Chiron square Saturn Transit is in the Heavens

September 2018 starts with the transiting square in the heavens of Saturn at 8 Vedic Sagittarius and Chiron at 7 Vedic Pisces. That’s Saturn at 2 Capricorn and Chiron at 2 Aries in Western astrology.

The chart for 1st September is below. You can clearly see the Saturn – Chiron Square.

This transiting square aspect lasts from 3rd July 2018 to end September 2018.

As I wrote last month in our astrology and healing magazine, this important transit offers challenge but also hope.

I do believe that the impetus of this important square in the heavens, which affects everyone, will be to force us to face our individual wound.

Saturn can be devouring. See this Blog Post’s ‘featured image’.

You can read our September Astrology and Healing Magazine and watch my Video for September 2018:

Chiron is of course the Wounded Healer.

But squares are remorseless. Saturn is remorseless. And so we will be sent an enforcement order to bring to the surface and seek to heal our own woundedness and our shadow material.

And if this square interrelates with planets in your individual birth chart, then this square will also create a remorseless, joy-lacking drive all through July, August and September 2018.

You will feel that stress STRESS, of overwork and feeling the impact of your (existential) wound, or suppressed stuff that you really do need to bring to the light, and sort out – and heal! (And de-stress: now is good for de-stressing: Venus has entered Vedic Libra).

So, ideally this remorselessness and stress should impel you to healing: healing using whatever healing modality is right for you.

We are each being called to become adult. In other words, take stock of the pressures and energies in our life, and make an adult decision how to handle them. Noticing how our body feels is a good guide to whether we have wrong or right work patterns or relationship patterns, or belief/assumption patterns, or the right or wrong scripts about who we are and what our life needs to be about from our parents or this society.

We are each being called to beat the present ‘endurance test’ through the energy intervention of healing; through making adult choice.

With this weird energy combination, now, we are given the possibility of stepping out of our life-trajectory, facing acknowledging and changing our wrong and disabling assumptions, and our denials and evasions as to our individual nature, the nature that our life ‘has to be’ and, of course: our existential woundedness.

Unavoidable events may happen at this time, events and patterns that have to be perceived correctly, so that we can reshape our future. There could be a health situation that we need to understand.

We need to perceive correctly the true nature and the spiritual meaning of the battlefields in our life, if we are to become the spiritual warrior and die to our egoic self – and arise as the spiritual warrior and this is actually the crucial task of our life.

We can note the consequences of our past actions, perceive them correctly and so seek to reshape our destiny, and become the special spark we incarnated to express and become this time.

This is a tense time, what with the Saturn Ketu conjunction closing in the Vedic Sign of  Capricorn, what with all the Retrogrades, and with Saturn turning Direct on 6th September 2018 but barely moving as much as one degree for the rest of the month!

Can you sort it out?

Always look for the epitome of your individual Existential Wound: Chiron in your birth chart; Chiron transits affecting your natal chart. If you want to understand your Existential Wound, get a Chiron Mini-Reading from me: 

So, have a look at the chart for 1st September 2018: In particular, look how Saturn and Chiron transiting here are interrelating with your own birth chart:

Chiron square Saturn aspect.

You can clearly see the Chiron square Saturn aspect.

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