Cancer man – Cancer Woman: Guidance from the starsigns

Cancer man can be so spiteful when hurt, and he holds a grudge for at least several lifetimes. Life is a battle to free himself from his mother. He can hurt his partner to punish mother. Sensitive inside, he can camouflage this and be cruel or put on a tough front. But of course, that’s just his ‘lower self’. His highest ideal is to nurture and cherish.
Cancer woman is a different kettle of fish altogether: she can be uncommitted and her smothering love can hurt her beloved children, especially sons. Intensively possessive and drivingly ambitious, she’s wild with fascinating secret depths. There’s such a mid-life crisis when her children (try to) leave the nest. But this is just her lower self, and her higher self is so attuned to loyalty, devotion and protection. She is flexible, strong, intuitive, magnetic, visionary and creative.
Ruled by emotions, Cancer’s shadow side is thin-skinned, petty, vengeful and manipulative. They are so sensitive to hurt. Resentful veiled insults and disguised destructive criticism are their special retaliatory art-form. Private, they are so sensitive behind the shell. They are inconsistent and fluctuating with shifting tides and moods. Instincts are their driving reasons. Brooding and worrying, they can be sympathetic (when not hurt). Home is their all-important secure base and they’re very aware of their ‘family tree’. They hang on to anything, hoard and save. You virtually have to kill a crab to make it let go, and they can drain their lovers. But they are generous, creative and attuned to dreams fantasies and visions, they like frivolity and keeping up appearances. They need to be especially careful not to absorb the moods or ‘atmosphere’ of others and need to manage their psychic receptivity.
REMEMBER: The difficult bits of our life scripts, or karmas, are there for us to learn and grow. Find the spiritual path that transforms these. Leave the old stories behind like the serpent sheds his skin. Become the powerful, loving luminous being you were born to be.

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