Can the trauma of our Ancestors carry over into our Auras?

Can the trauma of our Ancestors carry over into our Auras?

Let us look at the case of someone who inherited the energy from his grandfather of being gassed in the trenches in World War 1. We hold energies in our aura because we believe they are “ours”. For myself I grew up with such fear around money because my mother always had this fear and lack consciousness.

Because our parents are actually the ones that shape our mental and emotional layers (we don’t have them as such as a baby) then we literally take the same energies of our parents. So we inherit their DNA as well as their energetic patterns (they are the same thing just expressed in a different way, one chemically and the other energetically), which includes auric defects they had and chakra defects too! We are so much wanting approval and to be like them and accepted that we unknowingly take on their energetic issues too.

Once we realise this as adults we can look at any energies we may be carrying that are not ours and simply intend to release it. It is VERY Important to not condemn the energy or we cannot release it. We just see it is not ours and lovingly allow it to go.

In the case we are looking at, this person probably picked this up from his father, who picked it up from his father; or maybe he was around his grandfather a lot and was very open to his energy.

Or sometimes these can be transmitted through chords between people. We do tend to become like those we associate with!

On the highest level, once we are nearing moksha we can see that there really is no individual self, and also there is no “his energy” or “my aura” … just energy of Oneness expressing in many ways. The boundaries then dissolve between “me” and “the rest of the world” and any auric or chakra defects spontaneously heal as the beliefs that caused them disappear.

The root cause is always the one belief of “I am a separate individual in the world”. This is the first thought that begins the formation of the mental layer as a baby.

Past life scripts are transmitted through lifetimes because the soul stores them in the Ketheric Template Layer each time. The only difference each lifetime is in the mental, emotional and etheric layers.  We hold these scripts in energetic “blueprints” in our 7th layer and it expresses in the lower layers as karmic patterns and propensities.

Once we reach moksha these are all dissolved and integrated into the whole and therefore there are no scripts to cause a re-birth of the separate identity.