Learn Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology Crossover with Lia Cruse

Lia Cruse is deeply spiritual and introspective, mystical and intuitive. She began her Astrology studies around age 12 when she was gifted an Astrology book from a family friend who didn’t have interest. To them, the very large and heavy book meant nothing, but for Lia who was curious, quiet and inward seeking it was a wonderland of new informa. She became fascinated by what her chart revealed for her and even for her future, learning from the book how to erect her natal western charts by hand.

Overtime her spiritual path has changed, teaching her about herself and aiding her in her inner calling to break cycles of trauma within her life. Each new path bringing forward more clarity and healing and as she evolved, so did her toolbelt.

In 2018 she met Michael, and from his Astrology assessment of her charts her appreciation for Western Astrology became renewed and her love for Vedic Astrology would soon become realized. 

For another year, Vedic Astrology would be her obsession as she studied and learned through Michael’s courses and from there, the most inspirational and transformational experience of her life would take root. Obsession birthed healing and healing became gratitude and the desire to share the transformation with all who wish to unlock the true nature of themselves.

For the past 3 years, Lia has worked with the Astrology of students enrolling on Michael’s courses. Every new chart bringing more joy to her heart and awe at the vast and intricate miracle that is the universe held within each individual.

Your astrology will declare with resounding truth your true nature.

Understanding your nature and Soul Purpose will alter your perception of yourself and your world in infinitely beautiful ways.

It will change your life.

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Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Course Level 1

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Vedic Level 1

Master Vedic Astrology Foundation Level 1

Enrollment cost for Level 1 Course: 600 US Dollars

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Tutor Support Session with Lia Cruse

Cost for a tutor support session 35 US Dollars

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N.B. Once you have completed Level 1, I can send you enrollment payment request for Foundation Course Levels 2 and 4 plus the Prediction Course.

I very much look forward to our profound and invaluable sharing together,