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The study of the Vargas is the study of the Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology.

The insight we get from this personal, individual and caring study of each of your Varga Charts, is quite frankly life-changing. It’s inspirational, decisive and sublime. We can learn such a lot about our life, our destiny and our potential for healing, empowerment and fulfilment.

This is because each Varga makes a very special and unique, awesomely powerful declaration about a particular area of your life.

Each Varga provides incredible depth additional information about how a planet will function in your life. The Varga charts provide awesome additional declaration about, and clarification of ,your Rashi birth chart.

And each Varga chart revolutionises your analysis of how your predictive astrology will manifest, and also understanding of how each of your Dasas (The wonderful Vedic Predictive Periods) will go.

Please do note: you absolutely do need to know the basics of Vedic Astrology in order to be able to study this Vargas Course.

Like all my courses, our Varga Course is taught worldwide. And like all our courses, you correspond with your Tutor about your study of two individual’s varga charts: yours and your Tutor’s. This is because this is the study of two flesh and blood individuals, makes the analysis sincere, caring and genuine, authentic and geared to each person’s best future.

Please note that we offer in-depth personal tuition in my Courses.
INDIVIDUAL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: These are correspondence courses, and so they are completely individual, and they are also completely authentic and genuine because they focus on two charts: yours and mine. This correspondence course approach guarantees caring grounded study and sharing. They are individual and learned teaching. They in fact combine the best in Vedic Astrology and Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology.
AND THERE’S PERSONAL ON-LINE TEACHING AND SUPPORT SESSIONS AS WELL: However, please note that enrolled students can ALSO have, at any time a face to face teaching/support session with their Tutor on-line to supplement their correspondence course. Just use the personal on-line teacher support session pay button, at the foot of the Tutor’s presentation page.

So this course is far from ‘ranted declaration’ or ‘one size fits all formula’. You are not in a group of students. You are not the passive recipient of pre-recorded videos. The teaching is caring and individual to you. We use the Sidereal Zodiac when studying Vedic Astrology , as please note that use of the Tropical zodiac renders Varga construction invalid, and the Sidereal Zodiac accurately preserves all the ancient features and powers of Vedic Astrology.

You get all the charts you need for this course, and crossover into Western Astrology is so welcomed, including psychodynamic and Evolutionary Western astrology, as well as the western Outer Planets and Chiron Wounded Healer Astrology.

Each Varga (or Divisional) Chart of Vedic Astrology, is a supreme statement about a very special and defined area of your life. Each Varga Chart is derived from your Vedic Astrology birth chart, called the ‘Rashi Chart’. What the Varga charts declare about your life and destiny, your personality and future, can be so eye-opening. It can be life-changing. It offers you the chance, should you decide to take it, of understanding your life on so many levels of physicality and consciousness, and of healing and empowering, and of identifying and connecting with your ideal spiritual life path.

And in most of the Varga charts, you will find that a planet will have ruling deity, and knowing the deity energy associated with your planet, as it manifests in the special area of life declared by the Varga chart, is often so special and so uniquely eye-opening. I love being able to open to the Varga Deities.v

The Vargas are invaluable in charting the spiritual pathways and ways of approaching the Divine that are ideal and best for us personally. The Vargas deepen our revelation of what it is to be human, and also deepen our perception of the facets of the Divine and our connection to God. There’s invaluable formulae available for interpretation of the Varga Charts – and there’s the needed escape from that formula into the invaluable development of the validity of our intuition. Study of the Varga Charts can fuel our intuition.

And lastly the Varga Charts provide an invaluable place to rectify your Time of Birth if that is needed, see below.

We start with the key Varga chart, the Navamsha, the D9 chart. We start with this because it is the msot powerfully declarative of the Varga Charts and can take on an importance akin to the Rashi/birth chart. We then study study the remaining Varga charts, in numerical order, in this course. This is because I have found numerical order of study best facilitates steady growing incremental development of rectification of time of birth awareness. There are however established groupings of Varga Charts, and these are shown immediately following this numerical-order list.

Here is a very, very brief indicativel depiction of the life area declared by each Varga, so that you can see the wealth of insight being offered to you. We provide you with full charts, and also a full course document to teach you interpret each Varga:

VargaPrimary HouseLife Area
D2 Hora2nd HouseWealth. Income. Well Being. Resources. Your needs for your accomplishment of                                                           material responsibilities.
D3 Drekkana3rd HouseSiblings. Younger Siblings issues. Initiative. Expression. Energy. ‘Attitude’.
D4 Chaturthamsa4th HouseLuck. Childhood. Fortune in life. Property, banks. Comfort.
D5 Panchamsha5th HouseOur individual spiritual path to connection to the Divine, and the valour and moral fibre that we will bring to perusing that. emotions. luck.
D6 Shashtamsha6th HouseIndicates health issues specifically than the other divisional charts.
D7 Saptamsha7th HouseChildren/progeny, and our happiness from them. Conceiving Children.
D8 Ashtamsha8th HouseIndicates major challenges and crises in the person’s life. Karmic sufferings. Part of the Astrology of Death, for those close to us. Longevity, death, accidents, surgery, disaster, humiliation, insult and loss of power and position. Property inherited by the native, innovation and success, demotion and migration to far-away places.
D9 Navamsha9th HouseOur ideal Ashram in this life. Marriage, Spouse. Life Purpose. Life path Dharma. Our relationships in general. The characteristics and qualities of our Spouse. Our natural talents and those we will grow into, or those we will receive from a teacher. The Quality of our Life Purpose. Our Destiny and deep personality characteristics. The relationship between our Soul and our Personality in this incarnation (see Rashi Tulya and Bhava Suchaka applications). Position of AK in Navamsha is crucial and states our Karmic challenges. Wealth and health.
D10 Dasamsa10th HouseCareer. Standing. Great Fruits. Fame.
D11 Ekadamsha11th HouseAlso called Rudramsha. Financial matters. Manifestation and fructification of desires. Periods of success of failure. Gains. Honours. Speculation. Parental influences. Health cures and challenges. Also called the Rudramsha.
D12 Dwadashamsha12th HouseAncestors. Ancestrally Fated Events. Ancestral Karmas. Parents. Genetic influences. plus D12 4th House for mother and 9th House for Father
D16 Shodamsha4th HouseVehicles, Mobility, Sources of Happiness or lack of it. Luxuries.
D20 Vimshamsha8th HouseDevotion, Fulfilment. Spiritual Path, Worship. Dedication to work. Part of your Ishta Devata (Ideal form of the Divine) assessment.
D24 Chaturvimshamsha12th HouseEducation. Understanding, Spiritual Knowledge. Higher education. Academic achievements. Also called Siddhamsha.
D27 Bhamsha3rd HouseStrengths: physical and mental. Defence.  skills and talents. Hard work and focus. Overcoming difficulties. Problem solving powers. general vitality, and the ability to deal with health issues.
D30 Trimshamsha6th HouseArishtas, Fatalities. Suffering. Misfortunes. Evil results. Medical crises and challenges. Difficulties in life. Insights into your character. (Construction: The sign is divided into five unequal parts)
D40 Khavedamsa4th HouseAuspicious and Inauspicious Events. If a D40 planet is in good dignity = auspicious. If a D40 planet in bad dignity the planet can really destroy the affairs of its House, and wider than that, reaches into the other Vargas. Matrilineal legacy and karmic inheritance.
D45 Akshavedamsha9th HousePurpose. Feeling things are Worthwhile. Patrilineal legacy and karmic inheritance.
D60 Shashtiamsha6th HouseConfirmation of Everything, Accrued Karma, What one can achieve in this life. The D60 sets the limits, e.g.: if D60 2nd bhava is bad, then 2nd bhava can only get so good in any Varga, including D1 Rashi birth chart.

Groupings of the Vargas:
Although the above Varga Charts are studied in the above order so as to facilitate igrowing accuracy of rectification of Time of Birth if necessary, there are established Varga Groupings, as follows:

The 16 Shodasha Vargas:
D1 Rashi, D2 Hora, D3 Drekkana, D4 Chaturthamsa, D7 Saptamsha, D9 Navamsha, D10 Dasamsa, D12 Dwadashamsha, D16 Shodamsha, D20 Vimshamsha, D24 Chaturvimshamsha, D27 Bhamsha, D30 Trimshamsha, D40 Khavedamsa, D45 Akshavedamsha, D60 Shashtiamsha

And there are also various other groupings of these sixteen Vargas that you will often see.
Shadvargas – D1 Rasi, D2 Hora, D3 Drekkana, D4 Chaturthamsa, D9 Navamsa, D12 Dvadasamsa, D30 Trimsamsa (7)
Saptavargas – D1 Rasi, D2 Hora, D3 Drekkana, D4 Chaturthamsa, D7 Saptamsa, D9 Navamsa, D12 Dvadasamsa, D30 Trimsamsa (8)
Dasavargas – D1 Rasi, D2 Hora, D3 Drekkana, D4 Chaturthamsa, D7 Saptamsa, D9 Navamsa, D10 Dasamsa, D12 Dvadasamsa, D30 Trimsamsa, D60 Shastiamsa (10)

You can Make a Predictive Study:
When studying the Vargas, always analyse the current Dasa Lord for the period under study. This is always crucial for determining how the affairs of the Varga will manifest during the predictive period. Include Bhukti and Antar Lords in this study. When significant transits to a planet or House cusp are occurring it is good insight to include study of planets affected by Transit too

Rectification of Time of Birth

​We can Rectify Your Time of Birth, if needed:

If you are uncertain as to your time of birth, please do note (a) that a formal rectification of your Time of Birth needs to be done first. Study of your Varga Charts provides an invaluable and accurate fine-tuning way of rectifying your time of birth. But you must start this course with a rectified time of birth. It will undermine the course if you try to start without a pretty accurate time of birth. If you do not have a pretty accurate time of birth, you absolutley would need to have a rectification of time of birth before starting the Vargas Course. For a full rectification of your time of birth, we do need to charge an additional 200 Euros. But, having said that, it is of course valuable to then use this Varga Course for fine-tuning a Time of Birth.

As we progress from study of one Varga to the other, we can note the implications of different times of birth under study, so as to arrive at a more closely rectified time of birth. We can draw in Nakshatra implications of different times of birth into this rectification by Vargas study, as well. ​And of course we look for implications of different times of birth in the Rashi birth chart too.

If you are uncertain as to your time of birth, you need to draw up a starter list of six or eight or even up to twelve life events for the separate Rectification exercise before the start of this course.

The course includes testing out the predictive accuracy of events and transformation that actually occurred in your life, in terms of transits and Dasha/Predictive Period changes, created by different times of birth.

The course also tests out the declaration of life area issues created by different times of birth, and tests out which time of birth creates the most accurate Varga declaration for the relevant area of your life that each Varga chart covers.

When drawing up your events list to send to your Tutor for him or her to do the preliminary Rectification if that is needed, make the dating of these events as accurate as you can. But allow for the fact that many of the crucial and important events and transformations that occur in our life cannot be pinned down to a specific day. But do make sure to include some events of specific day type in your list.

So, for example you can include the date of an accident, as an exactly dated event.

But it is also necessary to include developments that can’t usually be pinned down to an exact day, for example: Developed clairaudience, fell in love, became more assertive, experienced loss of money.

Often the dating of an event is difficult to pin down, exactly. For example, do you date the move of a house when you viewed it and put in the offer, or when you moved in your furniture, or when you occupied it, or when you vacated your former house and left that?

And so if you are uncertain of your Time of Birth, this Varga course includes testing out the predictive accuracy created by different times of birth, so as to arrive at the statement of your exact time of birth.

We love this Varga Course. It is a breathtakingly wonderful course to work on. Insights from western psychodynamic and evolutionary astrology can be so valuably and wonderfully also be included in your Varga studies if you wish. Our tuition is expert and caring. We look forward to hearing from you and to working with you,

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When giving month of birth, please express the month in word not numbers. In other words, please use the format 26th May 1997.
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