Choose your Divine Strategy for 2020 – Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for January 2020

Welcome to the Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for January 2020 with Michael Conneely and Maggie Pashley.

I talk first about the Saturn Pluto conjunction, the key spiritual imperative facing each one of us. The Saturn Pluto conjunction now transiting in Vedic Sagittarius: A time of great challenge for us to bring in the right strategy for us if we are to sort out imbalance or wrong focus or lack in our life that has been causing us tension in 2019: a challenge, yes – but a challenge coming at a time when energies for a rise in spiritual consciousness shift are also being offered to each of us.
And please note that understanding and management of the Saturn Pluto conjunction in our life is the first of 10 items covered by this January 2020 Newsletter:
(1) Saturn conjunct Pluto
(2) the exceptional energies from many conjunctions/new planetary cycles in the year ahead
(3) The Eclipse of January 10th, 2020
(4) Saturn enters Vedic Capricorn 24.1.20
(5) Mars transits Vedic Scorpio and Mars square Neptune on January 28th.
(6) Mercury enters Vedic Capricorn
(7) Sun in Sagittarius to Capricorn
(8) Venus in Capricorn to Aquarius, and Venus conjunct Neptune on January 27th.
(9) Outer Planets and Chiron in January 2020
(10) New Moon January 24th
And indeed, before we go into the first item of this January 2020 newsletter, please do also note that there are actually a total of ten current astrology issues that this January 2020 Newsletter goes into, as follows: But please do note that there are actually also a number of ‘add on’ Blogs/Videos to this January Newsletter. Here’s the list of these add on videos/blogs for you to see if you want to:

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And, also, please do also see the end of this Newsletter, where I list some recent videos and blogs for other areas I work in with my colleagues within the spiritual alphabets and also the Gods and Goddesses of the ancient Irish and the ancient Norse.

Please note that the video for this Starwheel Astrology and Healing January 2020 Newsletter has two parts:

Part 1 Video:

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So, now, here is the first topic in our January 2020 Astrology and Healing Newsletter:

1. The Saturn Pluto Conjunction

My key message for January 2020 and all year is, first, that we each need to take stock of the area of your life that has been causing a feeling of lack or imbalance and often creating a feeling of great tension (this will be primarily be connected to the House/life area in your Vedic Chart which is Vedic Sagittarius where Saturn and Ketu have been pitted together all 2019).

The Saturn Ketu combination compels us to relinquish that which is now out of date in our life!!!

N.B. Tension WILL release if and when we get our Saturn-Pluto strategy right.


secondly, basically, I feel that that we each need to create a ‘divine strategy’ forward into 2020 which will resolve that problems/tension: this will be your best response to the Saturn Pluto conjunction that has now taken over from the Saturn Ketu conjunction we were experiencing previously throughout 2019.

And I would say that what we absolutely have to bear in mind when we make sense of our difficult situations and choose our divine strategy forward, is that we have to put first the divine nature of the planets that are affecting us – see below for some pointers as to what this divine nature of each of the most influential planets in the present scenario is.

But first of all, I want to focus on the negative manifestation of the Saturn Pluto conjunction, and then after that, I go into what I have found to be the practical best solution.

The negative manifestation of the Saturn Pluto conjunction:

Saturn at his negative reception by us is our chains, our prisons, our restrictive scripts. The negative side of the Saturn Pluto conjunction is the ‘Control Freak’.

Imagine yourself going down, down, down, down into your Saturn Dungeon. You are greeted by the negative face of Saturn, Lord Shani. Titan Saturn, Cronos, cruel Lord of Time. He’s seen negatively because of you and your scripts and karmas, not because he is Negative.

He breaks off from devouring what you dread to speculate might be, but they look like children. And he holds his scythe menacingly as he leers at you, as he fits your chains on you and he then shows you round each of the cells in his deepest dungeon, and you see in each cell a face of your Pluto bound, chained and walled in – in walls of your making, actually!

You see imprisoned: Pluto that is actually in true reality, divine transformation, Pluto that is your power, Pluto that is Rebirth. You even see that some of your face of Pluto are turning pretty terribly, dark and ugly because you’ve imprisoned them: because your negative reception of Saturn has imprisoned them.

Imagine what you feel as Negative Saturn takes you round the dungeon and you peer into each of the cells and see the awesome beauty and power faces of the imprisoned facets of your Pluto: your power, your light of rebirth, Persephone, Ishtar, Inanna. You see the beauty that your negative reception of Saturn has imprisoned.

You would so like to release these suffering and dying face of Pluto prisoners, and soar empowered into your new life! You yearn to break the chains of slavery.

And dare you view the Negative manifestation of Pluto? Dare you view these unleashed? The abuse of power? The terrible secrets?
And on the current political scene: the horror and violence of war, the lying diversion from the facing of the Truth?

The practical best solution using Saturn-Pluto conjunction energies:

So, note, that I personally feel that the most positive manifestation of the Saturn Pluto conjunction is for each of us to see the Saturn side of the Saturn Pluto conjunction as likened to a structure, a container, a strategy, a needed best policy for you to come up with for your best and essential way forward, out of restrictions, blocks and even chains.

I have likened this Saturn structure that we each carry forward to the Holy Grail which each of us now needs to carry forward into 20120.

And I feel that what our personal Holy Grail needs to contain is Pluto Energy.

Pluto energy is huge power and transformation; huge destruction.

And note that because it’s Pluto that we will be carrying forward in our Holy Grail, we may have to have a death and rebirth type of experience.

I have likened this to meeting Pluto as Keeper of the Abyss: we may need to do a journey to the underworld so that we can shed our heavy loads, our baggage, our hurts, and our secrets – all the things that are keeping us weighed down and cut off from free Divine connection. We’ve been doing Journeys to the Abyss with people on-line, and they have valued these so much. See:

And the point is that if we can get Pluto as the Keeper of the Abyss to take care of all that weighs us down now in our life, then we can then arise, lightened, out of the Abyss.

Lightened, we can arise out of that Underworld and stand embodied and empowered on the surface of this Earth, stand in our talents and out beauty, and thus receive connection to the Divine, thus meeting Pluto now, not as Keeper of the Abyss, but as Kether, our Crown Chakra: more freely receiving into our body and energy-systems Pluto not a Keeper of the Abyss, but Pluto as Kether, our Crown Chakra, freed up to receive the divine Light and Inspiration.

One of the key factors in standing in connection to the Divine light is actually embodiment. I found it so helpful to do embodiment exercise so as to be able to stand in power and beauty of the Earth. I have found these strategies for fuller embodiment can include such as Sound Healing and Affirmation work, for example.


So, so far in this January 2020 Newsletter, I have reviewed how I feel that the energies of Saturn Ketu, and now Saturn Pluto have been affecting us, and I have suggested how I personally feel that these can be best understood and best handled in the time ahead.

The really key question is: Can we each respond to the challenge? Can we solve the tension-producing dilemmas in our life now that are being highlighted, first by the Saturn Ketu conjunction and now by the Saturn Pluto conjunction?

JUPITER: But we have to also take into account that there is a there is a fourth twist to the tale in addition to Saturn and Ketu and Pluto, and that is Jupiter.

As the chart for 1st January shows, there’s an exceptional number of planets in Vedic Sagittarius, and the ruler of Vedic Sagittarius is Jupiter, and Jupiter is now transiting there in Vedic Sagittarius.



















Now, the energy of Jupiter is Guru energy, Blessing, enlargement and sense of purpose.

But as I’ve been saying for some months, the fact is that although Jupiter is in his own sign, his energies are complicated and even compromised through January 2020 and beyond, and this is because he has to move through conjunctions to Ketu, Saturn and Pluto, through 2020. As I am writing this, Jupiter is contending with being conjunct to Mercury Ketu Saturn!!!!! As I am writing this, Jupiter is in 6th/8th relationship from his D9 Navamsha position to his Rashi position, and this is Ashtamamsha: a destructive relationship (but destruction has spiritual opening in it of course – if only we can see our reality from a raised level of consciousness, of course).

So, in fact, the most vibrant soul messages at the moment are actually coming from the Saturn Pluto conjunction. Saturn and Pluto are what’s called Vargottama at the present time. This means that they are in the same sign in the Rashi chart and also in the D9 Navamsha chart, and this continues including when Saturn changes sign to Capricorn during January 2020: Saturn still remains Vargottama. In the D9, Navamsha chart. Saturn and Pluto are emboldened so as to highlight the fact that they are Vargottoma: Vargottama state for planets mean that they send us good clear flowing soul messages through our life.

At the personal level, the Navamsha is the divisional chart or Varga chart depicting our ideal Ashram in this life, including marriage, and also past life issues affecting this life. But here it is being used for depiction of the Divine energies coming to us that we can connect to:

So, it is so important for us to be open to the divine inspiration coming through to us about the call of Saturn-Pluto conjunction, which I personally depict as our personal Holy Grail to be carried forward for the release of our tensions and blocks:

Saturn is the strategy and the practical container that we carry forward.
And what we ideally and best carry forward in our Holy Grail is the Divine light – the Divine Light that we each need to be more and more open to receive connection from.

In this way, in solving and clearing our problems, tensions and blocks, we will allow ourselves to be free and open to the divine light. And, as I said, we may indeed have to go through some sort of death and rebirth type of experience to make the needed changes.

It may not be easy!

Good Luck!!

Deserved success!!!

2. We need to be alive to the supremely powerful conjunctions whose energies we will be navigating and experiencing: new cycles we will be commencing in the Year Ahead:

So, do note that so many new conjunctions and their new energy-unfoldment cycles are awesomely created at this time.

So much has been happening in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra in 2029, now vast energies pour into UttaraAshadha:

Do see the detail of my wonderful Nakshatras Course:

Get a Reading from me:

Here’s details on the exceptional number of big conjunctions and new cycle starts that are coming up this year:

Saturn Ketu was exactly conjunct on 15.9.201, (at 19 Vedic Sagittarius, in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.
conjunctions of Saturn and Ketu occur every approximately 11.5 years, while conjunctions by sign happen every 150 years. See my earlier Blog and Video.















Sun – Jupiter 27.12.19















Jupiter Ketu will be exact on 6.1.2020, at 13 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra. See my add-on Blog and Video.















Saturn Pluto will be exactly conjunct on 12.1.20, at 28 Vedic Sagittarius in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra. This conjunction ushers in an approx. 34 – 38-year cycle.















Jupiter Pluto will be exact 4.4.2020, in the first degree of Vedic Capricorn in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra, and 12.11.20 at 28 Sagittarius, also in UttarAshadha. This conjunction ushers in a 12.5 yrs. cycle. See my add-on Blog and Video.















Saturn Jupiter conjunction will be exact 21.12.20 at 6 Capricorn, in UttaraAshadha Nakshatra. This cycle is approx. 20 yrs. Jupiter is expansionary and spiritual; Saturn is contractive, calcifying and structural.
And take into account that both Jupiter and Saturn are heading into square with Uranus by the end of 2021: pressure for the birthing of the New.
Up to now, the Jupiter divine influence has been ruling, but as Saturn and then Jupiter enter Vedic Capricorn, destiny passes from the throne of Jupiter to the throne of Saturn.
They learn from each other at this time.















Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto: Importantly, in early 2021 we are moving to a Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment in early Vedic Capricorn, all in UttaraAshadha!!!















3. The Lunar Full Moon Eclipse of 10th January 2020:















The Moon is at 25 Vedic Gemini in Punarvasu Nakshatra. The Sun is at 25 Vedic Sagittarius in PurvaAshadha Nakshatra.
It is important to check out what Houses in your Vedic birth chart are Gemini and Sagittarius, the signs this Eclipse falls in – these will be the life areas affected.

Especially check out if you have any planets affected by this Eclipse.
Eclipses are undamming. They undam dammed up areas in your life. You can experience this favourably and as a release. Or you can experience this as a downfall.

Negative, blocking or outdated habits can be killed off by eclipses. Blinkered ways of viewing that area of your life can be freed up by eclipses.

Eclipses are wild cards and can bring revelations.

Eclipses create a stagnant area in the heavens I the degree they occur in, that can affect other planets that transit that degree subsequently.

Notice what happens!

Cooperate with it for your greatest good.

Note that there are more eclipses than usual this year: six in 2020:
January 10th Full Moon
June 5th Full Moon
June 21st New Moon
July 4th Full Moon
November 29th Full Moon
December 14th New Moon

Full Moon Eclipses are Lunar Eclipses
New Moon Eclipses are Solar Eclipses

4. Saturn enters Vedic Capricorn 24.1.20

Saturn rules Capricorn, so Saturn energies of patience, hard work and endurance are highlighted. Responsibility and hard work are highlighted, but the material can really block the person from spiritual expression, freedom and self-fulfilment. Negatively Capricorn is suspicious and limiting and damagingly rigid.

There’s a total shift of energy-essence from when Saturn was transiting in Vedic Sagittarius. Jupiter is going to be Fallen in Capricorn.

Saturn’s focus is structural and status-orientated. If you have Moon in Vedic Capricorn, you will be in the centre of your Sade Sate period now (although the Nakshatras are a more exact guide of the phases of our Sade Sate period, so it is Sade Sate now for those with Moon in UttaraAshadha. Sade Sate is the seven and a half year period where we are forced to face our nature and address where we are off course spiritually, with usually a death in the family/circle and often a very big move of house, and the death of much of our life to open us to needed rebirth. Get a Reading from me if you are in Sade Sate: //

5. Mars Transits Vedic Scorpio:

Mars transits from 4 to 25 degrees Vedic Scorpio in January 2020. Mars enters Vedic Sagittarius on February 7th.

Positively, Mars in Scorpio is courageous and strong, and whilst transiting Anuradha is occult and penetrating, courageous, adventurous and athletic.

Mars is in 6/8 aspect to Uranus in Aries in Ashwini Nakshatra, so this is a revolutionary energy, with possible sudden events.

And Mars is an 8th house aspect to Rahu transiting in Gemini/Ardra Nakshatra – a violent, driven energy.

But negatively Mars in Scorpio is cruel and violent. I feel this will manifest on the world political stage, with the USA at war, and the UK riven by Brexit.

Of course, this means that Mars transits conjunct Donald Trump’s natal close Moon Ketu conjunction at 28 Vedic Scorpio, and opposition his Sun, Rahu Uranus conjunction at 29 Vedic Taurus. This will be experienced as a hostile time by him, and hopefully he won’t express this energy in the form of war to divert from national issues.

Mars is exact square Neptune on January 28 at 22 Scorpio/Aquarius: will this be an energy of deep intuitive investigation, or will it be deep deceptions?

Note that Mars so strong in Vedic Scorpio has a powerful effect on many of the other signs. It creates Ruchaka Mahapurusha Yoga for Taurus, Leo, Scorpio and Aquarius. It brings a breath of fresh air to Aries, opportunities for Cancer, motivation for Virgo, positive chances for Pisces. But it’s more risky for Gemini and Sagittarius

6. Mercury Transits from Vedic Sagittarius to Vedic Capricorn:
Mercury transits conjunct Jupiter then Ketu on January 2nd and 4th.
Mercury crosses from Vedic Sagittarius to Vedic Capricorn on 13th January, and enters Vedic Aquarius on 30th January, turning Retrograde at 18 Aquarius on 17th February.

7. Sun starts January at 16 Sagittarius, entering Capricorn from January 14th to February 13th.

8. Venus transits from 21 Capricorn, entering Aquarius on January 9th to 27 Aquarius.
January 27: Venus conjunct Neptune 22 degrees Aquarius – a lovely energy of the ideal in beauty and love – or will it be the ‘Pied Piper’??

9. Outer Planets:

Uranus is at 8 Vedic Aries all January, turning Direct on 11th January

Neptune is at 22 Aquarius all January

Pluto is at 28 to 29 Sagittarius. Saturn and Mercury transit conjunct Pluto on January 12th at 28 Sagittarius.

Chiron is at 8 Vedic Pisces – Note, importantly, that this year, I have encountered some incredibly powerful healings for those with planets in Vedic Virgo, including Chiron in Vedic Virgo

10. New Moon January 24th: at 10 deg Vedic Capricorn, 21 Western Aquarius

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