Chiron square the Nodal axis March 2020 Healing Potential New Moon

Now is an important time to pause and look within and note what is getting healed in your life now.  Take steps to heal. Take steps to maintain the healing.

I say this because there are big Healing dimensions to the New Moons for both February and March, and because Chiron is square the Nodal Axis now.

You can clearly see from the Western Tropical Zodiac and Vedic Sidereal charts for the New Moon of 24th March 2020, which are shown below, that this New Moon exactly conjucnts Chiron and also, crucially, that Chiron is square the Nodal Axis (as it is all through the month of March 2020).

This is Part 4 of my Starwheel Astrology and Healing Newsletter for March 2020:

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And so this means that this time does hold a very deep Healing energy potential for us. We need to make space to sense the Healing that’s offered now. We need to do work to identify our own existential wound. We need to heal.

We need to become more our ‘real self’. Now. We may need to meet our Shadow now, and do that healing work. This is really important.

The energy of the New Moon is always one of listening, of noting what intuitions come to you, and then acting on them as the lunation unfolds.

Note very importantly that the New Moon of February 2020 was also Healing. the New Moon on 23.2.2020. This was in Shatabishak Nakshatra, and so the keynote is about healing. We need to be open at this Moon Phase to changes in the way we are managing our life and our strategy forward that will increase our Healing.

Here’s the charts for the 23rd March 2020 New Moon:
































If we are to succeed in healing our existential woundedness, we need to identify and embrace our shadow, darkness and suffering, and from that  acceptance and making peace, find the path to healing and recovery.

If we are to heal, we need to understand and accept our wound. If the wound is not reconciled and integrated, healing is not possible.

Instead of healing we may work to ‘prove’ ourself, and so not heal. We will effort to project a false self, rather than be our real self. Our shame and self-hatred will undermine us. We will not value ourself. Our whole life will be driven by low self-esteem, with all the horrendous problems that this brings.

According to Western Evolutionary Astrology, in the birth chart of an individual, a planet that’s square the Nodal Axis, marks a crucial ‘Missed Step’, a fundamental core issue not resolved I the past life. There’s a tendency to regress into the past life omission. But the call is to heal the issue declared by the planet that’s square the Nodal Axis.

This planet re­veals vital information pertaining to the evolution of the self.

The journey from Ketu South Node to Rahu North Node reveals a map of incarnational life purpose this time When a planet squares the Nodal Axis, this means that the native has a hard time activating the North and letting go of the South while also funnelling in the South Node knowledge to feed the journey to the North Node.

Note that the western astrology birth chart using the Tropical Zodiac provides a psychological statement from the Nodes. This is because the Tropical Zodiac is Sun based, and the Sun depicts our egoic or psychological Self.

But the Vedic birth chart on the other hand, using the Sidereal Zodiac which is anchored to the Stars, depicts our ‘Destiny’, our ‘Incarnational Life Purpose’ and the circumstances that will attract to it ranging from physical to psychomental and spiritual, in order to provide the material for the Life Purpose Journey.

So, when Chiron is square the Nodal Axis, some key wound preserved in cellular memory prevents the North Node journey succeeding, unless the wound is healed. And when the wound is healed this gives the individual the ability to heal others.

This energy is strongly with us now, especially of course if there’s a Vedic Pisces, Sagittarius or Gemini emphasis in our chart, or if Chiron or the Nodes are aspecting one of our natal planets.

How does this Chiron/Nodal exchange affect your life now?

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