Carefully Track Mercury’s shifty and changes in July

Mercury starts July at 25 deg Vedic Taurus.

Mercury enters Gemini on 7th July.

Mercury enters Cancer on 25th July and ends July at 12 Cancer.

Mercury in Taurus is ppractical thinking and can be stubborn and opinionated, enjoys pleasures and amuse­ments; playful, sweet speaking and wealth orientated. likes refined pleasures, poetry and arts.

Mercury in Gemini is the highest manifestation of Mercury’s qualities. Very talkative, mentalistic, quick-witted, but can talk rather than accomplish and be too argumentative. Duality prevails.

Mercury in Cancer is Emotional Thinking. Cancer is ruled by the Moon so there can be fertile imagination and sensitivity. But is nervous and changeable, and engages in a lot of different pur­suits. There’s conflict between emotional fulfilment and being too mental in love.

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Remember, when Mercury transits Cancer, he’s receiving an opposition from transiting Saturn and Pluto.

Mercury is square Neptune on July 5th.

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