Consciousness Shift as Sun Transits Galactic Centre

This video addresses the issue of the powerful spiritual transformation energy we receive now at the time of the Sun transiting aligned to Galactic Centre.

It also focuses on a general consciousness-shift energy that is being offered to humans at this time.

It’s the first of a seven-part mini-series to accompany the transition for 2019 to 2020. See the add on videos and Blog posts to this one, that cover such issues as:
I need to share on how the issue of ‘dark forces’ comes into this.
I next give some key tips about how we handle these energies for the best: the crucial issue of our Embodiment, about Sound Healing, about Affirmation.
I talk next about the Winter Solstice: The Death of the Old Sun, the birth of the New Sun: what must die in our lives now, and what New Energies must be born in our lives now.
I then tell you how to be aware of the best way to handle the vast energy of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, that is arising in very full force in the heavens, now, after the year of tension given by the Saturn=Ketu (South Node) transit that has been making us tense all 2019.
I conclude by telling you of the special inspiration offered by the Jupiter-Ketu (South Node) conjunction in the heavens, now.
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OK – So, now to this first Blog about rising consciousness shift now, boosted further at this time when our Sun transits across Galactic Centre and sends us even more vibrant energies.

Galactic Centre is in the early part of sidereal Sagittarius. It is Vishnu Nabhi, the Navel of Lord Vishnu. It is the Font of LIGHT for our galaxy, where they will be transformed, rejuvenated, and empowered to then shine more LIGHT onto our planet and all of life. It is the black hole about which our Galaxy rotates, and emits powerful radiation and energies. It is centred at: 3.20-4.00 degrees Sagittarius, or about 27 degrees tropical zodiac. And note that the Sun transited exact across Galactic Centre 18th, 19th and 20th December. In fact Sun was exact over Galactic Centre on 19th December 2019.

The Sun transiting aligned to Galactic Centre definitely is felt as a Rising Consciousness Shift for Humans. Several people have said to me how they felt more than this, that an energy of consciousness-rising is arriving at this time when the Sun is transiting Galactic Centre. There’s a feeling that this is possibility for real consciousness breakthrough for those who are sensitive and open. So, this is a consciousness shift coming through to humanity, which some may be open to. It’s the divine energy that the Sun is funnelling at the time of his transiting aligned to Galactic Centre. There’s the need for each of us now, at these times, to go through the zero point and face the shadow, and emerge healed.

This is the call to leave our 3D responses and patterns behind, and embrace a more enlightened consciousness.
We need to face the fear.
We need to see the self that Fear creates, as our shadow self.
We then need to become strong in the face of it, because that is what it offers: a chance for healing and growth.
To the extent that we are the bird who has lived in a cage all his life, we may shrink back from FREEDOM!
Until we make the different choice, we keep on having re-occuring karmic patterns.

We develop higher consciousness to make the better perception, and make the better choice, including in dealing with adverse developments and circumstances in our life.
But the value of the raised consciousness has to be in this 3D world.
Our growth actions and transformation may well emanate from consciousness-raising in the visionary and spiritual 5D worlds, but that only occurs real value if we make the growth in dealing with our lives in the 3D world.
Beware Spiritual Bypassing.

To deal with the situations requiring raised consciousness, we usually need the following:
Jump into the Unknown.

If you stay stuck in what you know, you repeat the karmas.

And you often repeat them with the same group of people from life time to life time.

Do I really want another lifetime with the Dark Twin attached??????

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