Welcome to the website for our Vedic Astrology Foundation Course, plus our many Advanced Courses in Vedic Astrology, all of them offered with integral crossover at no extra charge to our two Western Astrology Courses: Western Psychodynamic and Western Evolutionary Astrology.

These are in-depth personal tuition correspondence courses.

They are also completely authentic and genuine because they focus on two charts: yours and your tutor’s.

This correspondence course approach guarantees caring grounded study and sharing. ​They are individual and learned teaching. They in fact combine the best in Vedic Astrology and Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology.

Always, your study is linked to potential for PERSONAL TRANSFORMATION AND HEALING: we can link into many healing modalities and personal transformation methods.


There’s one free on-line session between you and your tutor, PLUS there are as many additional on-line support sessions as you want, for just a very small additional fee.

This means that at any time, students can have a face to face course-focused teaching/support session with their tutor on-line to supplement their correspondence course. To book your additional on-line support session, just use the personal on-line teacher support session pay button on the Tutor’s personal presentation page.The correspondence between us is supportive and very learned and completely personal and individual to you.


We find wonderful transcendent results from teaching both our Foundation and Advanced courses in this way.

For example: just to mention one example: there’s Western astrology planetary psychosynthesis (how your planets treat each other and – most crucially – what to do about it), cross-referencing this work to the wonders of Vedic Astrology’s Rashi Avasthas analysis.

For example: There are further wonderful advanced courses you can go on to study such as: the Nakshatras Course, the Varga Course, Bhavat Bhavam and the vastness of western-Vedic-linked relationships astrology.
These correspondence courses are all so powerful, also with additional face to face sharing between the two of us, if you choose to add that – at any time.


N.B. All Courses can be paid for by installment payments, if you prefer.

These are three installments, each installment covering one third of the course material for each installment payment made.

An installment charge of 15% is added to the one-third charge.

Please email your prospective Tutor telling him/her you wish to join the course by installments. You will then be sent a PayPal payment request in the sum of one third of the course cost + 15%


Here is a Summary of the Certificated Worldwide Distance Learning Astrology Courses that we teach: ​

Vedic Astrology Courses:

1. Master Vedic Astrology: The Level 1 Foundation Course, with follow up Levels 2 and 3 plus Prediction Course
2. Nakshatras Foundation and Advanced Nakshatras Techniques Course
3. Vedic Astrology Vargas Course (The Divisional Charts of Vedic Astrology)
​4. Vedic Astrology Bhavat Bhavam Course
5. Vedic Relationships Astrology from Foundation to Advanced Level (Can include psychodynamic and evolutionary Western Relationships Astrology as well).

Plus: TWO Western Psychodynamic and Evolutionary Astrology Courses:

N.B. There is no charge for these two Western Astrology add-on courses: they are integrated free of charge into your Vedic Astrology studies to the extent that you wish. These pages indicate the range of Western Astrology material that is covered:
6. Western Astrology Level 1 Course
7. Western Astrology Level 2 Course


All our astrology courses are very caringly taught. It’s completely individual to you. You are not just part of a group of students. You are not just the passive recipient of pre-recorded videos.
There’s a wealth of written and and also video information provided to you for each course.
All necessary charts are provided.
All Courses (Except the Vedic Relationship Course) are taught in relation to two charts: yours and and your tutor’s. This is to keep the study authentic, caring, genuine and grounded.
At all times the perception offered by Vedic Astrology is geared to our healing and empowerment.
At all times there is opportunity for Western Astrology crossover if desired: into both Western psychodynamic astrology and also Western Evolutionary Astrology.
All courses are taught worldwide.
As a course student, you have access to a very important add-on to your correspondence course: you can enroll for a face-to-face session on line with your tutor as well. The first face to face session is free. The charge for your follow up face to face sessions is extremely affordable.
See the personal presentation page for each Tutor.
You can study each course at your own pace.
You can enroll on each of the courses at a time of your choosing (as long as the course has places vacant at that time)


When enrolling, please send your tutor your full natal data: place, date and time of birth. Also state present location.
When giving month of birth, please express the month in word not numbers.
To enroll, please use the PayPal buttons at the foot of your tutor’s presentation page, which connect you to either PayPal or card payment.
Please also specify which email address you wish to use for course correspondence.

All Blessings to you, and to your future learning,