Darkness will Rise now to be Healed in USA

Welcome to our March 2021 Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter Part 1 where my focus has to be that I predict that Darkness will rise now in, the USA and the wider world, Darkness that needs to be understood – and to be healed.

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We are being given a ‘forced opportunity’ now to embrace the light because of the darkness rising in the energies ahead, looking at the astrology of the coming four years.
There are seven well-researched reasons I am making this major and challenging prediction, and I also outline what I believe is the needed and best spiritual response we each of us can make to this ongoing confrontational situation. These seven reasons for me making this prediction are as follows:
1. Joe Biden will start a decline following the Mars-Rahu (North Node) transit occurring in Taurus, exact 28.3.2021.
2. The Pluto Return of the USA
3. The USA is in Sade Sate now
4. Uranus is transiting in Aries
5. The USA is in Rahu-Saturn Dasha now
6. Eclipses between now and 2024 will play a profound role
7. The Jupiter transit brings Recession.

As a support to reading these blogs, please refer to the charts for the different events in March 2021, plus the charts for the main people mentioned, plus the charts for the major eclipses. These are shown on my Starwheel Astrology March 2021 webpage:

Let’s start by a mention of the three main players in the USA:
Joe Biden. I believe he will not be assassinated, but he will have to take a back seat because of the way the energies of the current Mars-Rahu transiting conjunction impact on his chart.
Kamala Harris will be super-powerful and also she will outface Xi Jimping in an upcoming confrontation.
Donald Trump. It looks like Donald Trump will promote endless divisiveness against her, keeping the country in darkness and division, and he is significantly rising in power and success over the period from now, and likely he will win the 2024 election.

There are actually two twists to the start of this tale:

The first twist in this tale is the fateful and possibly deeply sinister prediction that Donald Trump made on Thursday 08 October 2020 to Fox News that: “Joe’s not lasting two months as president.”
Donald Trump claimed that the then Democratic nominee Joe Biden’ would either die or be overthrown by “communist” forces in his own party early in his term if he is elected in November.’
Of Kamala Harris, Donald Trump then went on to say: “She’s a communist.”

The second twist is that regarding Kamala Harris, I can also add that she is coming into exceptional great power now, and will indeed successfully deal with an upcoming military crisis with China that is looks likely, including from analysis of the charts of Xi Jimping, the country of China and upcoming eclipses.

Also see my separate analysis as to what we are all called to do in this growing situation: The Spiritual Message of Now, also part of our March 2021 Starwheel Astrology and healing Newsletter.

OK, so let’s look at the seven reasons that call me to make this prediction of difficult times ahead. They are as follows:

1. The trigger is pulled: Joe Biden will start a decline following the Mars-Rahu (North Node) transit occurring in Taurus, exact 28.3.2021:
The current Mars-Rahu transit is extremely violent, and it becomes exact on 28th March.
Joe Biden: See my separate blog section on Joe Biden, where I show that it will have a quite disabling impact upon him.
Kamala Harris: A super-fired Kamala Harris will be stepping into to defend the breach. See my separate blog section on her.
Donald Trump: The energy of the March 2021 Mars-Rahu conjunction will be very good for Donald Trump, as will be the energy of the Jupiter transit now and the Jupiter transit where Jupiter conjuncts his natal Sun-Rahu conjunction at the actual time of the Presidential Election, and also eclipse energy just before the next presidential election favours him. See my separate blog section on Donald Trump.

2. The Pluto Return of the USA:
Looking at the Astrology I would predict that the USA is in a period of growing divisiveness and turmoil, certainly for the next four years.
Basically, this is the manifestation of the USA Pluto Return, because Pluto in the heavens is closing now on Pluto in the birth chart of the USA.
Pluto now is at 1 deg Vedic Capricorn 56 mins. Pluto in the birth chart of the USA is at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn 49 mins.
The exact dates of the USA Pluto return are as follows (and remember there is a big time zone of powerful effect, either side of these exact dates: 11.5.2023 at 6 deg 9 Capricorn – on station.

Basically, this scenario will create a time of rising darkness which is the energy of the Pluto Return of the USA, which closes on its first exact hit in April 2023, and all through this run-up there will be much division, treating people as labels rather than as human beings, with polarized political correctness and violence. And note that Pluto’s manifestation is vastly coloured also by being in the sign of Vedic Capricorn, and by being conjunct to varying degrees and times with the utterly different forces of Jupiter and Saturn.

Pluto is about amassing more power and contacting power buried in the shadow. Governments, business and individuals can seek power in a dysfunctional way. But we each need to come into our right and needed power, and to uncover and heal buried shadow material. See my separate blog section about doing the ‘Journey into the Abyss’.

3. The USA is in Sade Sate now:
This too is utterly vast. We need to remember, the USA is in Sade Sate, now. This is huge.
Sade Sate is the malefic seven-and-a-half-year period when Saturn transits through the sign before the natal Moon, through the sign of the natal Moon and the through sign after the natal Moon. (N.B. a more accurate timetable is declared by the passage of Saturn through the Nakshatras around the natal Moon).
I would liken the Sade Sate experience to going down into an abyss so that things that no longer should be in our lives have the opportunity to die and be left behind, and then slowly rising again.
The USA natal Moon is at 7 deg Aquarius.
At the time of writing Saturn is at 14 Capricorn.
The exact date of the USA Sade Sate is 18.2.2023.
2023 is a big and challenging year. A lot is going to happen.
Sade Sate ensures that we can’t go on in our outmoded structures and ways. Often through suffering, we are forced to find our better path to the light, and better structures within which to live our life.

 4. Uranus is transiting in Aries:

Uranus is transiting Vedic Aries now. The last time Uranus transited Aries saw the rise of Hitler, the burning fo the Reichstag and Hitler bringing in the Second World War. Positively, Uranus transiting Aries is needed Revolution in an area of our life, but its violence and iconoclasm can be hijacked!

 5. The USA is in Rahu-Saturn Dasha:

The Dashas are the wonderful predictive periods of Vedic Astrology. They are more powerful than transits, though more ‘background’ in their effect. They have sub-periods.

Note that the USA is in Rahu – Saturn Dasha, now. This is a ‘hard labour’ energy. And do note that the USA has Rahu in the 8th House, in the difficult Ashlesha Nakshatra (in Cancer).

Rahu is the North Node of the Moon, and do note that Ketu, always opposite Rahu, in the USA chart is: conjunct Pluto! (in Capricorn)

6. Eclipses will play a profound role:

It must also be noted that the Eclipses of 2023 will play a profound role. This is because the paths of the eclipses of 2023 and 2024 pass through Southern USA and actually cross one-another in that location:
The October 14th, 2023 Solar Eclipse passes through the Southern USA.
This will be compounded when the eclipse path of the subsequent April 8th, 2024 Solar Eclipse crosses the path of the 14.10.23 eclipse, also in Southern USA.

7. The Jupiter transit brings Recession.

Recession has started from the beginning of 2021, though with an artificially inflated stock market. The bite of recession will become a lot more palpable with the re-entry of Jupiter into Vedic Capricorn on 14th September 2021. This time we are in now, is of course 12 yrs. since the Recession of 2008. 12 yrs. is one Jupiter orbit. Jupiter in Vedic Capricorn is very fallen and brings recession (though there is some buoying effect at this time because Saturn is in Vedic Capricorn at this time).
Here’s the details of the current recession transit:
Jupiter enters Aquarius 5.4.21 to 14.9.21.
Jupiter stations direct in Capricorn 18.10.2021
Jupiter re-enters Aquarius 20.11.21
Saturn enters Aquarius 29.4.2022. (Saturn also rules Aquarius)
But it’s important to note that the Recession will likely actually take a fairly profound slump as transiting Jupiter closes on transiting Rahu, the exact being 27.5.2023. This Crash will occur by October 2023.
Real estate should however be reasonably safe from this Recession, and of course gold. This recession will continue into 2025.
Notice that both the USA Sade Sate exact and also the Pluto Return exact are in the year 2023, coinciding with this recession.

So, wishing you success and happiness through this difficult upcoming period, and especially that you find and embody the spiritual light that is right for you.

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