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The purpose of this Blog is to give a very simple indication of the special insights that are available from Vedic Astrology for children and their parents.

This new website is our new service to parents, intending parents and their children. See: for the full details of our astrology, aura readings and powerful healings. These can be face-to-face or distance worldwide.

So this Blog shows you that our astrology readings, exceptionally, combine both Western and Vedic Astrology. Obviously the readings themselves are much, much fuller than these very simplified guidelines and examples in this Blog. Always, the readings are presented very clearly and easy to understand, and you have every opportunity for questions and discussion.

EXAMPLE: This is the case of an 8-yr old boy whose parents referred him for both aura reading and a combined western and Vedic astrology reading. He had had quite a difficult childhood, with a dead sibling, deafness and dyslexia.

I want to say that the aura and astrology readings gave the parents uniquely invaluable insight and perception. They gave them such sure clear guideline for upbringing and education, and a most clear and crucial insight for a special threshold the child is heading towards, in two years’ time, which was identified in his astrology.

AURA READING: First of all I want to give a very, very brief and partial summary of excerpts of the boy’s aura reading/discussion with the parents. The aim is to give you just enough detail to see how the reading works. This reading was recorded by Helen Hamilton following the parents sending her a photo of the boy and there was also a written report.

Helen made the point that the physical body has seven auric layers around it and they not only surround but also interpenetrate the physical body. The chakras in the body’s energy system ‘step down’ and pass on the energy received by the auric layers. She explained that as we grow up and have trauma or big experiences and life happens, these chakras can get blocked or spin the wrong way, so the divine energy does not get through and leaks elsewhere.


Helen explained that the boy’s aura was quite exceptional. She said it was the classic aura of an ‘indigo child’ with a lot of dense deep purple in it. She said that this boy was a revolutionary, here to change and challenge the status quo and the systems that aren’t working. He will reject, but he must be helped to reject the right things as he has a powerful mental layer to see a better way, to see opportunities other people can’t see, including business opportunities and a better way to do things.

He also has the ability to ‘day dream’ his way to see the better approach. This ability has the danger it can lead to frustration and alienation and he’ll have little tolerance. He’ll need a thick skin because he’s so revolutionary that main-stream school will say he isn’t paying attention and his vision will get stamped out of him, whereas he needs to be encouraged. And he might take it out on his family. Indigo children have a strong will so they can be unbending, because of course they will need their strong will.

Importantly with his aura he has the ability to exist in all seven layers.

He has a mute friend

He ‘sees’ his dead brother.

What is his direction? Of course the content of this will evolve incrementally: one building block on another.

He is also telepathic. And that means he won’t want to engage in the conflicting discipline of reading and writing. Parents can develop telepathy and intuition in children, for example by games.

Helen went on to explain that the boy not only has ‘indigo’ characteristics, but he is also transitional, with some crystalline typologies as well.

ASTROLOGY READING: Michael Conneely next gave an astrology reading which combined Vedic astrology with western astrology. Vedic astrology is the ancient astrology of India. A wonderful bonus of Vedic Astrology is that in addition to its familiar 12 sun-signs, Vedic astrology also has a ‘Lunar Zodiac’, a far more ancient Lunar Zodiac. This has of 27 signs which are called ‘the Nakshatras’ and the Nakshatras are an immensely powerful pointer to the true nature of your everyday strengths and weaknesses, as well as magical and dream time self – and your destiny.

By the way, this blog only seeks to give the tiniest pointer to the wonders offered by a combined Vedic and western astrology reading of the birth chart.

When I met the boy I was impressed at his awareness and his personal introspective awareness and his ability to express this, his forthright nature and his helpful positive approach, although I knew of the severe school difficulties.

Just a glance at his Vedic chart and I saw the possibility for great career with Moon, Sun and Mercury in the 10th House and the heavy emphasis on the royal sign (Nakshatra) of Magha with its tendency to connect to ancient wisdom and intuition.

And just a glance at the chart and you see the afflictions to the mercury principle: ruling 8th House Gemini and with Ketu occupying Virgo (dyslexia, deafness, sibling-loss).

But most importantly, the first thing is that you can see immediately that the boy was born into Sade Sate.

What is Sade Sate? Sade Sate is a predictive period that is known only to Vedic Astrology. It occurs once every twenty eight years. It always lasts some seven-and-a-half years in total. To explain it fully can’t be covered in this blog as that would distract attention from the boy, so please see my separate blog on Sade Sate. But I can say here that Sade Sate is always a period of separations, confusion, blocks and problems.

It lasts as Saturn transits through the sign before that occupied by the Moon in the Vedic birth chart, through the sign occupied by the Moon, and through the sign which comes after the one occupied by the moon. Saturn takes two and a half years to transit each of these three signs. Basically Sade Sate is a period the first half of which is like going down into a pit. As we go down, we are cut off from God’s grace, with the divine purpose that we have to stand in the light of our own merits. The Divine intention of this is so that we can see how inadequate our own merits are, how much we need the divine in our lives. The ideal response is to shed parts of our sense of self and our life circumstance that separate us from God. This means that there is a big turning point half way. Then we start to arise out of the pit. This framework offers such useful perception and understanding to the parents.

Not only was the boy born into Sade Sate, it can be seen immediately from his chart that  Saturn is followed in the chart by a string of other planets. Saturn starts a very challenging 12-year transit from the moment of his birth over Mercury (age 2), Moon (age 2), Ketu (the South Node) (age 5, three hits), Jupiter (age 6) and Venus (age 6), and if that were not enough, Saturn then starts the very hard transit through his Vedic 12th House (age 7 to age 9) which involves so much sorrow and letting go, and does not actually cross his Ascendant until age 12 . His soul chose this hard learning, when it chose this incarnation. Maybe with Moon in Magha he was very proud in a previous life? Certainly such hard learning so young will give him great spiritual qualities.

The next thing I noticed is that the Nodes of the Moon are (given other indications) the Nodes of an intuitive healer: Rahu, the North Node in Pisces, Ketu the South Node in Virgo, where Virgo is about health, healing and right living and Pisces is about intuition (see my separate Blog on the Nodes of the Moon, the guide to Incarnational Destiny in the Vedic Birth Chart).

And a very big and useful thing that stands out in his Vedic birth chart is that he has a destined challenge for love. With Venus conjunct Ketu the South Node of the Moon he will not easily manage to nurture loving relationships, and the Vedic view is that due to rejection in love issues from a previous life, he will let loving relationships melt down and even get in there and reject first: a painful destiny, but such useful perception to hand to the parents who may be able to modify or avert.

And we can’t leave the Vedic astrology without pointing to the fact that he has Mars in the ultra-beefy lunar sign (Nakshatra) of Bharani, whose power animal is the bull elephant. He is such an assertive toughie. It’s so useful to point this out, so that he can be helped with this. It’s a blessing as well as a challenge of course, and it will add to the problems in loving relationship until he understands.

WESTERN ASTROLOGY: OK let’s now skim on to a couple of points from western astrology:

First of all the boy has Pluto on the ascendant; a very difficult birth (caesarean) and three hernia operations. And Pluto here does give deep ‘tectonic’ knowing psychism (as well as potentially suspicion or even paranoia, of course).

Secondly note the Pluto-Mercury aspect which I have so often noted has the specialist meaning of ‘dead sibling’. I have known of several cases where Mercury—Pluto has been a prominent aspect in charts where siblings have died – as well as investigation and powerful communication.

But maybe most valuable of all, something was seen from his Huber-style western birth chart. Bruno and Louise Huber developed a way of drawing up the western birth chart that so powerfully shows up sub-personalities and psychosynthesis issues. And they then developed an ‘Age Point’. In fact I feel certain the Hubers, and nor indeed the Huber School, did not fully comprehend nor have the level of consciousness to fully realise the great potential of the ‘spiritual weapon’ they discovered. The Huber Age Point circumnavigates the chart in 72 years, starting from the ascendant and moving counter-clockwise. It is an indicator of the energies we will pass through in our journey to potential individuation, in our egoic psychological unfoldment. The AP moves counter-clockwise from the Ascendant passing through the houses and signs as it progresses. The AP does not only pass through the signs and houses in your natal chart, it also forms aspects to the planets in your natal chart as it progresses.

There is also a ‘Nodal Age Point’ which charts the call from your soul on the astral: its call to you through dreams, subliminality, synchronicity, intuitions, impulses and visions.

Now, the boy is heading to a very special moment. At age 12, the boy will have one of those only twice in a life time moments when the two Age Points coincide. And this moment is just after the Age Point has passed over his natal Neptune. Note that these age point hits have big before and after periods. Now, the Age Point passing over natal Neptune can indicate great opening to vision. It did for me: I had a period of clair-vision and clairaudience. And just after his Age Point conjucnts his natal Neptune, the boy has this twice in a life-time special opening.

Incidentally the Grandmother had separately had a prophesy of an element of career redirection at the same date, and she was left wondering if she might develop a special educational provision for these talented children who risk being damaged and marginalized by mainstream one-size-fits all schooling.

I myself encountered many of these special children when I worked at a travelers education centre in Glastonbury.

We hope this Blog has given you some idea of the care, skill and speciality of our child astrology service and you can get in touch with any of the three of us for readings or healings at