Capricorn four planet Maelstrom in March 2020

Jupiter, Saturn, Pluto and Mars are all within the first eight degrees of Capricorn. All within Uttarashadha Nakshatra. This makes for a huge maelstrom of energy and calls for spiritual perspective to understand it and use it for the best. Meet your True Self. Do healing work to meet your Shadow if that is needed. Leave behind and false sense of self and wrong pathway. Open to the healing and inspiration energies that are here now, as well as to the cutting heavy maelstrom.

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This maelstrom in the Vedic sign of Capricorn needs to be understood. The traditional Vedic planetary analysis has wonderful things to say, but when you add the newly discovered dimension of Pluto that has now entered human consciousness with its recent discovery, this four planet stellium presents a super-tense opportunity – a challenge of personal and collective consciousness shift and the creation of new awareness in each of us that is more aligned to Source, and better aligned to the present phase of unfoldment of each of our incarnational life purpose in this lifetime.

It is big. It is very rare. The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment in Vedic Capricorn occurred in 1284.

Well done those with planets in early Vedic Capricorn and UttaraAshadha for attracting this huge challenge, and for succeeding with it. And of course, it affects us all because of the planets involved and because of the House that is Capricorn in our Vedic birth chart.These are such oppositional energies.

They tear us in different directions. They are violent.

How are we to understand and manage this four-fold maelstrom for the best in our life? – In our Destiny?And more than that: what will their effect on our planets be if we have planets in the first half of Vedic Capricorn?? Or in Uttarashadha Nakshatra?? Especially if we have our natal Moon there??? Read this Blog post, watch the video, and book a Reading with me. Or enrol on one of my Vedic Astrology or one of my Western Evolutionary and Psychodynamic Astrology Courses.

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So, now I’m going to tell you about his huge now-gathering energy cauldron, offering my explanation in six steps:

These are:
1. The Saturn Pluto conjunction
(Saturn entered Vedic Capricorn on 24th January. Pluto entered Vedic Capricorn on 25th February).
2. Mars enters Vedic Capricorn on 22nd March.
3. The Mars Pluto Conjunction instantly gets exact – it’s been building for some days.
4. Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn on 30th March. This finalises the shift away from 2019’s Jupiter energies, to the new emphasis in Saturn energies.
5. The Jupiter Pluto Conjunction instantly gets exact. It too has been building for some days.
6. The Rare Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Alignment: The upcoming very rare Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment.So, points 1 to 5, above, all come together in a very, very rare energy crunch which is exact on 3rd April – with Mars throwing in his fiery spear into the mix too!

So, now let’s look at these six steps, starting with the first:

1.The Saturn Pluto conjunction

Saturn creates form and structure within Time. He demands honouring of inevitable requirements.

Pluto is Destruction. But Pluto’s Destruction for that which must now go, at any particular point in time, basically because it is a barrier to connection with the Divine. This is the whole point of the Descent into the Babylonian Underworld of Goddess Ishtar, of Greek Persephone’s abduction to the realm of Hades there to reign as Queen.

This Saturn Pluto conjunction creates a fear, anxiety and tension, but with the divine purpose that we learn to understand what is not right for us in the relevant area of our life, so that we can now rise to the challenge and learn to create a manageable strategy that will be right for us and create success, now.

In Capricorn this conjunction can produce a sense of End Time. It can feel like Catastrophe. It can feel like Doom. But this is to see it falsely!

The answer for each of us is to ‘Let go’ where needed!

Then to align better and more fully with the Divine energy flow of your Destiny.


Connect to your own true Inner Guidance.
Connect to the Divine.

In our previousrecent  Astrology and Healing Newsletters I have likened this to our need to find the right structure/strategy to go forward. And I believe that the highest form of this structure is well portrayed as us finding and carrying our own ‘Holy Grail’ forward, now.

In other words, we need to carry forward the Cup that will contain the Divine Energy so that in drinking that our best created life path and direction, will have to be embraced and followed, now. Be like the Knights of the Quest, the Knights of Arthur’s Round Table. Maybe some of us will need to be like Merlin, too!

If we are feeling the tension of this great conjunction, we need to dump the illusory or out-of-date features of our sense of identity and our path forward, and instead, we need to create a strategy and direction forward in our life, that is the sorted-out life path that allows us to experience Pluto at his highest: Pluto as Kether the Crown Chakra, as fully as we can open to the divine. This is actually our chance to do Well!

Though do note that, because it’s Pluto involved here, this may well involve that we have to undergo some sort of death and rebirth experience to sort out our life and get us moving forward in the way that’s right for our spiritual path, at this time.

And indeed, we do offer individual ‘Journeys to the Underworld to help you achieve this. Book one. People who have done them have raved about them!

Note that it’s actually our fear and anxiety that can impel us to sort our life direction out now, and get it right, and so abolish the tension, sort out our illusions, and find a path of spiritual and earthly success.

And it is the combined oppositional energy of the gathered planets in the Vedic sign of Capricorn now that create in us the tension that we need to respond to. This is what the planets are: facets of the Divine Unfoldment. Faces of the Divine. Vedic Astrology has such a wonderful sense of that.

So, what is your path of success, now?

Maybe your life has been becoming more and more problematic as all this started in 2019 with the Saturn-Ketu conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius?

Maybe you developed a strategy to sort your life out – but it’s not quite fully finalised and there’s still lots of stress left: stress that is telling you to open to the Divine and change??

Maybe you need to face your shadow more fully and consign the weights and guilts that prevent fuller connection to God? Do the Journey we offer. We cross refer to your astrology of course.

This reminds me of the challenge Ged faced in Ursula LeGuin’s wonderful Earthsea novel/film.

I think it takes real courage for us to be ourself and to take the right path forward, and ask our loved ones to support us in this – especially if our childhood upbringing didn’t help us be the ‘Me’ that we were born to be. If it didn’t help us have the understanding paradigm that is right for us in this life.

And so, the ideal would be to use the angry cutting demolition tension of the Mars-Ketu (South Node) conjunction that was exact at 11 Vedic Sagittarius on 24th February. Use this (but wisely and ethically) as a spur to our sorting out ourself and sorting out our direction.

Getting the affairs of the House in your Vedic birth chart that is Vedic sign of Sagittarius was/is an important first part of the jigsaw.

This is not just because of the Saturn-Ketu conjunction that was there a lot of 2019. And it’s  not because of the Mars Ketu conjunction that was there very recently. Saturn only very recently ended his transit in Vedic Sagittarius, and that acts as a large part of the foundation to all this.

Saturn was conjunct Ketu a lot of that time, and the Saturn Ketu tension energy had a huge effect, then, in highlighting where we had got illusion and wrong management of the affairs of that life area that is Vedic Sagittarius in our Vedic birth chart.

But now it’s changed.

Saturn has now crossed over into Vedic Capricorn. So, we now will find what was happening will now be built upon. It will be built upon  with focus on the life affairs of the House in our Vedic birth chart that is the Vedic sign of CAPRICORN. Though the previous activation of our Sagittarius house still having a very important presence.

So, focus on and develop awareness, now, on the affairs of the House that is Capricorn in your Vedic Birth Chart.

Focus well and with love on the affairs of that House, that area of life, planets that are in Capricorn (especially in the first 8 degrees, in Uttarashadha Nakshatra. These will be key in sorting out what needs to be done, now.

So, ask yourself: what changes are you now being impelled to implement???

The affairs of that House, your Capricorn house, will be key in deciding on and implementing your needed best strategy forward, now.

But in addition to that, it’s necessary to understand the deep meaning of Saturn in Vedic Capricorn – the Divine meaning of Saturn in Vedic Capricorn.

The energy that comes to us all from the planet Saturn, demands duty and responsibility, patience and hard work. Finishing off unfinished or incomplete business at all levels. It can also be occult. If we obey Saturn’s demand for discipline and hard work, we then (in his own time!) experience his reward: Golden Reaping.

Vedic astrology is supreme in that it fully embodies the truth that each planet is a Face of the Divine. So, it helps to understand Saturn as a God, and to bring the proper devotional awareness into your consciousness. This is true for each of the planets.

I tend to put a picture on the wall and stand before it several times a day, and then relate genuinely and deepen my awareness and connection. Practice embodiment. Use affirmations. Draw on sound healing.

So, a very good response at this time is to alter our life to a steadier focus.

Find the focus that comes from concentrating on your necessary chosen task(s).

Find what it is for you that brings simple focus and contentment.

You may, therefore, need to marginalise or cut out other things. Certainly, don’t let those other things push your individual Saturn-demanded activities out of the way, or there will be suffering (caused by you and your weak or blind decisions).

Once we satisfy Saturn’s demand, we experience Contentment.

Saturn in Capricorn can also bring sadness and dwelling on death and fuller sense of our mortality.

If we are in Sade Sate (the seven-and-a-half-year period centring on Saturn’s transit over our natal Moon) we will also feel Depression. And this one is a Sade Sate almost like no other, with Saturn, Jupiter, Mars and Pluto all demanding you make the Sade Sate massive death and rebirth.

But once we sort out our life along the lines of our Incarnational Life Purpose at this time, which is what Saturn wants of us (He is Lord of Karma), then we will find contentment.

This may involve a death and rebirth experience.

But then our life will bloom and flower!

So, actually, Saturn is the GREATEST GIVER.

2. Mars enters Capricorn on 22nd March. This is step 2 of the build-up. Here is the Vedic chart for March 22nd. Note that Mars joins Saturn and Pluto!!!!

































This is a pretty atomic explosion sort of energy.

It will demolish structures that are holding us back.

But it is potentially violent and repressive in its lower manifestation, so we must not lash out, rage or harm others.
I do think Thor’s Hammer is a good analogy for this energy (and Thor’s Hammer, too, had its shadow side).

Mars which will be transiting through Capricorn, and Saturn who is the Ruler of Capricorn, do not easily work together.

It will either be a case of Mars winning or Saturn winning.

Mars will be having hissy fits and demanding ‘action now’.

Saturn urges caution, patience, propriety and checking everything, patience and hard work leading to golden reaping at the end of the day.
They do not get on readily!

And do note that Mars is exalted in the sign of Capricorn, so literally check if you can get them to work together.

Be consciously aware of their two agendas.

For example, it’s a very good combination for technical work, for building work.

The Mars/Saturn conjunction is exact on March 31st at 6 deg Capricorn.

Mars leaves Vedic Capricorn May 4th.

3. Mars Pluto conjunction

The Mars-Pluto conjunction is exact on 22nd March.

The combination of Mars and Pluto creates ferocious or angry energies. These will be felt for a good week before the exact conjunction.

Remember, we’ve all been feeling the energy of the Mars Ketu conjunction. Now the Mars Pluto conjunction comes on top of it.

This is real War God energy: like the Norse God, Thor, for example.

And we need to make the right connection with it.

Benefit from it.

Internalise the manly strength offered now!

Here’s the interpretation from the wonderful Reinhold Ebertin’s COSI (Combination of Stella Influences):
POINT:                                                                                                              MARS/PLUTO
PRINCIPLE:              superhuman power. Force. brutality
+          the ability to demonstrate extraordinary force and vigour. Great self-confidence. Obsession: working without break. Great ambition
–          attainment of one’s own objectives by means of ruthless to others. Brutality. Cruelty
C:         a person who wants to use force or compulsion at every occasion
BIOLOGICAL:             the replacement of natural organs by artificial replacements.
SOCIOLOGICAL:       piece workers also being paid overtime rates. Ruthless sportsmen. People disabled in war
+           the attainment of success through excessive effort
–             the tendency to proceed in a brutal manner. The misfortune of suffering violent assaults and injuries.

4. Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn
Jupiter is in his own sign of Sagittarius up to 30th March.
As Jupiter rules Sagittarius, this means that blessing and purpose is fairly readily and strongly felt (though our human connection to the Jupiter energy is complicated and made difficult by all the other planet combinations affecting Jupiter at this time).

But when Jupiter enters Vedic Capricorn on 30th March, the cosmic scales are finally and totally tipped from Jupiter dominance to Saturn dominance.

All last year there was a preponderance of planets in Vedic Sagittarius, so the energy of Divine Jupiter was dominant in the world, even though Jupiter was transiting through some pretty fraught energies that actually made less easy our connection to his Divine Blessing.

But then the scales tipped when Saturn left Sagittarius for Capricorn on 24th January, and Jupiter energies took a huge knock at this time, as Saturn became full empowered in his own sign of Capricorn, to makes his demands for patience and duty, for the karmic requirements we each have for this incarnation, and for the offer of golden reaping – eventually.

But now: now that Jupiter follows Saturn into Vedic Capricorn, a whole new era starts: the time of Saturn Rule takes over!

Jupiter is debilitated in Capricorn. And he remains so all the time he is there. There’s war between Jupiter and Saturn and Jupiter and Mars. Stress, argument, opposition to the divine Guru energy sets in, harming Jupiter even though Jupiter is Vargottoma. Mars becomes exalted now!

When Jupiter is in Vedic Capricorn he is Debilitated. Jupiter’s normal outpouring of blessing and purpose, expansion and optimism is cut to 25% for people who have their Jupiter in Vedic Capricorn. We will all feel this weakened contact with Divine Jupiter now. It will be beneficial to do Jupiter rituals and vision work now.

But do realise that once Saturn’s demands for hard work etc are met, Jupiter will actually more truly flower now. And we do need to keep a Jupiter focus in our consciousness therefore, now.

5. The Jupiter Pluto Conjunction

Jupiter and Pluto become exact in the same degree: the first degree of Capricorn, on 30th March (when Saturn is at 6 deg Vedic Capricorn).

Jupiter and Pluto conjunct each other three times this year – all in Uttara Ashadha Nakshatra!!!

Their connection has three peaks:
1. 30th March Jupiter and Pluto at 24 tropical/western Capricorn, 0 Vedic Capricorn
Pluto retrogrades 27th April
Jupiter retrogrades 16th May
2. 21st June at 24 trop/west cap 0 Vedic Capricorn.
Jupiter direct 14th September
Pluto direct on 1st October
3. 8th November Jupiter and Pluto at 22 west Capricorn, 28 Vedic Sagittarius.

Here’s Reinhold Ebertin on the manifestation on the energy combination of Jupiter-Pluto:
PRINCIPLE:              Desire for power. Plutocracy.
+          striving for power in the spiritual, material or mental spheres. The desire to lead the masses. An appreciation of the need for social or religious regeneration. A brilliant gift for organization. Spiritual or intellectual leadership
–            the pursuit of fanatical aims. The desire to exploit the masses. Wastefulness.
C:         the qualities of leadership
SOCIOLOGICAL:          organizers handling large projects. Professors and teachers of economics or law. Squanderers. speculators

+                 the attainment of leadership. Leading or participating in uprising
–                  loss of standing. loss of wealth. Conflicts with the Authorities and executors of governmental power. Arrest. Loss of everything

The utterly Rare Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto Alignment in Vedic Capricorn

We are now in a position to conclude and put the pieces of the jigsaw together and see the whole picture:

Jupiter, Saturn, Mars and Pluto are all in Vedic Capricorn – all within the first eight degrees of Capricorn. All within Uttarashadha Nakshatra.

The last Jupiter-Saturn-Pluto alignment in Vedic Capricorn occurred in 1284. So, this is rare and special.

Please can we each now perceive how this ferocious, destructive, grounding, reconstructive, death and rebirth energy combination can actually shift our consciousness higher now.

Please can we now actually shift our life direction and our way of living, to a way that’s more aligned to our incarnational life purpose, more aligned to Source, now.

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