Clearing birth scripts using astrology and meditation

Michael Conneely
Michael Conneely

The western astrology birth chart is the map of the egoic personality and its unfoldment (the western chart uses the tropical zodiac based on the position of the Sun at the Vernal Equinox; in some senses the Sun in the birth chart depicts our egoic self).

The Vedic astrology birth chart is more the statement of the incarnational life purpose: the life scripts chosen by the soul for this incarnation, to enable us to do the work we need to do (because the Vedic chart is based on the sidereal zodiac, anchored to a ‘Fixed Star’ and thus to the ‘eternal’).

So in their two often quite different ways, the birth chart maps the ‘birthing energy’ that the incarnating soul experiences. And it also states the unfoldment patterns the soul will experience at fixed dates from the day of birth.

In western astrology, evolutionary astrology (which I teach in my course) maps the previous life residue using the Nodes of the Moon, and similarly you can apply these to karmic relationships, though I do feel the use of the tropical zodiac means the interpretation can be more at the level of ‘egoic manifestation’.

Vedic Astrology too uses the astrology of the Nodes of the Moon to understand incarnational life purpose, where use of the sidereal zodiac allows a very sure and clear declaration (though I feel you need to add in the message of the outer planets and Chiron to the Vedic Astrology declaration). Combining the two leads to a very powerful understanding. All my Readings combine western and Vedic Astrology (see my Readings website: And a principle in both my Vedic and my western astrology course is that cross-referencing to the other astrology is welcomed (see: and )

OK, with this sort of depth combined approach a very powerful and sophisticated statement can be built, though there is absolutely still the question of the level of consciousness the astrologer brings to his statement. If the astrologer is of less enlightened awareness, the declarations can be expressed in a glitzy popularist showmanship way, or a ‘Gypsie Rose Lee’ way, or a way that’s flaky or ungrounded, or in a way that depicts God in a dualistic light: separate from us, even potentially punishing, or in a very cultural way. For that reason I offer my readings and courses with contact to the option of self-realisation meditation, and work in combination (if you wish) with the worldwide meditations of an enlightened meditation teacher, Helen Hamilton (see where connection to our true self and the ability to perceive our life scripts and the workings of our mind is achieved via kundalini meditation and receiving shaktipat.

But the statement of our incarnational life purpose and our egoic scripts raises the question of whether the birthing energy will stay with us. In fact – and this is easy to say, but can be a life-time’s work to achieve: our ‘birthing energy’ can at least partly be healed and that is for example if we diligently do the right meditation ad cultivate the path to enlightened consciousness, we can transcend it.

The Vedic Astrology understanding is that some karmas which the chart states so well are ‘Fixed’ (drida) and other of our karmas can be transcended in this life time (they are ‘adrida’).

So how are we to achieve the transcendence of what can indeed be so usefully declared from our birth chart?

Well, one thing that can contribute to this is, for example: shaktipat: the ‘touch of a saint’, as some people call it. But of course this need not be a physical touch: physically or listening to meditation over the internet, we can receive shaktipat energy.

And then there’s good works (karma yoga) and spiritual knowledge (jnana yoga) and bhakti yoga (devotion). But, as regards Mantra I have gained so much from use of mantra in devotion to deities and in connection to the planets of Vedic Astrology. I have received vast blessings from Mantra, but I have come to the position that Mantra can only get one so far. Indeed, some people use Mantra in a prideful way or an over-literal way, that actually stops them opening to higher enlightenment. On this question of ‘Levels of Consciousness’, I do find the writing of David Hawkins a very clear guide. And the level of consciousness of any mental or emotional state or activity can be established by Kinesiology (muscle testing).

Indeed, I also I definitely do find that contemporary energy-healing modalities such as Body Code can release bodily held scripts, including inherited scripts. And Metamorphic Technique can open one to one’s contact to true self (see Maggie Pashley, my partner’s website:

And then there’s the question of when our karmas and scripts can be transcended? In the Vedic astrology framework, this is the traditional doctrine of Bandhattva: they can only be transcended when ‘God decides the time is right’, in ‘God’s own good time’: in other words when we have experienced enough of them to be open and ready to receive. Remember, some consequences of past actions or past/present states of consciousness, thought or emotion we just have to experience! But we are here not only to experience these energies but also to transcend them. I have found that again, predictive astrology combining western and Vedic astrology can offer such valuable predictive declaration and timing: it can offer such a useful road map, if it is offered to you within a framework of enlightened perception, that is. It can be so useful to have to possibilities and manifestations identified and described. That way we can work in a clearer way with the transformational process and it assists the raising of our level of conscious awareness.

So, in conclusion, I would say that any energy we picked up from pregnancy, birth or early childhood can be first transcended and then released completely, if we do the work.

For example, if we raise our consciousness as parents, for example by dhyana focus and by kundalini meditation, this gives our children a head start on their awakening. As a parent, as you release what you passed along to your child by this self-realisation meditation, then the child will also release it too. Even the neighbours feel the higher energy.

As we heal ourselves we heal others (in an existential sense because there are no others). This is especially quicker and easier with those we are in physical contact with often, such as close family, because they are very open to receive our energy (as evidenced by the fact they picked up the energy from you in the first place to be transcended).

Even if it is something the child cannot transcend, such as a physical disability or something she needs for her life purpose, then the child can still come to a 1000 calibration (in terms of David Hawkins calibration of consciousness) view on this and be completely at peace.

So, have a look at my worldwide distance-learning Vedic Astrology course website: where there is the opportunity to combine self-realisation and raising of consciousness using astrology as a gateway to enlightenment, and where you can if you wish optionally work in conjunction with the worldwide mediation program of Helen Hamilton shared by audio-visual link: , and also my similar western astrology website: , or contact me for one of my worldwide recorded distance astrology readings, which can include full reports and always have every opportunity afterwards for your questions/discussion.

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