Chart for Saturday 24th May 2015 : A lot of Creative Power being offered to you!

I see a lot of creative energies in the chart for this Bank Holiday Saturday in UK.

There is an angry Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunction, which could mean lots of arguing and fighting. But it need not do so. This energy’s higher meaning can give you good, directed communication where you clearly and successfully express what you need to express: your essence. Remember, the ideal is that we can choose to see the higher potential in everything coming our way: hard though that often is.

There’s an expansive and mind-enlarging Moon-Jupiter conjunction.

And note that the Sun-Mars-Mercury conjunction and the Moon-Jupiter conjunction are actually two corners of a powerful chart aspect shape called a Yod: a finger of God.

A Yod is a very long thin triangle with a blue line or sextile (60 deg) for tis base, and two long green aspects making up the other two sides. These are Quincunxes or 150 deg aspects pointing to the Apex Planet of the Yod triangle. The Finger of god is pointing at the Apex Planet

So in the case of the chart for this Saturday, the base of the Triangle is the blue line: the sextile aspect between the above two conjunctions, but the apex planet is Pluto.

Pluto is a very deep almost violent energy of death and rebirth and creativity: remember the Pluto-Persephone myth. Pluto, Lord of hades saw Persephone the daughter of the Earth Goddess innocently picking narcissi, so he erupted out of Hades his realm and claimed her and told her she was now his Queen.

So the higher manifestation of this energy certainly includes great force for creative expression.

Well, that’s certainly how I’m using it this morning!

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Chart Now 24.5.15
Chart Now 24.5.15