Learn Vedic Astrology with Western Astrology Crossover with Janell Renshaw

Janell is a modern-day maverick and mystic driven by time-tested Truths, an intense introspective dreamer and seeker always searching and analyzing the pieces of the puzzle that make up our vast Universe and the planetary energies ever-changing in play.

Janell began her studies in astrology at a very young age. Her father was an astrologer, and she was fascinated by the glyphs, houses, and planet degrees, allowing their mystery to plant a seed of curiosity to grow.

Like a waxing and waning Moon, Janell studied and drifted away from astrology down different paths. Still, interestingly they all had one thing in common, water, liquid, consciousness, and the celestial sea: A ministerial path with Unity Worldwide, an RYT 1000 with studies in yoga, meditation, and philosophy with Amrit Yoga Institute, a traveling bartender, and a custom swimming pool builder and thousands upon thousands of hours of deep introspective personal sadhanas.

Each path would reveal layer upon layer of her true self and the reoccurring patterns and cycles that could no longer hide in plain sight. It was time to return to her first curious love of glyphs, houses, and planet degrees. For the past four years, she has delved into her studies of astrology, in particular Jyotish Astrology. Jyotish Astrology offered her intense introspective mind a playground that would always reveal a new ride. Chart after chart, client after client, the puzzle pieces of each individual revealing their part in the vast and marvelous Universe we live.

Your astrology chart is composed of many pieces of the puzzle of you and your Youniverse.

Who are you?
Why do you do that thing you do?
What am I here for?

Hypnotized by the planetary energies that make an individual who they are, Janell will help reveal those pieces, and support you in putting them together, allowing for a more profound and compassionate understanding of who you are and the confidence to share your knowledge with others.

It is a privilege and honor to share what has been revealed to me, with you. 

How I met Michael Conneely. There are thousands upon thousands of astrologers on Earth and the web; however, not all are a fit for you. When I seriously invested in my studies, I studied with three other astrologers before discovering Michael. What caught my attention was his analysis of western and eastern astrology, Psychodynamic Astrology. It resonated so deeply with my soul, as I was not for or against western astrology, but always felt that western astrology was more of our personality and eastern astrology revealed the soul. Knowing that every part of life has this AND that, making it complete.

I reached out to Michael and provided him with my birth details, and asked if we would be a good fit for a student-teacher endeavor by looking at my chart. This began our journey, and as we began, it was uncanny the similarities between our charts. With his guidance, I revealed more of myself and found even more layers through the adventure of his analyzing his chart.

And now here we are……a divine appointment.

I am deeply grateful for Michael and his tutorship and the co-creative adventure that is unfolding.

You can contact Janell through this email address: janellrenshaw@gmail.com

Janell’s website is: https://www.sacred-ground.com/


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Master Vedic Astrology Level 1

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Nakshatras Level 1 Course

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Nakshatras Level 1 Course​

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