Can your Astrology be changed?

The declarations of Astrology are subject to change. How we experience them is based on our actions and spiritual development.

Crucially, yes, not that the way we will experience the prevailing energies depicted by the astrology of any time, will be different according to our level of consciousness.

And how we experience them will be modified according to how much we will have dealt with the lessons we incarnated to learn, e.g. from Saturn and Pluto etc, the great conjunction in Vedic Sagittarius at the time this post was written.

And also according to how much we will have maximised the gifts the various transits offer us if we are open, whether it’s Pluto, Uranus, Jupiter etc.

Astrology is not at all to be treated as fated declaration, but as insight offered about energies that are running on the physical, psycho-mental and spiritual planes.

But it’s not just our level of consciousness that is needed to embrace what astrology is capable of offering.

It’s also whether we embrace the tools to actually transform and grow, whether that’s, for example:
the vision offered by Neptune to Venus transit
Or the descent into the underworld, facing all the pain darkness and guilt and do-downery and then our arising empowered from the Pluto to Moon transit.

Astrology does offer such valuable insights that in fact constitute such wonderful opportunities for growth and healing for example from:
Transit of the 8th House Low Point in the predictive psychodynamic western astrology.



A transit to Pluto that forces us to face our darkness and offers us the chance for total transformation: work in the Abyss leading to experiencing Pluto as Kether!
Sade Sate.

8th House transits can bring us death and rebirth tranformation: thier energy when experienced at its highest is shamanci and magical.

Uranus is the lightning-bringer

Venus delights by bringing pleasure, love and joy

Jupiter uplifts us by bringing Purpose, expansion, learning and blessing

We change our response to our natal astrology declared scripts by: insight, by working with healing modalities, by energy work, by magical work.

I do question the scope that Vedic astrology assigns to mantra repetition. Mantra has its place. But it does create robots who aren’t addressing their stuff, and who pridefully take futile refuge in statements about how many mantras they recite a day.

And I do think that Vedic Astrology is in danger of forgetting the declaration that brought it to the West when I was younger, for example, Bepin Behari’s wonderful work on Nakshatras and how they relate to each other in terms of the divine unfoldment, for example of the Divine Nature of each of the planets. I don’t like the ranted formula that characterises much modern Vedic Astrology from the competing schools.

But nor do I advocate putting one’s head in the sand in a reception of Vedic Astrology that can’t embrace what the Western consciousness has to offer, of course.

Astrology is a map showing the overall picture and the challenges of our life and, most importantly, also showing us our special skills and sparks that we incarnated this time to develop.

And astrology shows what will happen if we don’t alter ourselves and don’t alter our life, so that we may avoid the negative consequences.

Here’s what one very able new student wrote:

I will say this: I can tell the difficult effects of prevailing energies in the birth chart or over a predictive timed period, are lessened by just knowing what’s happening, why they are and why they make me feel the way I do, and how to address them appropriately.

But astrology is also affecting how I see the world around me and the people around me. It’s like putting on different glasses, before I could see and feel my own effect in the world, through Magick or my own energy and emotions.

For example, the Nakshatras are such supreme declaration. It’s a ‘warts and all’, ‘negatives and positives’ supremely accurate declaration. Find out what a person’s Moon, Sun or Ascendant Nakshatra is, and you can tell so much: warts and all.
Of course, what you can’t tell, just from the natal chart, is what level of consciousness they will be bringing to their Nakshatra declared personality characteristics.

I am so impressed by the crucial benefit of Nature v. Nurture declaration form psychodynamic western astrology. I am so glad I learned this technique all those years ago, and so glad that I have Megastar software that generates these natal and predictive psychodynamic astrology screens.

Now I also see the effect of the planets and how they are orchestrating what’s happening around me and to the people around, also seeing it in their actions and their communication with me.

I have also started attuning myself to the planets as we work through them…which has brought its own fun challenges.

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