Christmas Day 2016 Astrology – Turning Hate to Love

Turning Hate to Love. Christmas Day 2016 Astrology


This is a big part of the message of Christmas, the festival of the birth of Jesus. And we can still hear that.

This is the great truth, even though the message comes down to us filtered by totally oppositional states of consciousness.

In his lifetime, the Jews sought to see him as their prophesied Deliverer from the heartless colonising dominance of a ruthless predatory unifying Roman Empire.

Three hundred and eighty years after his birth, the Emperor Constantine and his mother Helena very conveniently discovered that the Roman Catholic Church, which grew out of the message of Jesus and claimed to represent him, very conveniently propped up Rulers, hence the edict of 380 AD making the Roman Catholic Church the State Church of the now evil, corrupt and very ready to fall Roman Empire.

In 432, Saint Patrick converted Ireland to the Church of Rome which was by then the only hegemonizing force in Europe, after the sack of the City of Rome in 410, and little did the Irish Rulers who embraced the Church that propped them up foresee what loss that conversion would bring to the Celtic Irish: the great soring spirit of the Celts, their land, their language, their self-rule: hunger, more or less heartless genocide by their landlords-  and mass forced emigration, once they joined the Flock.

So, what does the Astrology of Christmas Day 2016, have to say about the message of Jesus? His message was of love and forgiveness.

What does the astrology of Christmas Day 2016, have to say, now and today, about the sort of mindset and forces of the very different institutions that created the spread of the his message and that claimed to speak for Him?

To be honest, the chart for Christmas Day 2016 is dominated by two energies for war and divisiveness: The Kal Sarpa Yoga and Uranus about to enter the Vedic Sign of Aries.

Can those who are lured into the negative acceptance the message of divisiveness and hate and war hear the message of Jesus, or are their hearts taken over by repetitive unloving, unforgiving scripts?

So the first of the messages and energies of the time to pull our hearts into divisiveness and Xenophobia is the Kal Sarpa yoga: All the planets of Vedic Astrology are caught between the Nodes of the Moon. See my blog about this:

And you can clearly see this from the Vedic Astrology Chart for Christmas Day 2016, below:








Because it is so one-sided and caught in the poisonous jaws of the great serpent: The Nodes of the moon, this is a divisive energy. It is not only in the heavens from 28th September 2016 until the end of January, it is actually in the birth chart of the Man of the Moment: Donald Trump, and it presides in the Heavens on the day of his Election and Inauguration. See my Blog on this:

Actually, this chart for Christmas Day 2016,  is a fitting end to the year of 2016, which had exceptionally different energies to the core message of Jesus. There was the driven transit of Jupiter conjunct Rahu in the Vedic sign of Leo bringing fundamentalism and Xenophobia, and there was the ferocious pressure of the transiting conjunction Saturn and Mars in the Vedic Sign of Scorpio with its potential for violence and war.

And the second of the messages of war in the chart of Christmas day 2016, is the pending entry of Uranus into the Vedic sign of Aries. Uranus was actually in Aries earlier this year. He transited back into Vedic pisces for a brief spell. And he will return to Aries to be established there. His is a heartless energy of revolution: it is jarring and spasmodic. The last time Uranus entered Vedic Aries sew the rise of Adolph Hitler. See my Blog about this:

Indeed, as if these two were not enough, there’s a further indication for violence at Christmas time: Mars is closing into conjunction with Ketu the south Node of the Moon in the Vedic sign of Aquarius.

THE CRADLE: You know, there’s a funny coincidence about the chart for Christmas Day 2016 and the birth of Jesus. The tradition is that Jesus was born in a manger, and the funny thing is that there is a chart aspect shape in the astrology chart for Christmas day 2016 which is called a Cradle.







A person who has a cradle in their birth chart will be driven by an infantile desire to snuggle up in it away from the world rather than embrace the fullness of their potential – which the message of Jesus clearly teaches us to do: his terrible destiny of love and sacrifice. The shepherds were so open to the message of Jesus, spoken to them through angelic forces.

Here is the actual Western Astrology Chart for Christmas Day 2016, by Astrocalc:















But, of course, although the challenging energies that permeate the heavens and are expressed through the positions of the planets are felt by us too. They can be used for good. We can learn to perceive these energies (hence it is a good idea to have astrology readings) and then take steps to stabilise our minds and heal ourselves and heal others thereby. And this is  the heart of the message of Jesus.

On the Solstice day 2016, Maggie and I went to the Solstice Celebration at a megalith at the foot of Croagh Patrick Mountain. It is close to the Healing Centre we run in Foxford, in County Mayo in the West of Ireland.

People there said how healed they felt by the energies in the land, in the rocks. People there were moved and healed when at the moment of Equinox, the Sun appeared brilliantly in a nook at the side of the Mountain, just as it has done for thousands of years.

And we knew where to stand to see the Solstice Sun. And how was that? No problem: it was because there is an alignment of standing stones, a line of menhirs poiting to the exact spot where the Solstice Sun would appear. It was built by the Neolithic peoples of Ireland, and it was also used by the ancient Irish druids.

Healing presence is in everywhere, and one of our calls is to get in touch with the healing energies, and also perceive and draw back when we are being drawn into the divisiveness energies, and seek to share healing and love in return.

– and Forgive!

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And I send you my very best wishes for a Happy Christmas for you and your loved ones,
Michael Conneely (Turning Hate to Love)