Vedic Level 1


You can pay to enrol on our Level 1 Foundation Vedic Astrology course by clicking on the Buy button at the foot of the presentation page for the tutor you select.

Our Master Vedic Astrology ‘Level 1’ Foundation Course is caring, skilled and supportive worldwide master-teaching. It is the Foundation Course of a series of other higher level courses from Beginner to Highly Advanced level in Vedic Astrology. The different levels of the course ultimately aims to train Counsellors, Healers and teachers of Vedic Astrology. ​The Course is Certificated.  Please note that we offer in-depth personal tuition in all our Courses.

INDIVIDUAL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: These are correspondence courses, and so they are completely individual, and they are also completely authentic and genuine because they focus on two charts: yours and mine.
This correspondence course approach guarantees caring grounded study and sharing. ​They are individual and learned teaching.
They in fact combine the best in Vedic Astrology and Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology.

AND THERE’S PERSONAL ON-LINE TEACHING AND SUPPORT SESSIONS AS WELL: There’s one free on-line session between us, PLUS as many additional on-line support sessions as you want, for just a small fee. This means that at any time, students can have a face to face course-focused teaching/support session with their Tutor on-line to supplement their correspondence course. To book your additional on-line support session, just use the personal on-line teacher support session pay button on the Tutor’s presentation page.

Western Astrology Cross-referencing:

Please note also, that you are most welcome to cross-reference with your Tutor as much as you wish into western astrology regarding the two focus charts: yours and your Tutor’s. ​

Our specialities include cross-referring from Vedic Astrology into the the astrology of Chiron, psychosynthesis and chart aspect shapes and the astrology of the outer planets and evolutionary/karmic astrology. You are so welcome to do this cross-referencing in respect of our two charts if you wish.


You can pay to enrol on our Level 1 Foundation Vedic Astrology course by clicking on the Buy button at the foot of the presentation page for the tutor you select.


The Vedic Astrology Foundation Course is ideal for the complete beginner, but equally it is a great ‘consolidation’ for someone who knows some Vedic astrology already.

The Course has been running for over twenty years, and is very well organised, with very well-developed written and audio-visual course materials. You receive this wealth of material when you enroll.

So, quite simply, the plan of study is to analyse each planet in turn with reference to two charts: yours and your Tutor’s. So, for example, as your first planet study, you would refer to the charts and the course material sent to you when you start the course, then you would write an analysis of your Sun, send it to your Tutor, wait for his or her reply/comments, then write your analysis of his/her Sun,  wait for his/her reply, then, work on the Sun having been completed, you would move on to the next planet under study: The Moon for the two of you, then Ascendant for the two of you, then Mercury, right through all the planets.

Note that the fact that it’s our two charts: the student and the tutor, as the focus of study keeps it genuine, authentic, respectful, sharing, grounded and valid.

You’re not just one of a group of students: our teaching and care is individual to you.

There are three Levels within the Foundation Course. Here are the details:

Level 1 ​

Your initial enrollment covers you for Level 1 only. You receive a very full range of Vedic and western charts for each of us and also a basic Manual of Vedic analysis techniques. The planets studied are: Sun, Moon, Mercury, Venus, Mars, Jupiter, Saturn, Uranus, Neptune, Pluto, Chiron, Rahu and Ketu (North and South Nodes of the Moon). Crossover to Western Astrology is fully available. Planets’ Divine Nature is a speciality.
Cost: 600 Euros
Cost for a tutor support session 35 Euros (Though the first on-line Tutor support session is free).

Level 2

Once you have completed your key planet studies, a second strand of study is woven in, which is consolidation and extension learning of the techniques of Vedic Astrology chart interpretation, again with reference to our two charts. Crossover to Western Astrology is fully available. There is an additional charge to cover Level 2. There are three extensive Rules Consolidation manuals.
Cost 300 Euros
Cost for a tutor support session 35 Euros

Level 3

Once you have completed Levels 2 and 3, you can add on detailed studies of how your planets treat each other, by following the Level 3 course: the final level of the Vedic Foundation Course. This is again with reference to our two charts, plus Western Astrology crossover if you wish. There is an additional charge to cover Level 3. There are nine documents to teach the Avasthas or ‘how your planets treat each other’, each with its specially recorded teaching video.
Cost 150 Euros
Cost for a tutor support session 35 Euros


Having completed the Vedic Astrology Levels 1, 2 and 4 Foundation courses, you are so welcome to go on to our Prediction Course.

How long does the course take?

Well, that’s up to the student. Our approach is totally caring and therefore the student goes into the detail for each planet module in as much or as little detail as he or she feels right. So there’s no fixed timescale, though obviously there is the need to make progress and keep focus.

What is Vedic Astrology? Why learn Vedic Astrology?

Vedic astrology is a vast, ancient and surely declarative discipline. Vedic Astrology accurately and surely presents our incarnational life purpose. It can most fully state the circumstances we will experience at birth. It predicts the unfoldment circumstances of our life. All these are achieved with an accuracy and vastness that western astrology, for all its different, definable and considerable strengths, cannot begin to touch.

Examples of the unique specialness of Vedic Astrology are presented in this website. ​

Using its own zodiacs, the twelve-sign sidereal zodiac, and also the magical and powerful and deeply ancient 27-sign lunar zodiac (the Nakshatras), Vedic Astrology provides the surest statement of how the energy of each planet will manifest in our life from the moment of our birth.

This on its own is such a valid key to insight, that it can be used as a gateway to our developing enlightened consciousness.

The capabilities of Vedic Astrology for the astrology of health, the astrology of relationships and for family generational astrology are exceptional and immense, as is Vedic Astrology’s sense of the huge cycles of unfoldment in which our lives are caught.

The techniques and capabilities of Vedic Astrology are quite literally awesome, and we would love to teach my Master Vedic Astrology Course to you. You are provided with full charts and extensive resources and my courses are carefully supported to take you from Beginner’s to Master’s level.

​Astrology and Healing:

And there is always reference to how how the perceptions of Vedic Astrology can in fact be gateways to healing and empowerment techniques. ​In addition to our written course material and videos, our very special teaching methods include art work, embodiment work, vision work and empowerment dimensions as well as the top quality astrological perception. Myth is a wonderful and crucial guideline to understanding. We use psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis role-play, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work.​

This is such a special course!