupiter is square the Nodal axis all month.

Jupiter left Capricorn to enter Aquarius on 6th April 2021.

But Jupiter then re-entered Capricorn on 14.9.21, due to his Retrograde,

Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn 18.10.2021

Jupiter then re-enters Aquarius on 20.11.21
And, looking ahead, Jupiter enters Pisces 13.4.2022.

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Pluto transiting Capricorn – with Saturn!

Pluto transits from 0 to 1 deg Capricorn on December 6th. The impact of this transit will be huge. A depth explosion pits itself at the structures in your life and at the structures in your Society.

Pluto is closing to exact conjunction with Pluto in the birth chart of the USA. The first exact hit of this is May 2023. The USA will be forced to experience so much darkness and power abuse issues arising over this period, with the ideal call being to come into proper sense of power of the individual and the country.

Check out which House Pluto is transiting through now. That life area will be key for your transformation ahead. Remember Saturn is transiting that same House too, ahead.

Saturn transits Vedic Capricorn from 24.1.2020, until he enters Aquarius but only briefly for two and a half months, from 29.4.2022 to 12.7.2022, on the first occasion, not becoming fully placed in Vedic Aquarius until from 17.1.2023.

It is so important to understand how Pluto and Saturn are impacting the life area for you that is Capricorn.

So, if Capricorn is your 7th House, Marriage will be so important to get right now and in the coming time.

And note that Rahu in Taurus is casting a closing and increasingly powerful aspect to Pluto in Capricorn.

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Talent Triangle Mars Neptune Venus Pluto

The Western Astrology chart for the Eclipse of 4th December includes a special Talent Triangle. Mars is trine super-strong Neptune. Neptune energy is super-powerful due to being stationary, only having turned Direct on 1st December.

Note that Neptune is trine Mars where both Neptune and Mars are sextile the apex planets of this talent triangle: the Venus/Pluto conjunction.

This is very powerful potential if any of these fall on your natal planets.

Check out what House in your birth chart Venus closes onto Pluto at the first degree of Vedic Capricorn.

So, Mars trine Neptune at the time of this eclipse is a good energy for intuition, vision work and dream work.

And with Venus conjunct Pluto, there might be a special quality delivered to us if we do the intuitive work at this time, namely the energy of Venus and Pluto combined with is things like: madly in love, coming more into your power in love relationship, coming into self-esteem and healing in love matters, extraordinary artistic/creative breakthrough, wealth/abundance coming your way.

Venus will conjunct Pluto exact on 11th December at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn, and Venus will turn retrograde at 2 degrees of Capricorn on December 19th, 2021. Venus Retrograde will be a powerful time for us to deepen our awareness of our love issues.

Venus turns Direct again on 29th January at 16 deg Vedic Sagittarius.


Planetary Transits summary for December 2021:

You can see the day by day movements of the planets in the ephemeris at the foot of my December 2021 Starwheel Astrology website page.

Here however is the brief overall summary:

Sun transits Scorpio from December 1st to 15, then into Sagittarius, to end December at 16 Sagittarius. Sun obviously expresses himself so much more generously and expansively in Sagittarius than he does in Scorpio.

Sun in Scorpio

Sun in Scorpio is controlling and militant, phobic, jealous and possessive, hard to break from attach­ments, full of crises or illness, vengeful, long-term spitefulness, accidents.

Sun in Sagittarius

Sun in Sagittarius is Expansive with positive beliefs, love of philosophy and high ideals and causes.

But negatively can be too expansive and over-optimistic

 Mercury starts December at 17 deg Scorpio, entering Sagittarius on December 10th and entering Capricorn on December 29th.

Mercury thus is caught up in the Venus Pluto conjunction from December 29th. Indeed, Mercury will be affected by its energy from a few days before that.

Mercury will continue to transit in Capricorn until March 6th 2022.

 Venus starts December at 26 Sagittarius, entering Capricorn on December 8th.

Note that Venus stays within one degree of Pluto from December 8 to 28.

The two planets within a close orb of the Fixed Star Terebellum from December 10 to 27. And Pluto stays within one degree of Terebellum from December 4, 2021, to February 6, 2022. Be careful because Terebellum has an energy of bad morals, disgrace and cunning. So, for some the energy of this star will bring out the worst of Venus with Pluto, though for others, good fortune is possible.

Venus is a Friend to Saturn the ruler of Capricorn, so this can be good for the expression of love and commitment.
But note that Venus turns Retrograde at 2 deg Capricorn on 19th December, re-entering Sagittarius on 30th December.
Venus continues to transit in Sagittarius from December 29, 2021 to February 26, 2022, with Venus turning direct on January 29th.

Venus finally returns to transit in Capricorn from February 26 – March 30, 2022)

 Mars starts December at 27 deg Libra, entering Scorpio on 5th December, and ends December at 18 Scorpio.

 Jupiter transits from 1 to 6 deg Aquarius in December.
Jupiter is square the Nodal axis all month.

 Saturn transits from 14 to 17 deg Capricorn in December

 Uranus transits Retrograde from 17 to 16 deg Aries in December.

 Neptune transits at 26 deg Aquarius all month of December, having turned Direct on December 1st.

 Pluto transits from 0 to 1 deg Capricorn in December

 Chiron transits at 14 deg Vedic Pisces all month, turning Direct on 20th December.

 Ketu South Node transits from 6 to 5 deg Scorpio in December

Ketu enters Vedic Libra on 12th April 2022.

 Rahu North Node transits from 6 to 5 deg Taurus in December.

Rahu enters Vedic Aries on 12th April 2022

Major planetary events December 2021:

December 1st Uranus quincunx Mercury. 17 deg Aries/Scorpio. Revolutionary concepts.

December 3rd Uranus quincunx Sun. 17 Aries/Scorpio. Revolutionary tension.

December 4th New Moon Solar Eclipse. 18 Scorpio. Ketu South Node at 7 Scorpio.

The Solar Eclipse of 4th December is very intense, especially if you have planets in Vedic Scorpio – and I have written a long Blog post all about this, with two Videos:
See the Pt. 1 Video HERE

See the Pt. 2 Video HERE

December 6th. Mars sextile Pluto. 1 deg Scorpio Capricorn.

December 7th Neptune squares Mercury. 26 deg Aquarius. Visionary thinking. Beware illusion.

December 8th Jupiter square Mars. 2 deg Aquarius Scorpio. Take expansive action.

December 8th to 12th. Mercury transits Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta. Immateriality enters concepts positively or negatively.

December 10th Mercury enters Sagittarius.

December 11th Venus conjunct Pluto at 1 Capricorn. Violently in love. Money breakthrough.

December 12th Neptune square Sun: Mysticism, vision or illusion and Pied Piper.

December 13th to 18th Sun transits Scorpio-Sagittarius Gandanta. Weakness in Solar King energy. Contact with the immaterial. Inspiration.

December 14th Rahu North Node quincunx Mercury. 7 deg Taurus Sagittarius. An energy of bloatedly expansionary speech communication and concepts.

December 15th Mars conjunct Ketu. 7 deg Scorpio. Violent cutting energy and events. Danger. Tension. Potential for spiritual and personal growth through facing this.

December 19th Full Moon. 3 deg Gemini/Sagittarius  – watch out for our special extensive upcoming video 9 and blog post.
This Full Moon is on December 19th here in Sligo in the West of Ireland, at 04.35 hrs.
But note that this Full Moon is December 18, 2021, at 11:35 PM, ET, USA.
Moon is in restless Mars-ruled Mrigashira Nakshatra
Sun is in Ketu-ruled Mula Nakshatra. The Deity for Mula is Nritti, Goddess of Death, Destruction and rebirth.
Mars is at 9 deg Scorpio conjunct Ketu at 6 deg Scorpio.
Jupiter is square the Nodal axis
Chiron is square Mercury.
N.B. Watch out for my Upcoming Video

December 19th Venus turns Retrograde at 2 Capricorn. Look more deeply into your relationship issues. Make deep study and changes of your artistic expression and your creative work.

December 20th Uranus trine Mercury. 17 deg Aries/Sagittarius. Innovative concepts. Revolutionary ideas and speech.

December 22nd Rahu quincunx Sun. 7 deg Taurus Sagittarius. Me first. Over expansionary self-assertion.

December 24th Uranus square Saturn. 17 deg Aries Capricorn. Need to manifest Revolution and smash outdated blocks and structures in your life and in your society.

December 25th Venus Retrograde conjunct Pluto (see also Venus conjunct Pluto December 11th) falling passionately in love or having to face depth issues and control issues on love. Possibility of financial transformation.

December 28th Uranus quincunx Mars. 17 deg Aries/Scorpio innovative and revolutionary concepts and communication.

December 28th Mercury enters Capricorn, staying there until March 6th, 2022.

December 29th Mercury conjunct Pluto. 1 deg Capricorn. Depth of thought. Abusive communication.

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