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​Welcome to my Love Astrology course.

This is such an exceptional and a very special and worthwhile course. A truly lovely course to study.

I see Vedic Astrology, including the wonderful declaration of the Nakshatras, as well as the special contribution of the Ashta Kuta system, as the foundation of Vedic Love and Compatibility Astrology, but note that we go on to study the charts of the two persons concerned with many more techniques – and of course, and most crucially, with cross-referencing to the couple’s Western Astrology as well.

The Ashta Kutas system is the ancient backbone of Vedic Relationship Astrology is. It declares wonders as to our love scripts, particularly focused on the crucial issue of ‘nesting’ between the two people, but many more dimensions are needed to relationship astrology study, as such other factors in the charts might either boost or demolish what is declared by the ancient Ashta Kutas System.

Vedic Relationship Astrology is streets ahead of what western astrology has to offer for relationships astrology. But please absolutely do note that you do need Western astrology as well.

So, this course goes beyond the Ashta Kuta system and Vedic Relationships Astrology, it also includes a full cross reference to psychodynamic western relationship astrology of relationships, and, importantly, to what Western Evolutionary Astrology has to say about a relationship and its karmas. This course includes the outer planets and Chiron and Lilith and Asteroids.

The essence of this course is that we jointly assess what insights into the relationship are offered by examination of the couple’s Natal and Predictive astrology (Vedic and Western).

The focus couple can be your own relationship, or another couple’s relationship.

Please note that the focus relationship can be heterosexual, gay women or gay men, etc.

Course Format:

Please note that as with all my astrology courses, as we move from topic to topic through the Relationship Astrology syllabus, each topic is studied with reference to two charts, normally, in the case of this course, the two charts of your relationship, OR the relationship you wish to study.

This approach keeps the discussions totally verifiable, grounded and genuine. It is totally individual tuition.

Please note that I offer in-depth personal tuition in my Courses:

INDIVIDUAL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: These are correspondence courses, and so they are completely individual, and they are also completely authentic and genuine because they focus on two charts. This correspondence course approach guarantees caring grounded study and sharing. ​They are individual and learned teaching. They in fact combine the best in Vedic Astrology and Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology.

AND THERE’S PERSONAL ON-LINE TEACHING AND SUPPORT SESSIONS AS WELL: However, please note that enrolled students can ALSO have, any time a face to face teaching/support session with me on-line to supplement their correspondence course. Just use the personal on-line teacher support session pay button, at the foot of the Home page.

Link to Healing and Empowerment:

Please do also note that the declaration we make is always geared to the creation of best outcome: to ways of finding the hidden gold of success in the face of destined challenge. To whatever extent you need, healing and empowerment techniques are indicated in relation to the situations in our lives that this relationship astrology course expertly and accurately identifies. You open yourself to your life becoming open to ease, joy and glory.

Relationship Interpretative techniques:
Here is a summary of just some of the relationship interpretive techniques you will learn in this course option:

1. Initial Assessment: The ‘Relationship Promise’ of each chart: We form a preliminary view of the scope for relationships, the type of relationship being sought and the scope for development of love. This preliminary assessment includes:
Key declarations made from the Nakshatras occupied by the planets of each person, especially their Moons
Karmic ties
Fate and Destiny analyses.
The importance of the nature of the Moon in each chart.
The love potential of the birth chart, such factors as: Ascendant (Lagna), Atmakaraka (soul indicator), Arudha Lagna (the way a person appears to project into the world. Are there any recognised impediments to marriage at play in the chart of either person?
The promise of different Houses in each chart, such as for example:
2nd House family, wealth; 4th House: effect of heredity, mother, consciousness arising therefrom, happiness and home; 5th House: Romantic love and children issues; 8th House: effect of partner’s childhood and other things; 12th House: karma, sexual pleasure and loss.
And of course the 7th House of marriage (and its Ruler) is looked into in great detail with reference to many interpretative techniques, including Dara Karaka and Dara Pada.
An Aries 7th House will desire very different marriage from a Cancer 7th House etc.
Assertion issues (Mars and Kuja dosha)
The Navamsha (9th Harmonic, divisional or ‘varga’ chart) will very much be activated by being in relationship and must be studied carefully. Especial study of malefic effect of 64th Navamsha and transits over it.
We look how the planets of one partner are placed in the houses of the other partner, and the implications of that.
We study aspectations and interactions between the planets of the two birth charts, in Vedic astrology, but western also if this is wished for. 

The Ashta Kuta System:

During the course, we make an Ashta Kuta comparison firstly geared to assessment of the Moons of each of the couple, then bringing in Sun and Ascendant, then bringing in all the Vedic planets.

This is based on the Nakshatra or ‘Lunar sign’ the Moon (or other planet under study) occupies in each of the two natal charts.

Set out below are the blessedly useful dimensions of the compatibility Vedic Astrology Ashta Kuta study.

But please do note that Asta Kuta study is only a small part of this Relationship Astrology Course, which fully includes relationship astrology techniques from BOTH Vedic and Western Astrology.


Vedic Astrology first of all declares as a ‘key introduction’, whether the flow of your relationship will stimulate mutual respect and, thereby, growth of love.
(Strii Diirgha).

Vedic Astrology then goes on to give a very clear score for the following eight moon-comparison relationship factors (known as the Ashta Kuta system):


Is there an excess of Kapha, Pitta or Vata between the couple that can prevent us from each from expressing their true self, an excess that would block you from relating to each other in the way that you intend to and wish.
(Nadi Kuta < 8 points).


Will sacrifices will have to be made in order for your lives to move forwards together in cooperation in the greatest way possible? (Bha Kuta < 7 points).

Are you temperamentally compatible?

Are both of you are kind, friendly, compassionate, open and devoted people? Or does one or both of you have some radically different temperament? If you both have a similar or compatible temperament you will better be able to relate to each other and better be able to relate to the rest of the world together. You will both strive to see the good in life and be inspired by goodness and the good things in life. When life is hard, you will both be able to find some good in what is happening and through some form of faith or devotion find your way through. Having a similar temperament goes a long way in creating harmony.
(Gana Kuta < 6 points),

Are you Friends?

To what degree are you actually both friends? Or: are you really ‘just friends’?
(Graha Maitram Kuta < 5 points).

Are you instinctively compatible?

Each person has an instinctive nature that they rely upon in intense situations when all recourse has left them. This instinctive nature is usually resorted to in crisis situations and in situations when a person has to do something, but does not know what to do. The instinctive nature also comes out to a lesser degree during the more intense aspects of sex. For a couple to go through intense situations harmoniously together and for a couple to bond through intense experiences and sexual experiences, it is important that their instinctive natures be compatible.
(Yoni Kuta < 4 points),


Will the man’s temperament feel comfortable and safe to the women, or it will feel more threatening?
(Tara Kuta < 3 points),

Innate giving

Innately knowing the other’s needs is so important. Do you need to improve your relationship by improving your ability to communicate your needs to each other? The man may need to learn to ask for his needs to be met clearly and directly, and the woman may need to learn to express her needs by saying how she feels, thereby give the man a chance to fulfill her needs. The more you are able to do this, the more your love for each other will grow.
(Vasya Kuta < 2 points).


Will this relationship incline you to make positive changes?
(Varna Kuta < 1 point).


What the astrologer then does is add up each of the scores to these eight questions out of a possible total overall score of 36 points in this Ashta Kuta system. Score below 18 points is not good.

Following this, there is study of two ‘beneficial supplements’ and the two ‘great downfalls’:

Shared Sense of Purpose?

the astrologer then works out if there’s a shared sense of purpose (Mahendra).


Then the astrologer works out if obstacles can be overcome so that the couple can be together (Vedha dosha).


Next the astrologer works out if the couple is tied to Misfortunes (Rajju Dosha).

Magnetic Attraction?

Then the astrologer works out if there is magnetic attraction between the couple. But be warned: some forms of magnetic attraction are Fatal Attraction (Read the Bronte novels!)


The last remaining point of comparison in Vedic Ashta Kuta relationship Astrology is Mars issues: is there balance of assertive pressure? If one of the couple is a lot more assertive than the other, it can be disaster (Sylvia Plath put her head in a gas oven because Ted Hughes was so assertive).

Transform your perception into your relationship
Identify strategies for growth in love.
Help other people in their relationships

We hope these brief examples have convinced you of the astounding insight offered by this Love and Relationships Course. I do think these insights are invaluable. there are strategies for dealing with the perception that they offer.

We look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you.


When enrolling please send me you full natal data: place, date and time of birth, for each person. Also state the present location.
When giving month of birth, please express the month in word not numbers. In other words, please use the format Day-Month-Year, e.g. 26th May 1997. Please use the 24-hour clock
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