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Michael ConneelyProphetic Utterance and Sacred Alphabets Chitra Nakshatra

Chitra Nakshatra is the 14th Nakshatra or Lunar Sign of Vedic Astrology. The translation of the name sums up the energy of a person whose planets are prominently placed here: Brilliant, bright and shining.

Chita Nakshatra spans: 23°40′ of the Vedic Sign of Virgo to 6°40′ of the Vedic Sign of Libra. Vedic Astrology uses the Sidereal Zodiac, as compared to western astrology’s use of the tropical zodiac. And Vedic Astrology also has this wonderful 27-sign Lunar Zodiac called the Nakshatras.

Chitra Nakshatra is ruled by Mars and this makes planets placed in Chitra have a warrior nature and be somewhat aggressive or militant.
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Chitras are very creative. The Ruling Deity of Chitra is Vishvakarma (Tvashtar) The Heavenly Architect. Their life mission is to create something beautiful. They can be quite magical in the way they go about this.

The Symbol of Chitra Nakshatra is the Pearl. Just as the dull oyster shell can open to reveal the unutterable beauty of the pearl within, so Chitra’s lives are often the endless attempt to reveal their specialness and creative beauty to the world.

The Power animal of Chitra Nakshatra is the Female Tiger, so they can be very touchy and temperamental, with a strong streak of aggression, retaliation and ruthlessness if you upset them (don’t do it!)

So, now let’s look at Chitra Pada 4:

There is a very valid and powerful system of analysing the Nakshatras which divides each of the 27 Nakshatras into four quarters or ‘padas’. Each Pada is ruled by the energy of a zodiacal sign.

Each Nakshatras Pada covers the same area of the heavens as each Navamsha. The Navamsha chart is one of the wonderful Vedic Divisional or Varga charts, this one to do with marriage and the expression of your soul in this life.

Chitra Pada 4 spans 03°20′ to 06°40′ of the Vedic sign of Libra.

Chitra Pada 4 is ruled by Scorpio in the pada sequence.

So, the 4th pada of Chitra is Scorpio in its energy. The energy is quite magical, deep, fully of intensity and inner knowing and mysterious.

Because it is Scorpio in nature, Chitra pada 4 is intense and controlling. It is often full of hurt energies and the compensatory need to shine, delve and investigate. And as you would expect from the tantric nature of vedic astrology, difficult torsion energies, if learned about properly can give us great potential for spiritual transformation, perception, healing and growth. Experience of trauma can impel us to find spiritual meaning. It can impel us to develop prophetic utterance. And this is what my video on Chitra pada 4 is all about:

And part of this nature is that people with planets here are often visionary. Indeed, I have found that such people often seem to enrol on one of my courses to learn prophetic ancient alphabets such as the Runes of the Ancient Norse or the Ogham of the ancient Irish.

So, Chitra pada 4 is the pada of Chitra Gupta, who holds the book of life recording all our karmic deeds.

Chitra Gupta is the deity of Utterance and writing. He is akin to the other great gods of sacred Alphabets and prophetic utterance: Thoth, Maat, Odin, Hermes and Ogma.

The featured image of this Blog Post shows Odin who hung upside down in the World Tree trancing for nine days and nights in pain and cold until he seized the meaning and the magic of the runes: the alphabet of the ancient Norse and Germanic peoples.

This is the pada where our scripts and behaviour habits and patterns of behaviour have to be modified and changed. This way we come to express the revelation from our inner being. This is the true place of the secret knowledge of Chitra Gupta.

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In Part 2 of the course, you learn the full range of the interpretation techniques using the nakshatras, such as Navtara the derived Nakshatras table (the Tara system) and health astrology using the Nakshatras, Surya, Manasa and Nadi Nakshatras. Nakshatras for relationship compatibility. Predictive study of the Nakshatras: You also analyse the predictive implications of transits of planets through the Nakshatras and, using Nakshatra analysis, you also deepen your analysis of Vedic Astrology’s wonderful system of predictive periods and sub-periods: the Dashas and Bhuktis

Correspondence: You email me your work in respect of each Nakshatra within Part 1 and then each Technique within Part 2, and I then email you my response, which is always detailed, learned and very caring. You are always welcome to ask questions at any point.

In all cases, there will be opportunity if you wish for it for linking of the astrological perception, to approaches of healing and empowerment, and use of art and embodiment work, and for example: psychosynthesis, psychosynthesis roleplay, Inner Child Work and Family Constellation Work, where applicable. ​A wide range of separately charged skilled worldwide Healing Modalities is available if you would feel this to be individually beneficial for you.

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