Bhavat Bhavam

​Bhavat Bhavam is Derived House analysis. It is so inspiring. It provides such deeply valuable statements about your life, its different areas, its unfoldment and its purpose – how each of your planets will actually function. 

We learn so much about ourselves and about our life and destiny, to open up the Vedic chart in this way. The key concept of Bhavat Bhavam is that the position of the Houses relative to each other, profoundly affects the House we are studying, and reveals immense profundities about our destinies and how each House will manifest in our life. It offers such useful revelations that can then be used for our healing and empowerment.

Bhavat Bhavam, or ”Derived House Analysis’, takes you much further and deeper into the understanding of the great web of energy, meaning and destiny that is the Vedic birth chart, the ‘Rashi Chart’.

A detailed course document is provided for each module, and as with all our courses, the focus of your study is two focus charts: yours and your tutor’s. This focus ensures that the learning you make will always be grounded, reliable and valid. This is because it is always linked to the lives of two flesh and blood people. ​Always Options are taught with the possiblity of western astrology crossover if you wish. Bhavat Bhavam is a key principle of Jyotish which studies the Houses in a much deeper and far more profound way than foundation Vedic Astrology.

Please note that we offer in-depth personal tuition in my Courses.

INDIVIDUAL CORRESPONDENCE COURSES: These are correspondence courses, and so they are completely individual, and they are also completely authentic and genuine because they focus on two charts: yours and your tutor’s. This correspondence course approach guarantees caring grounded study and sharing. ​They are individual and learned teaching. They in fact combine the best in Vedic Astrology and Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology.

AND THERE’S PERSONAL ON-LINE TEACHING AND SUPPORT SESSIONS AS WELL: However, please note that enrolled students can ALSO have, any time a face to face teaching/support session with their tutor on-line to supplement their correspondence course. Just use the personal on-line teacher support session pay button, at the foot of the Home page.

Here’s a couple of brief examples, to give you an idea of the Bhavat Bhavam concept, that the position of the Houses relative to each other reveals immense profundities about our destinies and how each House will manifest in our life.

So for example the 2nd House from the House being studied, will show how the wealth principle will operate in relation to the House we are studying, whereas the 12th House from the House being studied will show how we will experiences expenses or loses in relation to the House we are studying.

​To give a second brief example of how the Bhavat Bhavam system works: Take the 3rd House of effort. The third House is 2nd from 2nd, so the 3rd House shows the effort taken in your life to create wealth. The Bhavat Bhavam study reveals so much more about the House we are focusing on, and having seen this declaration: what do we do about it? We always look at methods of healing and empowerment for our life.

Presentation Summary: To give you an idea of how the twelve main modules work, one module for each house: here is a brief summary of what is studied, based on just two houses only: Your 1st House and your 2nd House:

Analyzing from the Lagna (Ascendant/1st House): What is its message for your life?

1. We analyze from your Lagna, which planets are good or challenging for you? We study how The Various Ascendants have their Positive and Challenging Planets
2. Lagnesha: your ascendant ruler: where is it placed? What life focus does this give you? We study how the Ascendant Ruler fares in the various houses
3. What is the strength/weakness of your ascendant ruler?
4. What are the aspects to the lagna and its lord(s)?
5. What houses are ruled by planets in the Lagna?
6. What is the effect on your life of the Nakshatra your Lagna falls in?
7. What is the position of your Lagna Lord in the Navamsha?
8. What is the navamsha lagna and its lord? Where does this ruler placed in the rashi chart?
9. What is the Karaka of the Ascendant Lord?
10. Evaluate the Sun is the significator of Atma (self) in your chart.
11. Evaluate the Atmakaraka in your chart
12. Sudharshan Chakra Evaluate your other Lagnas, Sun, Moon, Arudha lagna, Atmakaraka lagna, Karakamsha as Lagna current Maha Dasha Lord as Lagna.
13. Badhaka – block or obstruction in your chart. What is your badhaka Rashi and Badhakesh? Evaluate planets placed in badhaka rashi or with Badhakesh.
14. Panchanga : Moon phase at the time of your birth.

Analyzing from the 2nd House: Dhana Bhava: Your House of Wealth: What is its message for your life?

We analyse the different sorts of wealth/lack predicted for our lives by our 2nd House. Most importantly, the 2nd House also covers Childhood, Family relationships, value issues arising from that, Speech issues arising from that, Eyesight and Death.
1. Karakas/Indicators: we assess the standing of the Karakas for 2nd House in our two charts:
Jupiter for Dhana bhava, family wealth
Mercury for speech and childhood
Venus: family
Sun for right eye
Moon for left eye
2. We analyse the occupying planets of the 2nd House, and also the eye-opening implications of the House position of the 2nd House Ruler, and also the effect of the sign occupying your 2nd House.
3. Bhavat Bhavam House – The 2nd from 2nd is 3rd, it shows the effort taken to create wealth in your life. And having had that declaration, might you want to alter the way you make that effort?
4. We examine the 2nd House Varga Charts – D2 for wealth, D4 for property.
5. We note the implication for Body part: 2nd House is face (1st House is head) 2nd House is also part of the neck.
6. We study the Condition of 2nd House Dispositor (the sign, House and aspects affecting the 2nd House Ruler).
7. We study D2 Hora Chart for 2nd House: what is the wealth that you will want to accumulate?

I hope these brief examples have convinced you of the tremendous eye-opening value of Bhavat Bhavam study of our birth charts and look forward to hearing from you, and to working with you. This insight really does help us make big life decisions.

I look forward to working with you.
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