Child Astrology Chiron in the Birth Chart


child astrologyThis new website is our new service to parents, intending parents and their children. See: for the full details of our astrology, aura readings and powerful healings. These can be face-to-face or distance worldwide.

A particular feature of our astrology readings is that we combine Vedic and western astrology – and from the western astrology, we give special emphasis to the astrology of Chiron in the birth chart.

Chiron is the ‘Wounded Healer’ in the birth chart. It is powerful astrology that really works. Chiron in our birth chart shows our ‘existential wound’ in the healing of which we can become the healer of others.

A strange but true fact is that a very high percentage of the parents and children coming to me for child astrology readings have the aspect in their birth chart: Chiron opposition Uranus. A standard ‘one size fits all interpretation of this aspect is:

Due to separation from a parent or lack of communication in your earliest environment, you have difficulty in sharing and opening up to others. Creative, independent and yet high-strung, you will be successful so long as you develop patience and refrain from being provocative. Asserting a contrary opinion or taking an unpopular stance for the sake of rebellion can be as disruptive and destructive as it can be creative and productive. As life goes on, you will get the knack of being spontaneous without provoking others. This aspect can make us unfulfilled and too eager. It can damage us at the physical level by making us ‘over-pacers’ and this can damage digestion and adrenals.

Essentially, Chiron in the horoscope shows us where our instinctual nature is wounded. It is therefore the key to us needing to find healing, and from this the wonderful things is we can become the healer of others.

The perception offered by or natal readings, which include Chiron when we cover your western astrology, is of immense value and potential to you.

Chiron became famed as a wise teacher. Kings entrusted their sons to his education. He was mentor to Jason, Achilles, Hercules and Asclepius. He was prophet, physician, teacher and musician. The ancient Greek myth was that unfortunately, one of Hercules’ arrows hit Chiron, the Centaur, by accident. It had been anointed in the venom of the hydra so as to poison its tip, so any wound it inflicted could never heal. Chiron was the son of Cronos (Saturn), however, and thus immortal, he could not die. Chiron suffered unceasingly. But his ability as a healer was, however, increased by the understanding he gained of woundedness and because he sought perpetual betterment of his healing skills.

To analyze Chiron’s effect, read Chiron’s: Sign, House and aspecting planets to Chiron. And Chiron has a ‘Shadow: The Wounder and The Victim. Let’s briefly look at a second example of Chiron interpretation in the birth chart. I seem to get a lot of clients with Chiron in Taurus and (to give a brief example) these as children experienced or the 2nd. House may experience woundedness issues around lack of self-worth. Their parent(s) did not value them resulting in being unable to value themselves and this manifests in countless planes such as feeling: insubstantial or insecure, never quite feeling solid or safe, issues concerning wealth and money and especially the body may feel unreliable, faulty or wounded, sexually or physically and they may obsessively control instinctual/sexual needs – &/OR be very controlling of others.

Alternatively Chiron in Taurus can take everything too literally and be blind to the symbolic, the unconscious or the spiritual and especially can stay very stuck in a wounded or inappropriate situation. Creative energy may be turned in on itself and be rejected, causing waste and pain.

To share this perception is of such value to the parents. It can bring in the needed period of healing. Our service offers an exceptional range of powerful energy-healing and other healing modalities which are available distance worldwide.

We offer astrology readings, aura readings and a wide range of healing modalities. All our services are distance worldwide or face-to-face. When ordering an astrology reading, you need to provide the natal data of child, parents and ideally siblings: astrological natal data is: date, place and time of birth. If ordering an aura reading you need to email a photo of the child to Helen Hamilton.

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