Comet Atlas is Harbinger of the Coronavirus Epidemic

Is Comet Atlas the Harbinger of the Coronavirus epidemic?

Comet Atlas appeared in the heavens, first seen on December 29th 2019.

This was at the same time as the solar eclipse of 26th December 2019, which was on the same day as the discovery of Coronavirus by a doctor in Wuhan, China, on the day of the eclipse.

This is synchronicity.

Comet Atlas will reach its greatest power (perihelion) on May 31st. It will be very bright in the heavens by that time. Brighter than Venus.

This is similar date to Rahu leaving Ardra on 20th May, where Rahu’s transit through Ardra has been a key source energy for the coronavirus.

This, too is synchronicity.

So does Comet Atlas signify the energy of the disease? Does the appearance of Comet Atlas betoken coronavirus: from its start to the moment of its downturn?

I have drawn up charts for these dates, and you can see all the Vedic and Western Astrology charts for all the dates mentioned in this blog post on my Starwheel Astrology 2020 page: //

And do see the other parts of my April 2020 Starwheel Newsletter for how Comet Atlas and Rahu’s transit through Ardra Nakshatra, and the Saturn Pluto conjunction, all fit in with all the other astrological energies of 2020. And do see Part 1 of the Newsletter where I channel that Vision Quest and Healing modalities are what you can use now, to make the highest meaning and achieve the highest response to the exceptional energies of 2020.

To return to Comet Atlas:

May 31st, the date for the greatest astronomical power and visibility of Comet Atlas coincides with the fact that I have already predicted: namely that the Coronavirus will start downturn around May 20th which is the date when Rahu (North Node) transits out of the dreadful energies of Ardra Nakshatra (which is ruled by Rahu), being at 6 deg Vedic Gemini on that date. I do feel that Rahu’s transit through Ardra Nakshatra was the central astrological indicator of the Coronavirus. And indeed, it was this transit that was in force at the time of the twin towers on 9/11.

But it seems that Comet Atlas is also a contributory part of the astrological energy for the coronavirus.

Let’s try reading the energy of Comet Atlas as it nears Earth. There is the sense that the comet’s energy in some way is fragmenting the energy of the planet. It’s a huge power anergy: Atlas, himself, was huge. Atlas held up the world.

Comet Atlas carries a great deal of energy. It looks like a bomb. It creates an energetic explosion. Coronavirus exploded, so maybe there is a connection. As Comet Atlas nears it very bright Perihelion in the night sky, with its tail and surrounding aura, it will look in its shape, like a bomb going off in the sky

Another contributory part to the overall phenomenon of the Coronavirus epidemic is the astrological energy of the Saturn-Pluto conjunction. But this is actually more about the social and societal re-sets that will be enforced and created by the coronavirus.

And do note that I have also said that I think that there could be the peak of a second wave of the coronavirus around the very end of September 2020 when Saturn and Pluto resume close conjunction.

So, the key facts are that Comet Atlas’ arrival, is a new energy in the solar system, that  coincides with the discovery of the virus, and also that its perihelion also coincides with my predicted date for the peak of the virus.

This is a case of ‘as above, so below’. The whole of the Universe vibrates with the same energy at any given time. That’s why the astrological birth chart: which is the map of the heavens at the moment of your birth, is actually also an accurate map of your personality and destiny.

So, what’s so special about Comets?

Far into ancient History, the arrival of a major comet has been felt as the Harbinger or indication of huge and important new events. A new energy in the Heavens.

In 1066 when Halley’s comet was seen, it coincided with the Norman Conquest of England and was predicted as a bad omen for the English King Harold, and the prophecy was fulfilled when Norman William the Conqueror defeated and killed him at the Battle of Hastings. And the famous Bayeux Tapestry depicts King Harold and a crowd of fearful Englishmen watching the comet streak through the sky.

In 1222 Halley’s comet’s appearance coincided with Genghis Khan ordering his Mongol Hordes to invade Europe.

In 1456 Halley’s Comet’s appearance coincided with the Ottoman Empire’s invasion of the Balkans.

Historian Flavius Josephus described the comet of 66 A.D. as a “star resembling a sword” and it coincided with the destruction of Jerusalem by the Romans.

The comet of 451 coincided with the defeat of Attila the Hun at the Battle of the Catalaunian Plains.

The comet in 837, the Holy Roman Emperor Louis the Pious, feared the comet was the harbinger of his downfall and he tried to ward off its power with fasting, prayer and alms for the poor.

The birth of Jesus is said to have coincided with the Star of Bethlehem, a comet that guided the three Magi to the stable where he was born.

I would like to end this blog post by thanking my friend and colleague Andy Nolan for alerting me to the fact that Comet Atlas could be important.

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