The full list of our Courses, and the way they are taught, is shown on the front page of this website: the main Courses Page

To select your Tutor for the courses now available for immediate enrolment, please click on the chosen Tutor page.

As you will see, some courses are basically reserved for people who have already trained on an earlier course with us. But if you do want to enroll on one of these ‘reserve’ courses, and have the needed basic foundation knowledge already, email Michael and we will be glad to hear from you: michaelconneely@gmail.com

We look forward to working with you and we assure you of vibrant, learned and caring tuition in Vedic Astrolgoy, with as much crossover to Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology as is required.

All Happiness and Success, vision and healing, and spiritual insights to you!