Connect to Sacred Earth Energies through my Shamanic Healer Course

Connect to Sacred Earth Energies
Shamanic Healer Course

The quality of our connection to Nature and the Earth is a crucial dimension of our shamanic healer work. Our Ego can ruin our work and make it dark; but our connection to the Earth can make our work a blessed healing visionary and energetic connection to others.

We are all part of the Web. Whatever we do to part of the Web we do to all of the Web.

There is a soul to everything and within every place. This was the realisation of Plato who brought in to rationalistic cerebral Greek philosophy the shamanic vision of indigenous healers in Scythia and the realisation that there is a soul behind everything, and everything is the expression of a soul. This was first commandingly spelled out in E R Dodds’ great book: ‘The Greeks and the Irrational’, published in 1951.

Every place has earth energies. And the Irish Druid perception is that in some places, special intense earth energies have been placed by great beings working for the growth and healing of humanity: The Earth Makers. Such places near here are: Carrowmoor, Carrowkeel, The Second Battle of Moytura near Loch Arrow, Ben Bulben, Croagh Patrick Mountain, Killary harbour the high energy Ordovician rocks where Wittgenstein went on retreat to write his ‘Philosophical investigations’ from May to August 1948, just before I was born, the same rocks where my Irish grandparents first set up house at near-by Glassilaun.

You can journey to meet the Spirit of the Place through my Shamanic Healer Course. You meet, see, feel, and talk with the spirit of the place. You can even do this with the spirit of a country.

Before doing a journey to meet the soul of spirit of a place, it is useful attunement and preparation to work with the four directions: East where the sun blessedly rises, South- the energy of comfort and luxury, West the ocean and the setting Sun and North the rocks of the material world of limits and duties. In the ancient Irish Druid tradition to, we will call on connection with earth, Sea and sky.

And it is important to attune to the natural rhythms, the seasons, the festivals, when one takes a stand in a place of the surface of the Earth and journeys to meet the spirit of that place.

Knowledge of current energies can be gained by the position of the Moon and planets. It’s a case of ‘as above, so below’. We are one with the planetary energy map. The planetary energy map depicts the energies pulsing through us. The position of the Moon, in particular, will affect our mind and emotions, so it is good perception to know where the Moon is in the various zodiacs: Tropical, Sidereal and Nakshatras (the 27 Lunar Mansions). We do need to have aware perception. We need to honour the divine intention, the part in the unfoldment, but we must not be passive or world-denying. We are here to chart the course of our incarnational destiny and manifest our own unique special spark that our soul chose to be our goal in this incarnation, in this life. We must not go in for some spiritual control regime that actually makes us a robot either. We must work with the flow at the same time as manifesting our own special spark and incarnational life purpose goal.

And we must also be open to and be fed by the elements in a place where we are doing the journey to meet its spirit:

These can be the sea, a river, a forest, a mountain, a valley, a tree, rocks.

I did this work to contact the Spirit of Malham Tarn in the Yorkshire Dales when I was writing my novel: Rune Magic.

I did this work to meet the spirit of Loch Cullin 2km from my home in Foxford, in County Mayi, in the far west of Ireland when I moved here.

I did this work to meet Corra the true spirit of Croagh Patrick Mountain, with its dragon energies, where Saint Patrick fought her when he set out to convert Ireland to the Catholic Church in 432 AD, as is the theme of my novel: Druid.

And I am doing this work around Loch Arrow, where the ancient Irish Book of Invasions records that The Dagda and The Morrigan mate astride the river Unshin every Samhain (November 1st), and it was their mating that defended the sovereignty of the Tuatha de Danaan and brought them victory in the Second Battle of Moytura. This visionary earth spirituality work underlies the next novel I am now writing: Sacred Mating – the Morrigan and The Dagda.