Chiron enters Aries 6th February 2019

Michael Conneely
Chiron enters Aries 6.2.19
Listening to and manifesting the
lightning burst of our own special spark

Chiron enters Aries in Western Astrology: 6.2.19
Chiron is semi-sextile Mars 13.2.19
Mars gets conjunct to Uranus 13.2.19 

Listening to and manifesting the lightning burst of our own special spark:

Bringing definite healing to any blocks to that. 

Chiron transits into the Western Astrology (tropical zodiac) sign of Aries on 6.2.19.
This will want to make us heal any wound to self-assertion. Its ideal is to stand up for the assertion we need to achieve our destined special spark this time
(though not become the bullish over-assertive bully, of course, even if that dominating is dressed up in some politically correct or spiritually ideological way).

And Chiron’s new energy is blazing at this time. This is because of his semi-sextile (30°) to Uranus at 28 Western Aries.

And this will get even more lightning-like as Mars transits to exact conjunction with transiting Uranus on 13.2.19.

The healed energy of this semisextile and of the Chiron ingress, is that we are called to name our special gift that we bring to the battlefield!

Going back to the issue of Chiron’s transit into western Aries, well, the New Moon was just before on Feb 4th  at 15 western Aq, Western. 21 Capricorn Vedic, in Shravana Nakshatra (Nx 22) ruled by Moon.

I found the energies of this New Moon very disorientating, and did feel they were part of the push for me not to be stuck with my present work package but build on it and to work according to my new inspirational flow as well

Listening: Shravana Nakshatra’s nature is to be fierce and severe in a balanced way. The spiritual path of Shravana is the way of listening and the gaining of knowledge.

Listening to your body’s message and being in tune with that. Listening to your soul’s whisperings and being in tune with those. This is what the energy of the February 2019 New Moon that is governing Now is about: Being in tune, so as to liberate our incarnational destiny special nature/spark.

Each Nakshatra has a special power or Shakti, and the power of Sravana where the New Moon was allows for connection.  It is a way of beco­ming one with your inner guru and of learning to understand the mea­ning behind the words.
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The February New Moon is in Shravana, is very orientated to the best vision for humanity. And at the same time the Great Conjunction of Pluto, Saturn and Ketu is forming in Vedic Sagittarius: this is the great conjunction that has not been here in the heavens since the year Martin Luther brought the REFORMATION. I want us to bring in our Reformation.

See the February Astrology and Healing Newsletter that Maggie Pashley and Michael Conneely publish for details of this Great Conjunction and also Maggie’s Healing Modality of Soul Realignment) FASCINATING STUFF).

Here are the charts for 13th February: Mars conjunct Uranus exact:

The Western Astrology Chart (Tropical Zodiac):



















The Vedic Chart 13.2.19:




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