Child Astrology Readings. Heal yourself. Heal your children. Heal your family line

Book a child astrology reading now. Child Astrology Readings can be such valuable perception. They can change a life for the better. They can prevent potential for ill. They can help us avoid the mistakes we make even though we want to do our best.

Sometimes people are afraid to get a child astrology Reading. But what I say is: don’t be afraid. That gets us nowhere.

We can never be perfect.

We all of us fail.

I suppose what we have to do is the difficult task of admitting our weaknesses and of wanting to do our best for any person, any situation.

Some parents live in denial and delusion; some parents discipline their children so that the children can never voice the truth of what went on.

But if we can accept our failings and commit to doing our best, then that way we get stronger and wiser.

That way we meet the demands of Saturn: Lord Sani, Lord of Karma. That way we end up wise and spiritual and as loving as we can be.

We all of us chose our parents. We choose them so that we can work at the spiritual challenges and growth opportunities our soul chose that it needed to incarnate into this lifetime.

We none of us can start out being good parents, though everyone, almost, wishes for the best for their parenting and for their children.

But we can grow through the course of our life.

We can heal through the course of our life

And as many of the healing modalities Maggie does clearly state: as we heal ourselves, this actually heals the back generations in our family (as well as the future generations). That’s important! We can heal our family tree.

If we clear inherited trapped emotions with the Body Code for example, it heals the family line and the healing goes through to our children as well.

On the question of tucking in child astrology readings. Of course, I would be glad to do this, and they would be done to the highest standard, including western astrology as well as Vedic Astrology – and Tarot guidance. And of course, you could endlessly build upon them through the years ahead as you yourself become more and more expert and wise in astrology (and life) (and what is to be a human being).

The readings are worldwide and you get audio and video recordings plus charts and reports and every opportunity for questions. I look forward to working with you, Michael

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