Crazy Times

These are times of massive acceleration on earth. What this means is the basic vibrational frequency of the earth itself is changing. We may not be actively aware of these higher vibrational speeds, but our bodies are impacted by them.

Think of it this way…If you hold onto an electrical wire on the fence, you feel that shock consciously.  Because of this increase in frequency,  even our thoughts are coming faster and faster, and time itself is speeding up. New technology and new inventions are coming out at a blinding pace.

One result is that people can’t seem to think as clearly. Another consequence of this higher frequency is that one becomes more aware undeveloped parts of the personality, the debris that needs to be transformed to move up to the next spiritual level.

The best way to go through this is to take ownership of the less developed parts of your personality, forgive them, and let them go.

This is not a small task but it’s a very important one. Folks who are unwilling to meet this challenge can find they become more fearful.

This is because they project the dark parts of their personality out into the world.

Or they can project their discomfort onto a group of people and villainize them as “the problem”.

You can see this happening all over the world as groups of militant protesters rally against what they consider to be their enemies.

In reality, the enemy is always within ourselves.

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The purpose of a reading is to put you in touch with your true self so that rather than being frantic, you go through your life feeling calm and optimistic.

These may be hard times but they are leading us to a whole New World that will be much better.

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