Connect with your Love Issues Window of opportunity to 30th October

The Nodes of the Moon are coming towards the end their end of their eighteen-month transit through the Vedic signs Libra and Aries, ending 30th October 2023.

Ketu South Node has been transiting through the Vedic sign of Libra since 12th April 2022. And the key, deep, root call of Ketu transiting through Libra is for every one of us to experience deeper and heal the call of our Love Issues. There’s some wider Footnote information about this nodal transit at the foot of the blog post accompanying this video.

But the big call to us Humans who Walk the Earth, now, at this time, is that we each experience deeper and learn about and seek to heal the issue of Relationships in human life: our scripts and our patterns in relationships.

See the video:

So many of these scripts are deeply spoken of in our Vedic and our Western birth charts, and the point is we actually incarnated to experience the difficult relationship scripts and heal them, we actually incarnated the positive relationship scripts and are called to identify these and maximize them.

It was this Ketu transiting the relationship sign of Libra energy that called me to start my new International Dating Site for those searching for love who are also on a Spiritual Pathway: LoveStarDating:

It’s not too late to maximize your opportunity!

We have three months to go.

We have three months to far more fully understand and tie up the loose ends on the message they have been delivering to us.

We have three months to incorporate the spiritual perception and growth that we are meant to embody from this Divine offering.

Pause for a moment and ask yourself:
What are my Love Scripts?
What Love Scripts are especially surfacing at this time?
What scripts affecting Love am I really called to heal now?

The transit of the Nodes of the Moon through the Libra-Aries axis ends when the Nodes enter Virgo/Pisces on October 30th 2023. And nearer that time I shall produce a similar blog/video for the very different Virgo/Pisces Nodal energies phase that comes in at the very end of October and lasts for 18 months after that.

But it’s time now for you to review:

How am I doing in identifying my scripts and behaviours in relationships?

What healing steps do I need to take as this energy still runs?

And if you are in a Relationship: what agenda of script recognition and healing should we as a couple loving share?

Let’s look at what Astrology can offer for this task:

The point is our Vedic charts can wonderfully be used declare our love scripts.

Just to give the very, very briefest of examples of huge love issues:

For example:

If we have Venus in Virgo or Saturn conjunct Venus, then we have definable challenge to love that our soul chose for us to work on in this lifetime.

If you have Saturn conjunct Mars your frustration and anger may kill your loving relationship.

Drawing on the wonderful Divisional charts of Vedic Astrology, if we have Lilith and Venus in the 12th House of our D2 Hora chart, then these will be ruled by Pitris, and we will have Ancestral based challenges that we need to work on and heal.

And for example:
Our Western chart too can powerfully be used to discover our love scripts:

Again, just to give the very briefest examples of huge love issues:

Chiron conjunct Venus is a wound to loving commitment that it’s so needed to learn about and heal.

If you have Lilith opposite Venus in your Western natal chart, you may need to reclaim your power and delve deep into your shadow and unconscious to reveal buried issues and connect to and ethically more fully express your wild side that each of us does need to be in contact with, and heal issues to do with non-acceptance of your body.

Obviously, the list of issues my astrological analysis of your love issue can helpfully reveal for you is endless.

I always combine Western and also Vedic Astrology in my Readings and courses.

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Just to conclude, I think it is helpful to add some Footnote information:

The nature of this present Nodal transit is that:

Ketu the South Node has been transiting Vedic Libra.

Rahu the North Node has been transiting Vedic Aries.

Obviously, we also need to take into account the House or life area that is Libra and Aries in our birth chart, and also the planets that occupy Libra in our birth chart, and also our current predictive astrology for the needed fullest understanding.

Remember, the Nodes always transit Retrograde (backwards):
So Ketu South Node came into Libra from Scorpio at 30 deg Libra (from Scorpio) 12th April 2022, and will exit Libra at zero degrees Libra to enter Virgo on 30th October.

And Rahu North Node came into Aries at 30 deg Aries (from Taurus) 12th April 2022, and will exit Aries to enter Pisces at zero degrees Aries, 30th October.

Note that Rahu will be passing retrograde through the crucial to know about, immaterial Gandanta Zone that stretches from 2 Aries to 28 Pisces.

It is crucial to recognize that the root meaning of the Nodes of the Moon are that they are the statement of our fate and destiny.

The sign and House and conjuncting planets in our Vedic birth chart occupied by Ketu South Node defines the karmic issues we come into with when we start this life from past life/lives.

The sign and House and occupying planets occupied by Rahu North Node in our Vedic birth chart define the life direction we are thrown across to achieve in this incarnation.

The Houses in our chart occupied by the Nodes of the Moon define the Life Areas especially affected by the Destiny energy that is the Nodes.

It’s also so crucially necessary and helpful to understand the Nakshatras that occupy the Signs Libra and Aries. Note that the Nakshatra that Rahu or Ketu transits through alters the energy we will be receiving.

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