Cosmic Man, Cosmic Woman & the Ancient Irish Druids

Cosmic Man, Cosmic Woman and the Ancient Irish Druids

The energy work that has come down to us from the ancient Irish Druids is very powerful. It includes the concept of Cosmic Man/Cosmic Woman, where the strengthened sense of our Self is one with the Cosmos, and the same concept exists in the ancient Vedic spirituality: The Purusha. Work to strengthen your Self with the Druid mystical energy work courses of the Druid Forest School.

This Blog is about my Druid Forest School Mystical Energy Work of the Ancient Irish Druids.

If you look at my Druid Forest School Courses page:
You will see that I offer two courses where you develop the power and solidity of your body and also see how your body connects to Land, Sea and Sky, is a reflection of the Cosmos: as above, so below.

The body is of course complete with Consciousness. And the prime aim of the ancient Irish Druids was to develop the Fire in the Head: The special spark of creativity that we incarnated to achieve this time: in this life-time.
There is such strength and power in developing our sense of our Self, where the stronger sense of body gives a stronger foundation for our Consciousness – and also this develops our sense of its Oneness with all Creation.

These two courses are the ‘Three Cauldrons’ exercise of the ancient Irish Druids and also their ‘Nine Elements or ‘Duile’.

Have a look at this video which starts us off on genuine physical and spiritual understanding of what it is to be Cosmic Man or Cosmic Woman:

In fact the Vedic spiritual path of ancient India also had this sense that we are in fact ‘Cosmic Man’ or ‘Cosmic Woman’, and they called this: the Purusha.

This Druid Forest School course invites you to look into the concept of the cosmic man/woman. You do the powerful exercises, and you let me know what you find, and how you react to it.

It is significant that Ireland and India have the same concept. This is of course because they are both developments from the same Indo-European source. This is the reason for the big similarities in their languages which are both off-shoot branches from the Indo-European language family tree, originating from the same source language. Also within the Indi-European family tree of languages are Ancient Norse, Latin, Greek, Anglo-Saxon, Modern English, French, German, Spanish, etc.

So, as you strengthen your work with the exercises using the Three Cauldrons or the Nine Elements (The Duile) you look into the concept of Indo-European heritage, the spread of the Indo-Europeans from the single source area, maybe study cognate heritages from the source say with the Norse for example. It’s a fascinating study. See what you make of it.

I was taught Indo-European sound changes: how the Indo-European languages evolved and changed from their common source. This was at Oxford in the late Sixties when I was taught by JRR Tolkien’s son. My home base then was a spiritual community in Glastonbury when I was supported by Geoffrey Ashe and Gareth Knight, and I still love re-reading their books.

I feel that this work which stems from the Druid Path of the pre-Christian Irish, ties in to the sense of the ‘Cosmic Man’: This is the sense that we are a microcosm of the macrocosm; the sense that we are actually one with the land, the heavens, the planets.

So, for example, I work with you to build up your exercise with the first of the nine elements: the exercise for bones (and then flesh/hair, with the intention of developing your sense of being the Cosmic Man (Woman). Aim to develop a sense of your physical interpenetrating one-ness with the rest of the cosmos. See what happens. A lot can. We get a stronger physical presence. We get a stronger sense of the vastness and of destiny/fates. We become healed. We become more powerful.
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