Vedic Prediction

This course is uniquely special because it teaches you the wonders of Vedic Predicitve techniques, and it also teachescomplete cross-over to additionally incorporate yoru Western Astrology Prediction as well.

Vedic Predictive Astrology is so sophisticated and unique. We learn to use the Dashas, the Vedic Predictive Periods, including sophisticated ways of making more exact predictions of what will happen during a Vedic Predictive Period, if you also go on to study our Nakshatra Course and our Varga Course. With these combinations, your predictive abilities will be awesome. We also study Vedic Transits.

As with the Foundation Course, you are so very welcome to do crossover into Western Astrology. ​The study method is the same as for the Foundation Course. A detailed course handbook is provided for each module. All needed charts are provided in Vedic and Western Astrology.

As with all our courses, the focus of your study is two focus charts: yours and mine as your Tutor. This focus ensures that the learning you make will always be grounded, reliable and valid. This is because it is always linked to the lives of two flesh and blood people. ​

My courses are always taught in a way that connects to, and is a gateway for your healing and empowerment and the most open and transcending way possible of dealing with the states of energy and consciousness that Vedic Astrology so accurately predicts. 

Dashas Vedic Predictive Periods

Vedic Astrology uses a sublime and powerful sequence of predictive life periods called Dasas. They really and sincerely do set the scene for what you will and can experience in a given period of your life.
They are a key declaration unique to Vedic Astrology. They are actually more powerful than Transits, though in a more background way. You can’t really make sense of a period in your life unless you know the Dasha and sub period you are in. The Dasas unfold in set pattern from the moment of our birth. There are sub-periods within the Dasas called Bhuktis (or antars) and we can also use sun-sub-periods within these called Prayantaras.

The Dasas are a powerful form of prediction but their timing is very sensitive to accurate time of birth. Each Dasa is ruled by a planet. The Dasas run in a fixed sequence: Sun (6 yrs), Moon (10 yrs), Mars (7 yrs), Rahu (18 yrs), Jupiter (16 yrs), Saturn (19 yrs), Mercury (17 yrs), Ketu (7 yrs) and Venus (20 yrs). The exact position of the Moon at the moment of our birth is key to where in the 120-year Dasa system our life will start.

We learn how to identify how the energies of that planet will manifest during the planet’s Dasa period in the life of a specific person. This is a detailed analysis which involves studying the sign and house within which the planet is found in the natal chart, the aspects made to it, the signs it rules within the chart, its Dispositor, what areas of our life is the Dasa ruling planet is the ‘Karaka’ or indicator for, the planet’s strength and dignity and his standing in the Vedic Divisional charts called Varga charts, and so on.

We study the effect of the Nakshatra of ‘Lunar Sign’ which the Dasa ruling planet occupies as key to the subtle energies that will run and will impel us.

The Dasa system is an outworking of our karmas and it manifests on all levels from the spiritual to the material and the mental and the level of our consciousness; career, health and relationship. The illumination that is cast by this system is totally awesome. How wonderful it is to be given such powerful clear and accurate perception. How wonderful it is to have such accurate timing. How wonderful it is if we can be open to the very highest manifestation in our life of the energies that will flow our way: Healing and empowerment is key to the most transcendent use of this ancient knowledge.

Transits in Vedic Astrology

The transits of the planets through the signs and houses of our Vedic birth chart affect our life greatly. Knowing and being able to interpret what is upcoming and its timing is key to sensible management of our lives and our consciousness.
We don’t only use the signs and houses. We also chart the transits affecting our life through the Naskahtras or Lunar Signs.
We learn about the effect of numerical sequence of Nakshatras counted from our Moon Nakshatra, and the powerful subtle effect this will have as a transit occurs through each Nakshatra. Certain Nakshatras are positive for you; other Nakshatras are negative for you. The Nadi Nakshatra sequence is: 1st Nakshatra: Janma (occupied by our Moon), 2nd Sampat, wealth and prosperity, 3rd Vipat dangers and losses, 4th Kshema prosperity, 5th Prayatak obstacles, 6th Sadhana accomplishment, 7th Naidhana poverty, 8th Mitra friendly, 9th Param Mitram favourable. The sequence repeats in three sets of nine covering all 27 Nakshatras counting from our Moon.
We study the difference in a planet’s manifestation in our life between Direct and Retrograde motion.
We study the energetic meaning of the transits of each of the planets through the houses and signs, and include Sade Sate.
We note the effect in our lives of transits of Dasha Ruler and Lagna (ascendant) Ruler, and how we will experience combustion or war (yuddh) between planets transiting in the heavens.
We learn how to assess what will happen in a transit in relation to the houses the transiting planet rules in our birth chart.
We study Yogas created by Transits.

We learn the Ashtakavarga acore of each House in your Vedic Birth Chart relevant to the transit of each planet. this wonderful scoring system tells us how supported (or otherwise) you will be in dealing with the transits of each planet.

We not only study the transits of the Vedic Planets, we study all of the transits of Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Rahu and Ketu (Nodes of the Moon).

We read the Varshaphal Chart, which is the chart for the moment the Sun returns to the position he occupied at the moment you were born, plus the Muntha, indicator for your year ahead.

In addition we study Western Progressions (e.g. Secondary Progressions), plus the wonderful and very accurate predictive Age Points of Psychodynamic Western Astrology: The Individuation Age Point (The unfoldment of our awareness of our egoic personality and our sub-personality, and our ability to handle such growing awareness. and the Nodal Age Point (the whisper of our soul to us from the astral at any point in time). ​


​We learn how to interpret the position of the Moon each day, studying Dina (solar day), Nakshatra of the Moon that day, Tithi (lunar phase day by day), Karana (half-day) and Yoga (the relationship between Moon and sun). This awareness is again of help in planning our lives and managing our Minds, but not in a legalistic or ‘fated’ or formulaic way, but in the spirit of openness to our greatness and our healing and empowerment.


Eclipses are triggers. They are associated with earthquakes and tsunamis on the earth plane, and if they interact with key parts of our birth chart they will trigger events of similar power and vastness in our lives. I have been able to note where an eclipse occurs in a person’s chart and predict most accurately the changes that will happen.

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