Connecting to Past Life

croagh-patrick-rolling-sunThank you for sending the Past Life Journey audio.  I completed the journey last evening and I felt it was the first step in gaining information about healing.  I travelled to a place in time when fibrous connections between humans and the natural world were heightened.  The atmosphere was electric with energy drawn from the earth through plants and trees connecting all life forms creating homeostasis.

Modern life-style with isolation and disconnection to the natural world clearly blocks the energy which appears to be the foundation for our health.

I plan to journey again to learn more about how to reconnect with this energy.

These are the first of a series of Blog postings on the issues we all do well to consider on following the Druid Path as part of our journey to Enlightenment. We would appreciate and welcome a kind and caring, intelligent and mutually respectful exploration of these issues, as we develop The Druid Forest School: .

These very worthwhile points are all made from Anne Lee in Washington State, USA.

The past life journey appears in my novel Druid which is available from Amazon:
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