Learn Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology Crossover with Michael Conneely

My name is Michael Conneely. I offer astrology readings and many courses worldwide from where I now live in County Sligo on the utterly beautiful West Coast of Ireland, where I run a Healing Centre with my wife: Healer Maggie Pashley.

The caring, detailed and wonderful Astrology courses I teach can be seen under the Courses menu drop-down. In all cases, there is potential to link with healing and vision work.

I have been teaching very personalised and totally supportive Western and Vedic Astrology Courses for over twenty-eight years. These are expert and worldwide.

I have an extensive background in Vedic Astrology as well as in psychodynamic Western Astrology, and my post-graduate degrees include a Psychology degree. I have worked as a Shamanic Healer for twenty-eight years.

And like my truly expert worldwide Astrology Readings, all my courses go on to examine ways you may heal and empower yourself. They abound in vision work opportunities. 

You can contact Michael through this email address: michaelconneely@gmail.com

For five years from 1998, I worked in a university-based social anthropological field study focusing on individuals and communities/institutions following spiritual paths new to the modern West.

The method was Ethnography, which involves living in and participating in the communities studied, and giving them their voice.

The pathways under study encompassed Hinduism, Buddhism, Paganism, Shamanism and Utopian Community.

Let me tell you about it to give you some idea of my background and approach:

The study was principally based in Glastonbury in the SW of England.

The Western receptions of Hinduism were mainly studied at Skanda Vale, a hill-top Ashram of Sri Lankan origin in South Wales

I studied Tibetan Buddhism at two Tibetan Buddhist Gompas in UK.

This included meeting the Gods and Goddesses of Tibetan Buddhism, each in his or her Pure Land, and also Highest Yoga Tantra, arising as Deity, going forth embodied as deity.

I also studied Western receptions of Theravada Buddhism at Sharpham College, Totnes.

My study of paganism encompassed both a Wiccan coven and also a Druid Group, both based in Glastonbury.

My study of Shamanism included courses with John and Caitlin Matthews, and training in Shamanic Journeying, Soul Retrieval, Spiritual Intrusion Healing and Family Constellation work.

My study of Utopian Community and ‘Tread Lightly on the Earth’ communities was based at Park Wood Yew Grove, near Butleigh, Glastonbury; a Bender Site near Boltonsbury Glastonbury, and a community centre with workshops at Bridie’s Yard, Glastonbury.

I have five university degrees including an M.A. from Oxford University.

Oxford University specialises in the ‘Oxford Tutorial method’ which is totally individual and designed to bring out the very best in your learning. My postgraduate degrees include psychology and sociology.

I very much look forward to hearing from you and to working with you Michael

Michael Conneely
M.A. (Oxon), DSW, CQSW, PGCE
Email: michaelconneely@gmail.com


N.B. When enrolling, please confirm your astrological natal data (date, time and place of birth). Please show your date of birth in the format: 15th June 1995, i.e. express the month in words not numbers, and use 24 hr clock for time of birth. Use nearest big city for place of birth. Please also specify which email address you wish to use for course correspondence.