Child Astrology – Sade Sate: what is it?

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A particular feature of our astrology readings is that we combine Vedic and western astrology.

One of the most powerful tools unique to Vedic Astrology is the astrological predictive period called Sade Sate. It is such useful perception to know if a child, parent or sibling in a family is in this predictive period. Such useful healing can be offered

What is Sade Sate? Sade Sate is Sanskrit for ‘seven and a half’. It is a predictive period that occurs once every twenty eight years. It always lasts some seven-and-a-half years in total.

Sade Sate is always a period of separations, confusion, blocks and problems. It lasts as Saturn transits through the sign before that occupied by the Moon in the Vedic birth chart, through the sign occupied by the Moon, and through the sign which comes after the one occupied by the moon. Saturn takes two and a half years to transit each of these three signs.

Basically Sade Sate is a period the first half of which is like going down into a pit. As we go down, we are cut off from God’s grace, with the divine purpose that we have to stand in the light of our own merits.

The Divine intention of this is so that we can see how inadequate our own merits are, how much we need the divine in our lives. The ideal response is to shed parts of our sense of self and our life circumstance that separate us from God.

This means that there is a big turning point half way. Then we start to arise out of the pit.

The suffering or negative circumstances we encounter during Sade Sate have the Divine aim to get you on course: i.e. more closely adhering to your individual dharma. The individual dharma is the path that you incarnated to tread. The Divine purpose is to get you to develop patience, fortitude, diligence, ethics, etc. the aim is to motivate us to connect to God and our True Self and our true purpose, for example through kundalini meditation, to develop inner calm, content, self-control, circumspection, sense of duty, to overcome what at the egoic level are the delusions of inhibitions, fluctuating moods, inferiority complex, melancholy, obstinacy, unstableness of character, illness (due to mental suffering), lack of self-confidence and fear of exposure. Incidentally there are four natal placements of the Moon that deliver good things as well as the hard lessons during Sade Sate.

The period of Sade Sate, more especially the first half, is often accompanied by some sort of big separation or a death in the circle, a move of house, a vale of tears, a period of restriction and lack of confidence, feeling a failure or lack of success. There will be unanticipated problems, maybe loss of position, maybe heavy loses, sickness, etc. The second half is more like the ‘hard road up’: the hard road up to better spirituality and success.

Please note that the pit may comprise just one aspectation of the natal Moon by transiting Saturn, or there may be three aspectations where Saturn goes across the natal Moon, back again and then forward again over it (the whole turning point therefore lasting in this sort of case for about nine months).

This is really sure, powerful and valid astrology. It is just one example of the unique expertise we offer in Child Astrology.

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