Chiron Retrograde : What does this mean?

Chiron the Wounded Healer
Chiron the Wounded Healer

Chiron, the Wounded Healer, is Retrograde from 24th June to 27th November : around 22 Pisces now; 20 Pisces in August.

Retrograde Chiron will make us focus on what needs to be healed in our lives/bodies at the moment. The Wounded Healer can offer us visions of the buried gold to be found in our wounds. He may lead us to set new standards in health and functioning in life. He calls on us to identify to causes of our wounds and illness. Some will discover amazing abilities to heal themselves around some key wound or health issue. We are all wounded/broken to some degree; now is the time to let in the light. If we allow the life force to flow through us unbounded, this enables us to heal and express our Essence.

We must each decide for ourselves what healing truly means. Resolve unfinished business now. Face difficult emotions. Make changes in our life scripts.

Ancestral scripts may be running in our life, and these need exploring and healing and our lives re-shaping and empowering, so that we express our Essence and our personal connection to Spirit, rather than just responding to the ghastly ancestral scripts.

Shocking events can be seen as a doorway to healing and empowerment, where we will each come to embody our own unique incarnational life purpose, our own unique expression of Sacred Source, so that we can each become our own true expression of the strengths that we incarnated to manifest; so that healing can happen of the negative karmas that were constellated in to our life scripts this time.