Dangerous Mars-Rahu Conjunction February to April 2021

This upcomming conjunction creates an increasingly dangerous energy, rising from 22nd February to April 13th: Mars transits Vedic Taurus, to move into exact conjunction with Rahu North Node at 23 Taurus on 28th March 2021. with both Mars and Rahu transiting in exact conjunction together at 20 deg Taurus.

This is a driven combative, violent energy, potentially ambitious and dark.

This dangerous energy will especially affect the area of your life that is the House where Vedic Taurus falls, and will affect countries and the world, as well as individuals.

How will this affect you?

For the definition of the life area of each House in our birth chart, see my ‘How to interpret the life area of each House in your Vedic birth chart’ website page.
Watch out for the effect in Scorpio where Ketu is transiting.

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