Chiron, the Wounded Healer in the Birth Chart

Chiron is the wounded healer in your birth chart. Where Chiron appears you have an existential wound, but in the healing of that wound you can become the healer of others.

For example, ‘Chiron conjunct Jupiter’ in the birth chart, is the person who may go in for ungrounded expansion and hurt others, or be overcome by the glamour of false healers or glitzy readers. But with diligence and through the grace of God and the help of others, and by learning from their mistakes, such a person may come to be able to help others find their needed expansion – and he or she can do this, because of all the errors, follies and false methods that that person has gone through themselves.

Shadow Chiron is the wounder or the victim.

The position of Chiron in the horoscope shows us where our instinctual nature is wounded.

Chiron, discovered in 1977, is a planetoid following an elliptical orbit round the Sun between the orbits of those ancient enemies: Saturn and Uranus (restriction and revolution). Its orbital period is 49 to 51 years.

To analyze Chiron’s effect, look at your birth chart and read Chiron’s:-



Aspecting planets to Chiron

The planet that rules Chiron’s sign

Aspecting planets to that planet

There’s an odd fact that a vastly high number of people who come to me have the aspect in their birth chart: Chiron opposition Uranus: a wound from impatience and often the mother having experienced spasmodic energies when she was carrying them in her womb. The healing of this wound is often meditation, body energy work or vision work.
In more detail, to show you how Chiron analysis works, I often find this person had a mother who was under intermittent anxiety during the pregnancy or early infancy. With the mother, periods of calm were unexpectedly shattered by sudden anxiety (perhaps when the father came into the room, or a sibling, or perhaps there were homelessness pressures, whatever). This instills in the child a need to heal periodic fragmenting anxiety so that peace can be found. It provides a dangerous addiction to excitement, de-stabilizing anxiety or addiction to melt-down to bring in the new. At root, it dishonours phenomena and fails to give value to what it. It is a wound that needs to be healed. When you heal it, you can heal others.

Chiron – Uranus often highlights desire for freedom from restraints, e.g. making sudden changes in relationships or careers, love of new ideas,  new ways of living, or love of the unusual or the bizarre – all these can be on principle, with the risk it’s damaging. There’s a desire to break limitations and stand out in a crowd. These people can be intolerant of others’ ideas, or blissfully unaware of their own contradictions: and therefore hypocritical. They can be brilliant original thinkers, iconoclastic and challenging: clear perceptions. They can be detached, humanitarian, compassionate; sensitive to collective/unconscious issues – but must accept realistic limits and structures or remain ungrounded. Nothing is sacred: indiscriminate rebellion. Energy follows thought. At its best, Chiron-Uranus is a gift for giving birth to the new without indiscriminate rejection of the old, and without devaluing things or hurting people.

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